Sailor Moon Has A New Look

Sailor Moon's Got A New Look

The upcoming Sailor Moon reboot, which debuts on July 5, features redesigns of all our favourite Sailor Scouts. The changes aren't too dramatic or anything, judging from the art shared by Crunchy Roll. But everyone certainly looks different from the designs in the original anime.

Most notably, all the Sailor Scouts have impossibly long legs. The sorts of legs that make Girl's Generation seem laughable, really. It's also hard not to note just how slender the new Sailor Scouts are. It's kind of intense!

Let's compare their old looks to their new looks, shall we? Note that we'll show the old designs, followed by the new designs, and that the new designs more closely resemble the characters in the manga.

Sailor Moon/Serena

Sailor Moon's Got A New Look

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Sailor Moon's Got A New Look
Sailor Moon's Got A New Look

Sailor Mercury/Ami

Sailor Moon's Got A New Look


Sailor Moon's Got A New Look
Sailor Moon's Got A New Look

Sailor Mars/Rei


Sailor Moon's Got A New Look
Sailor Moon's Got A New Look

Sailor Jupiter/Lita

Sailor Moon's Got A New Look


Sailor Moon's Got A New Look
Sailor Moon's Got A New Look

Sailor Venus/Mina


Sailor Moon's Got A New Look
Sailor Moon's Got A New Look

You can read more about the new anime, including what voice actors will be making a return, here. But I'm curious: what do you think about the redesigns? Love em? Hate em? Let us know in the comments — and remember that you can use our special annotation system to pinpoint specific areas on the pictures, if you'd like.


    The animation designs look more updated for the HD era. Animation detail has improved in leaps and bounds since the original Sailor Moon hit the airwaves many years ago. Impossibly long legs aside, the characters look really good and still retain a lot of the original look, heck, the long legs actually work well with Mars and Venus.

    They're closer in look to the manga, which is appropriate since it's a complete do-over re-adapting said manga from scratch.

    The more interesting thing I think is that, aside from Usagi / Sailor Moon, they've re-cast everyone.

      Whoa... really? =O

      So only Kotono-san will be coming back? Why the recast? =(

        Kotono Mitsuishi is the only one of them you still hear regularly (though I don't think I've heard her play a character that wasn't a fairly mature woman in a long time). They're all in their mid to late 40s or early 50s now. Aya Hisakawa (Ami / Mercury) is still around periodically but I don't think she does much any more. Rika Fukami (Minako / Venus) never really made it big in the first place, Emi Shinohara (Makoto / Jupiter) hasn't done stuff in years, and Michie Tomizawa (Rei / Mars) formally retired from voice acting in 2001.

        So I'd say it's probably just that they've mainly moved on or maybe just couldn't reprise the role any more as their voices sound different at 50 to what they did at 20.

        The new cast is pretty reasonable and all seem like good fits for their characters:

    naww sweet, lets hope they don't change the theme to much

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    I watched a lot of Sailor Moon when I was a kid........
    Funny thing is a remember very little aside from a sceptre, school girls, Mercury Bubbles, Tuxedo Mask and the Arabian one......everything else is a blur

    I really don't like the long legs- especial on Sailor Moon. Her legs are twice the length of her head + torso. Also not a fan on how almost all of them now look older. I thought the girls were suppose to be in middle school so about 14- 16?

    anyone else think they look somewhat more anorexic? :/

    I think the new designs look great. They look a lot more like the manga art style, which I always loved. The legs are a little silly, but they're really not much different to how they were animated by the end of the 5th series.

    A far-off shot of the Sailor Senshi in Sailor Moon StarS:

    The Sailor Senshi from the manga:

    Comparing those pictures to the new designs, not much has changed at all.

    AS long as they get the English voice artists right I don't mind. Lynda Ballantine (who took over the role of Serena for the second half of the seasons) was HORRID imo...she sounded like an old woman, and I just couldn't watch anymore. sorry!

    Too anorexic with the legs. All of the characters have a bit too much triangle shape about them in general also.

    I preferred Card Captors when this was on Cheez TV when i woke up every morning. Does that make me a bad person?

      Nah... just a late bloomer =P

      Sailormoon had about 2-3 reruns before Cheez TV started airing CCS. And by that point the animation *was* looking fairly dated. If anything CheezTV's direct competition when Sailormooon first went to air was Teknoman aka Tekkaman Blade :D

      Man... nostalgia hits ftw! xD

      No, Cardcaptor Sakura is miles better. Also it was animated extremely well with very high budget.

      The dub was pretty awful but at least the version that aired here was the complete one.

    I wonder if this change will effect the show's male fanbase? The original series had a sizable number of young male viewers (for obvious reasons) but I've noticed the only people that think long, spindly legs looks good are females.

    I just had a dream where I was Sailor Moon - I'm a man. That said I had way cooler powers than the original did and, well, like the story was not canon.

    *edit* Jupiter is best, the rest can get out.

    Last edited 29/04/14 5:39 pm

    I like! :D

    Basically looks like a smoothed over version of the original manga designs :D

    Where do the legs end and the body begin? D:

    Hahaha yeah I thought it was just a better show with a better premise, better characters and better animation.

    Sailor Venus? MORE LIKE SAILOR P.... yeah you get me.

    Would it be terribly unpopular to suggest that I'm not seeing any appreciable difference between the old and new designs?

    (repost) I don't like the thin look, why must they look unhealthy? I love the verbal message that they are sending and I like how it resembles the comic (takes some getting use to) but they all look unhealthy with their thin necks, arms and legs. Can you imagine fans drawing them now..Their arms and legs will be one line -.-

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