Skyrim Just Got Its Own Game Of Thrones Intro And It Looks Fantastic

Game of Thrones season 4 is rapidly approaching, and I'm quietly excited. I know that when that music kicks off, I'm going to be sitting on my couch, all hyped. So this video, which takes Game of Thrones iconic opening (showing off the different areas of Westeros) and applies it to all the famous regions in The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim. It's awesome.

It also made me a little nostalgic for Skyrim. Not sure if I'm nostalgic to give it another run, but I'm definitely nostalgic enough to listen to the soundtrack or something.

A lot of works appears to have gone into this video. It's actually super accurate to the spaces in the game, which is pretty incredible. A must see for fans of Game of Thrones and Skyrim.


    I'm definitely nostaligic for Skyrim. Everything I see to do with Skyrim makes me want to play it again/more. I should just give in.

      Me too. I think about it all the time, odd as it sounds! Picking up a Razer Blade laptop in a few weeks, so it'll give me the excuse I need to revisit Skyrim - this time with mods! :) Loved my first play through on my 360, so definitely hanging to play through it again!!!

      One of the better mods I installed for a recent play through was a 'randomiser' mod that basically starts you just *somewhere* randomly in the world.
      One problem i had with replaying is I would find myself doing the same stuff for the first 8-10 hours in and around that first little town and caves.
      This random mod is great, you just start *somewhere* in the land and off you go.

        Thanks for the tip! That sounds exactly like what I need, and part of the reason I'm so excited about tinkering with mods - my second play through is going to be very different from my first :)

          You're welcome.
          As a bonus, I *think* this is the mod, but i'm at work so cannot guarantee

          (an alternative, though I think not as random in the starting locations

            Cheers! Bookmarked! :) I can't wait to get started again, haha :)

              It's probably worth also installing one of the mods that give you a new 'house' outside the main cities that you can fast travel directly too, for two reasons; convenience and great views.
              (There's a pretty nice and simple 'Woodsman's Hut' mod somewhere on the workshop that's basically a big tree-house with mountain, forest and river views, somewhere near to the first little village. There are quite a few very extravagant house mods (like steam powered floating ships etc), but I prefer the simple ones. Bed? check. Chests? check. Slots to mount weapons and armor? Check. Good views? check. that's all I want, not something that needs 10 mins to navigate)
              I found it increasingly annoying when you want to quickly go to your home just to drop off or pick something up, but could only fast travel to the cities front gate, not directly to your home.
              There might also be a mod that just adds additional fast travel locations to your map for the vanilla city houses, can't remember.

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    True story: I listen to the Skyrim soundtrack at work. Great ambient / background music. Was listening to it yesterday actually.

    People here talk of revisiting Skyrim. I've haven't left since 2011.

      Does that arrow in the knee still give you grief? ;)

      Something about the game made it plain damn awesome. For me, who grew up with ultima 3 & 4, I put this game in the same league. Big compliment there, they were great for the time, and skyrim was a blast, my daughter and I burnt so many hours on this it isn't funny. We took shifts with the one character, we would get to tired but couldn't stop playing :-)

    The only thing missing from that was slower, more sweeping pans. Other than that; too much nostalgia..

    it would be really awesome if there is a skyrim or Elder Scroll theme, game of Thrones type TV series i belive every elder scroll fans would watch it and game of thrones fans can get into it also

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