SNES-Style Tactical RPG Stars A 'Raging Alcoholic'

SNES-Style Tactical RPG Stars a

Our heroine, ladies and gentlemen. Dragon Fin Soup will follow the story of several playable characters; one of them is Red Robin, an alcoholic bounty hunter who hails from a remote village on Asura — essentially a planet formed on top of giant cosmic turtle that swims around in space-time.

The game's Story Mode promises a dark fairy tale-esque world filled with "murder, conspiracies and magic", but that's not where Dragon Fin Soup ends.

Being a turn-based RPG, Dragon Fin Soup will also have a roguelike Survival Mode where saving is limited, death is permanent, and your sole goal is to grow, explore, and survive (either on Asura, or inside a dungeon in the game's Endless Labyrinth Mode). Each game mode will be backed by fast-paced tactical combat, along with elaborate systems for crafting and procedural content generation, and a whole bunch of collectible pets and loot.

The video above shows a bit of the game in action. I really dig the hand-drawn portraits and the colours. Asura looks like a nice, vibrant place to be, as long as you don't get stabbed in the back, I guess. Gameplay-wise it looks like a more fluid Dungeons of Dredmor, which is certainly a really good thing.

The game has an ongoing Kickstarter campaign which is nearing 400 per cent funding and ends in just over a day, so at this point, the question isn't if we'll get the game, but when. If all goes well, expect to see Dragon Fin Soup on PC, PS Vita and PS4 in April 2015. I look forward to it, personally.

Dragon Fin Soup [Kickstarter]


    I miss the good old days were the heroine was a bad ass who drank and smoked, but fought for good (some times indirectly), now a days they try to censor alot of that out which i feel incompletes the character which can sometimes dull the overall experience

      Agree with you there, nowadays if anyone makes a badass character the internet lights up about how sexist or non politically correct they are, or something. What ever happened to if you don't like it don't play it, clearly you are not the target audience. Political correctness is the nemesis of free speech.

    Terry Pratchet is going to sue someone. "giant cosmic turtle" sounds a heck of a lot like Great A'tuin to me.

      Depends if they have included the elephants ;o)

      except I'm pretty sure A'tuin and the elephants was his homage to similar existing flat world ideas from ancient cultures (like the 'turtles all the way down' scenario)

      Though Terry Pratchet has postulated that it is concievable that Great A'tuin is not the only great world turtle floating through space, and that they are all floating towards a gathering point to create little teenie-weenie world turtles... He calls this the Big Bang Theory

      Terry Pratchett did not invent that.

        Not saying he did. Comment was left as a sarcastic one liner Mr Dig man =P

    Are they going to approach their "alcoholism" in a cutesy "tee hee look at me chug all this vodka" fashion that otherwise has no impact on the character?

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