Snoop Dogg Makes Call Of Duty Way More Fun

If your Call of Duty experience has been feeling a little repetitive lately, you can mix it up with the newest DLC, which replaces all voiceover with Snoop Dogg saying things like "You've lost the lead man, get your shit together!" Check out some of his best lines in this video from OutsideXbox.

30 Snoopiest Snoop Dogg Lines [OutsideXbox]


    Snoop Dogg Makes Call Of Duty Way More Fun

    Excuse me for being cynical enough to not believe that.

    They should have known they already had too many dogs in this game already.

    I like neither Snoop, CoD or DLC but I can see the humour in this.

    Because COD needs more xX420kUsHloRdsXx

      I honestly can't figure out what this says: "xX420kUsHloRdsXx"
      Normally I can figure these tags out but ya got me man.

    Its like Custom voices on your GPS. Having Yoda or Homer SImpson tell you in 500m turn left or you have arrived at your destination, is funny for the first 2 times, then is annoying as hell. This is what it would be like with Snoop Dogg and COD.

    Well the game couldnt get any worse, so it could only get better

    This public service announcement, brought to you by; Craptivision.

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