Solid Dating Advice For The Modern Geek

Solid Dating Advice For The Modern Geek

Online dating, romance at cons, asking out the girl at the game store — it's a wild world out there for the geek who seeks love. Our resident dating columnist Harris "Dr Nerdlove" O'Malley is here to help.

Since January, we've been running a bi-weekly letters column by O'Malley, and we hope that his advice has helped some readers negotiate the rough waters of 21st century romance and get a little closer to finding the love they're looking for.

For any who may have missed a column or two, here's a collection of O'Malley's work for us so far, since good dating advice never really stops being applicable.

How Do I Ask Out The Gamestop Girl? When a 'Nice Guy' Wont Leave You Alone How to Do Online Dating Right My Date Doesn't Approve of My Geeky Hobbies How Do I Make Friends? How Do I Become 'Boyfriend Material'? Why Did She Choose Him Over Me?

You can also find a whole lot more stuff over at O'Malley's website, Paging Dr.Nerdlove. Look out for a new column next week.


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