South Korea Unveils A Windows XP... Task Force

South Korea Unveils a Windows XP... Task Force

Microsoft is no longer supporting Windows XP. It's being phased out worldwide. In China, folks are hanging on. In nearby South Korea, the government has set up a special task force.

As reported by NewsY, South Korea's Ministry of Security and Public Administration just set up a "Windows XP Response Total Situation Room".

South Korea Unveils a Windows XP... Task Force

There's even a nifty sign. And a cheesy photo op.

According to NewsY, fifteen per cent of all the country's computers (that's seven million!) are still running Windows XP, while twenty per cent of all government-owned PCs are still using the operating system.

What's more, 94 per cent of all ATMs in the country are running XP. Cost is what's hindering the migration to a newer Windows operating system, NewsY adds.

Since Microsoft is no longer supporting the OS, computers running it are vulnerable to all kinds of new viruses and spyware that could cause huge headaches.

But fret not! The country's XP task force is on the case and wearing sweet matching jackets.

윈도XP 지원 내일 종료…정부 종합상황실 설치 [YNews — Thanks Sang!]


    They are still probably still playing Starcraft: Brood War on XP

    While they support all windows xp computers or only Korean computers?

    What exactly is this so called "task force" actually going to do?

    So are they paying MIcrosoft the extra support costs to keep supporting the OS? Because I thought that was an option. Weren't the UK also doing this, at least for government?

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