Street Fighter’s Ken Cut From The Tournament For Obvious Reasons

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With Ryu making the roster despite serious translation issues, there’s absolutely no use for Ken in Pete Holmes’ Street Fighter tournament. So far this is looking like a very Ryu-centric tournament Pete Holmes is putting together.

Dhalsim‘s out. Vega is out. Chun-Li has been creeped on and asked to put on pants. I’m having a hard time imagining who else will make it through the elimination process.


  • Still to laugh at any of these videos. He’s just a jerk to characters pointing out the obvious.

    I’ll pass.

    And Ken is by far the coolest SF character. As if you could do a tournament without him.

      • Hahaha. Maybe. Or maybe I jsut didn’t want to leave a completely negative comment.

        I still think the guy isn’t funny. He’s just mean. And obvious.

    • this one’s probably the worst out of all of them. i had a good chuckle with the chun-li and dhalsim ones, but nothing beats his x-men collection.

      but i do get what you mean with his humor. but somehow i still find it funny

  • why do idiots always call him “Rye you” that’s not how you pronounce his name, it’s pronounced “Ree you”

    • It’s pretty much impossible to pronounce it right as an English speaker, but “Ree-You” is fine. “Rye-You” is like nails on a chalk board every time I hear it.

      • Sooo many of the street fighter guys I used to hang with called it Rye-oo.

        Ree-ooo is prb the closet an english speaker can get.

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