Street Fighter's Ken Cut From The Tournament For Obvious Reasons

With Ryu making the roster despite serious translation issues, there's absolutely no use for Ken in Pete Holmes' Street Fighter tournament. So far this is looking like a very Ryu-centric tournament Pete Holmes is putting together.

Dhalsim's out. Vega is out. Chun-Li has been creeped on and asked to put on pants. I'm having a hard time imagining who else will make it through the elimination process.


    Still to laugh at any of these videos. He's just a jerk to characters pointing out the obvious.

    I'll pass.

    And Ken is by far the coolest SF character. As if you could do a tournament without him.

      It's like you get and miss the point the same time

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        Hahaha. Maybe. Or maybe I jsut didn't want to leave a completely negative comment.

        I still think the guy isn't funny. He's just mean. And obvious.

      this one's probably the worst out of all of them. i had a good chuckle with the chun-li and dhalsim ones, but nothing beats his x-men collection.

      but i do get what you mean with his humor. but somehow i still find it funny

        Actually I must admit, I thought the Ryu one was ok.

    why do idiots always call him "Rye you" that's not how you pronounce his name, it's pronounced "Ree you"

      It's pretty much impossible to pronounce it right as an English speaker, but "Ree-You" is fine. "Rye-You" is like nails on a chalk board every time I hear it.

        Sooo many of the street fighter guys I used to hang with called it Rye-oo.

        Ree-ooo is prb the closet an english speaker can get.

    This is the first of this series I didn't find funny. Vega and Ryu were hilarious

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