Super-Quick Looks At Destiny’s Character Classes

Super-Quick Looks At Destiny’s Character Classes

Bungie’s promising to put players in an huge sci-fi universe with their next game. The new glimpses at Destiny‘s classes that debuted on the game’s official site? Those are very, very small.

Three super-short videos give you a glance at the Titan, Warlock and Hunter classes that players will be controlling in Destiny. Brief, lore-centric descriptions accompany each class on their dedicated pages but the text offers scant hints at the actual differentiation between the three types. Sure, you can probably guess that Titans are tank-likes, Warlocks will have some kind of telekinetics and Hunters will be the quick, stealthy rogues. But there’s not a lot to go on.

[via Destiny official site]


  • I’m going as a Warlock…

    Not because it plays different (I’d probably prefer the Titan class for that), but because of that sweet class exclusive trench-coat.

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