Sure Looks Like The Avengers Are Finally Coming To Disney Infinity

Briefly: This new teaser features Steve Rogers' iconic shield ricocheting through the environs of Disney's collectible toy game. People have been wondering when Marvel characters would be showing up in Disney Infinityand this clip seems to hint that some news will probably come very soon.


    "We felt like this wasn't printing money the same way that Skylanders is, so we're adding Marvel character. Once we dry that well up, we'll add Star Wars. After that? I don't know, we'll have to get the mouse to buy up some other major property. Is the Simpsons still popular?"

      Let's take a less negative view.

      1. They own all these properties outright and have used them gloriously cinematically. Without Disney, Marvels Avengers line would've gone ass up.
      2. They have a kickass game for kids to play in terms of a sandbox which allows them massive amounts of creativity. I'm guessing you haven't actually played it, but my son and I have. The game amounts to virtual lego for kids. I ask you, how could that actually be a *bad* thing? It encourages imagination. Something majorly lacking in every damn 'dudebro' shooter these days.
      3. Why NOT add in Marvel characters and Star Wars characters if it broadens the scope of the game, adds in playsets, gives kids opportunities to create new 'stories' and lets their imaginations run wild?
      4. Please explain the 'negative' effect Disney has had on buying Pixar, Marvel and Starwars? They allow Marvel to operate independently and Pixar and have yet to exploit either?

      But really, there's no need to be negative. I mean, my 10 year old was in here before and he went off his rocker at the prospect? That's the target audience. Not people like us. His age. As long as he's excited, as long as kids in his bracket, that's all that matters. Not jaded adults who can't see the joy in something like this. When I was a kid, we played in sandboxes fantasizing about Heman vs Transformers. If there were a videogame allowing THAT when I was a kid? Holy crap... we would've been *all* over it for sure.

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        Disney and Activision have both made great products that make a lot of money. It's taken a lot of restraint from me not to buy them (I'm a massive Pixar fanboy and have Buzz and Woody sitting on my desk) but I have played it. Seriously, have you seen the Dash figure? It's the best Incredibles toy I've ever seen.

        There's been speculation from the start that they would throw in Star Wars and Marvel to this (and their other Disney specific content).

        The fact is that Disney has been buying up a lot of properties lately. It's dumb to suggest they'd buy up something just put in this game.

        As for the negative bit: Disney, as a company, is the figurehead for the current state of copyright laws. Acquiring other iconic properties can only make them more aggressive in pushing for more restrictive copyright laws that destroy the public domain.

        Cthluhu is in the public domain now. Mickey Mouse will probably never be.

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          None of the properties they currently own are or were ever heading to be public domain. Marvels properties are currently fractured because Marvel themselves sold them off to multiple studios over a decade ago to stop themselves going bankrupt. This 'fractured' marvel but enabled them to stay afloat and do gloriously well.

          As for Star Wars, we all know why that happened. Lucas wanted out and Disney gave the best deal. The House of Mouse has treated all the properties it owns at this point with a lot of respect. Tell me Sony would've done the same? Sony owns Spiderman and at this point due to contract issues has to pump out a spiderman movie ever 5 years or the license reverts. I don't want a Starwars pumped out every five years 'just because'. If they can put together a plan of attack for a series of movies sure, but needlessly doing so is fine.

          Which leads to the Infinity games. The plan has always been, with the Infinity games to expand beyond the core games. The Phase 3 characters with Ferb and Agent P (Liams constantly bugging me to get these ones) show they're expanding beyond their core animation characters to other 'properties'. Burton allowed his Frankenweenie character in there as well as Jack Skellington for instance. The biggest issue of course, would be if the game sucked. Thankfully it doesn't. I don't mind at all playing sandbox mode with my kid. We build whole levels together, me on my PC and him on the PS3. We'll get the inevitable PS4 sequel as well. However what I hope DOESN'T happen? I don't want to see 2 or 3 consecutive games released at the same time for different properties. That would be awful.

          Cthulu is in the public domain also because All works published before 1923 are public domain in the U.S. That's a very different situation. However, there is some disagreement over who exactly owns or owned the copyrights and whether the copyrights for the majority of Lovecraft's works published post-1923 — including such prominent pieces as "The Call of Cthulhu" and "At the Mountains of Madness. Mickey was created in 1927 and consistently used and renewed, so that's why he's never fallen into it.

            The story goes (although I haven't done even a minute's research on the matter specifically) that Disney heavily lobbied the US government to change copyright laws in order to prevent their IP, specifically Mickey Mouse, from falling into public domain.

              Possibly but always a good idea to get absolute facts rather than assume. Not saying they didn't, but assumption and all that...

      I completely agree with this guy. I accuse Disney of trying to run a successful company and make money! Those bastard! Those sharks!

    Captain America is my current favourite super hero that's been rebooted. Something about him I love.

    And I LOVE shields. So maybe that's a thing. I'm keen for this. I haven't played Infinity in a bit.

      Seen The Winter Soldier??? Watched it last night. PHENOMENAL movie. The single best marvel movie so far, even better than The Avengers! I was mindblown by it! It's even followed on into todays episode of Agents of Shield, which I wasn't a fan of until today.

        Saw it last night in Gold Lounge. :P It was pretty good yeah. I liked the first more but still a good movie. Agents of Shields was a bit meh for me, but i may jump back into it.

          I didnt like AOS at all up until episode 16. Now that Winter Soldier has affected it, it's actually just become interesting. Up until then, it had no point or direction. *Now* it feels like it's getting its shit together in a big way.

    The trailer also says 2.0 edition in the corner (at the end) unless I'm mistaken - on the train atm. So I assume we'll see that announced soon?

    Really hope this means an Avengers playset, the game is fun but way too many great characters are toy-box only :(

      Indeed. That's a massive downside to it. Too many relegated to the toybox. It'd be so much better if you could use any and all characters in the story modes. I'd love to have Sully running around in the Lone Ranger set or the future Starwars figures running around in the Monsters inc sets lol.

    We all knew it was coming but great it's confirmed (now Star Wars please...I guess that will be v3.0) I collected them for the stylised figures so can't wait to add more (had most before I'd even bought the game) it's decent but needs some solid improvements so I'm glad there's a 2.0 in the works. Can't wait.

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