Sydney-Siders Can Help Build The World's Largest LEGO Darth Vader

LEGO. You cannot escape it right now. It feels like every week this month has heralded the release of a new LEGO video game and then there's the LEGO movie itself. Now it appears as though LEGO wants to stretch this attention into May. On May the 4th, the day that is now affectionately being called Star Wars day, the folks at LEGO have hired a LEGO expert in to help build the largest LEGO model of Darth Vader ever built, and they want your help.

The idea is simple. US LEGO Master Builder, Dan Steininger, will arrive in Sydney in advance of May the fourth. Then, at Westfield in Penrith he will endeavour to build a four metre high model of Darth Vader constructed entirely out of LEGO. Pretty impressive. The model, he estimates, will require over a quarter of a million block of LEGO.

Between the hours of nine until five on both 3 May and 4 May, Steininger will be building in the shopping centre, calling on members of the public to help him out. In addition to Darth Vader, he also intends to build a smaller, two metre tall replica of Yoda.

The event itself seems like a massive publicity stunt on the part of LEGO and will feature LEGO speed challenges and building challenges throughout the day. The folks at LEGO are looking for people to dress up as their favourite Star Wars characters and will hand out prizes for the best costumes on both days.

So if you love LEGO, and feel like taking part in a world breaking effort, head to the Westfield in Penrith and get building.


    A giant Darth Vader in Penrith. How appropriate.

      "Join me on the Doonside., Dark Side."

    Making a trip to Sydney.

    Can you imagine the chaos as hundreds of people turn up to "help" him?
    He's just gonna be distracted and won't be able to do anything.

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