Taiwanese Cardboard Artist Makes Iron Man Suit

Taiwanese Cardboard Artist Makes Iron Man Suit

Cardboard is great. It can be shelter, it can be storage, it can be entertainment, it can be invisibility on the battlefield, and it can be art if taken to the extreme.

Taiwanese artist Xhong Kai-Xiang definitely takes cardboard to another level. According to a blog post on the Stan Winston School of Character Arts, Xhong has recently unveiled an Iron Man armour that’s taken him over a year to complete!

The armour, which resembles the Mark III from the movies, looks pretty awesome. It’s unclear if it’s a wearable suit or not.

On top of working on Iron Man armour, Xhong also created a replica of the T-Rex icon from Jurassic Park and a Chinese dragon, among many other things. He’s even got a bearded dragon sculpture that looks so close the real thing that the folks over at the Stan Winston School were nearly fooled.

In addition to working cardboard, Xhong also works with other materials such as straw, bamboo and even food. On his Facebook page he’s posted creations that he’s made out of food. The latest being an alien from Aliens made out of a banana. His latest project might just be something a bit bigger…

Iron Man in Cardboard by the Taiwanese Tony Stark [Stan Winston School of Character Arts]
Kai-Xiang Xhong [Facebook]


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