Taiwanese League Of Legends Pro Charged For Insulting Police

Taiwanese League of Legends Pro Gets Charged for Insulting The Police

A Taiwanese man was recently charged with obstruction of police business after badmouthing police officers on an online forum. First reported by Taiwan's CNA News and Apple Daily, Taiwanese celebrity gamer Zhang JiaHang of League of Legends fame was approached by the district court of Taichung Taiwan. Zhang was charged with something along the lines of obstruction of justice over something that he did last year. Online.

Taiwanese League of Legends Pro Gets Charged for Insulting The Police

Of course there's much more to this. Zhang, pictured above, best known by his LoL handle Asiagodtonegg3be0: "Gragas God", was apparently exhibiting unruly behaviour on one of Taiwan's game forums. His behaviour even earned him a ban; when that didn't stop him, his continued posts prompted the board moderator to go to the police to file charges of defamation and slander against him.

Upset at the situation, Zhang took to the internet to complain. The police were eventually contacted and Zhang was given a notice to curb his unruly behaviour. He was also summoned to explain his actions in Taichung. Zhang lives in north Taiwan's Taoyuan.

Following the exchange with police, Zhang then went online to denounce the authorities. On a live broadcast, Zhang publicly called Taichung police "mentally retarded".

Perhaps to get back at the police in Taichung, Zhang posted on Facebook a gathering of his fans in front of a Taichung police station. Over 50 supporters showed up with Zhang nowhere in sight.

Police took Zhang's post as a means to cause trouble. On top of his obstruction charges, he's also charged with defamation of a government entity as well as another very similar charge.

It's unknown what will happen to Zhang should all three charges go to trial.

辱警低能 亞洲統神 辯罵「ID」沒罵人 網友:被告活該 [Apple Daily] 網路辱罵警低能 遊戲玩家被訴 [Now News]

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    Good on him, stick it to the man!

      As much as we all love to 'stick it to the man', do you really think you should be supporting a guy who gets his 50 of his fans to gather in front of a police station and then fails to show up himself?

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