Southern Hobby Supply Reveals Two New Monopoly Sets

Briefly: Southern Hobby Supply has revealed two new Monopoly sets (via NWR) — one themed after Pokémon, the other, Legend of Zelda. Both will be released on August 21.


    I noticed that the Pokemon set says Kanto Edition, so I'm wondering if they'll release sets for the other regions. Also, I really wanna see what they do for Zelda Monopoly.

    Definately getting the Zelda one ! add that to my Zelda and monopoly collection :D

    So much excite!

    My reaction to seeing this article was akin to a 10-second gasp that got steadily higher pitched and less identifiable as belonging to a human over time.

    I remember having the older Pokemon one many years back. Sometimes I wonder why I have 947174829 different versions of Monopoly ;O;

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