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    Guys something really weird's going on.

    I'm here. Now. But I've been to bed.

    I don't understand.

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    Morning all!

    Stark Tolls Too
    Blighttown... whyyyyy you have to come back? Invader pathfinding is really dumb; I got invaded by the butcher, and couldn't find her. Couldn't rest at a bonfire or quit out until I'd dealt with her. Standing still for almost ten minutes did nothing. Turned out she was stuck halfway up one of the wooden structures on another 'island'. Picked her off with arrows and long-range pyromancy.

    If I didn't have a guide, I'd be completely and utterly unable to find my way around this place.

    I'm thinking about taking a short break from this game. I've put 45 hours into it since it came out - that's around 3 hours per day, every day since it came out - and that's kind of unprecedented for me. Starting to feel a little burn out coming, and getting the impression from you guys that it's a slog from here on anyway...

      Hey Shaaaaaane!

        Hey man, how's it going?

        I MISS YOU


          Miss you too, man. How's the family? Not long now until kid #3, right?

            Less than three months. Still AAAAAGES :P

    It's 8:30am, I've had maybe 5 hours sleep, and I'm wide awake.



    Give it a couple of hours and I am going to crash. I want coffee. But fuck paying $4.20 for a (shit Lavazza) tiny coffee from uni.

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      I dunno how I stayed awake at uni sometimes. I don't drink coffee and the smell of Red Bull makes me gag so no caffeine for me. It did help though that my house was 10 minutes from the campus

    Morning all, does everyone else hate Mondays too? I'm building a pool fence today out of 40kg glass panels, so that's a thing.

    How was everyone's weekend? I spent majority of mine playing trials to write up a review which I'll post later, also went shopping, always. shopping.

      building a pool fence out of glass. Building a pool out of glass. Building a whale enclosure out of glass. The only thing I can deduct is that your last name is Scott and you've gone back in time on a stolen Klingon Bird of Prey

        That is a completely illogical train of thought

        And stop looking at my ears, they were damaged in an accident with a mechanical rice picker

      Morning! I spent the weekend working, which sucks, but on the positive side it means that Monday doesn't feel so bad because it's just another work day! YAY!

      I did get some time out to finish up New Super Mario Bros. U with my daughter, which was awesome. The end Bowser battles in those new games have been pretty great.

        It's a non stop work week so everyday feels the same to you.

        Oh that's awesome as, did she have fun playing it? Or did you carry her the entire game? I haven't beaten a Mario game in months

          She LOVES Mario, we have to limit it to weekends otherwise she'd play all day every day.

          She's just turned 4, but she's already pretty good at Mario. I probably didn't need to even start helping her until half way through the game (the ice world I think) - it starts getting tricky after that and she'd often have to go into a bubble during the tough bits, or I'd literally carry her over hard jumps. Still, she gets brave and takes on some pretty hard sections by herself at times and get's through them - It's so awesome, sometimes I'd just sit back and leave her to kill a Boss (Koopaling) by herself - so proud!

          The newer Mario games are brilliant for parent/child game time together. I know a lot of people complain about how much it helps you and gives you extra lives, but it's perfect to play with your kid.

          Also, she got really inspired after we beat the game that she immediately went and started drawing Mario stuff:

          But now that she's saved Princess Peach she doesn't really care to collect all the star coins, the story is over so she's doesn't see the point. :)

          We have to save all the Fairies in Super Mario 3d World next!

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    It's Monday and I still have money in my account. I'm scared.

    Also, one more game to add to the list of completed is Bioshock Infinite and Burial at Sea episodes. Now putting all my effort into inFamous Second Son

    What up, home slices? Hope this day finds you well!

    My internet is capped! *shakes fist* Luckily it resets at midnight tonight, so I can cope. Just. :D

      On Friday i ate burgers on the beach with my ladyfriend
      on saturday i binge watched anime and House of Cards.
      On Sunday i ate pizza with my sister and my lady friend and watched Howls moving castle.

      My weekend was freaking rad DC :)

        Sounds like it, my pal. How'd your lady friend find the anime? She a convert now? :D

          Ill preface by saying that Howl's moving Castle along with Princess Mononoke are my favourite movies ever made. She was expecting crazy plot that made no sense and subtitles that went speeding by and as you may or may not know is Ghibli is basically Disney, so she really liked it and asked if i had any more ghibli to watch. :)

            Spirited Away is still the only Ghibli I've seen. :S

              Somewhere I have a big stack of AU Ghibli DVD releases, basically about 2/3 of the entire collection still, but I own all the older films bar two on BD now and will be getting one of those two in a few months. If you'd like any of my deprecated DVDs which I would otherwise throw away you can have them.

                Aw, thanks for the offer man, but it'd probably be wasted on me. Someone like @jimu or @sughly would probably be keen. (Assuming they don't have 'em already. XD)

                  Nahhhhh I'm going all blu for Ghibli too

            Howl's Moving Castle is what got my missus into anime and is my go-to ghibli when people ask why I watch 'weird Japanese cartoons'. It's only converted about 5 people so far, but they are North Queenslanders, so it's probably equal to about 20 normal people.

              It's only converted about 5 people so far, but they are North Queenslanders, so it's probably equal to about 20 normal peopleJust because of all the extra fingers & toes?

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            I don't think I've watched any Ghibli movies before... I know my girlfriend has watched Totoro and Howls, but I never really got into them.... Though I was never a massive Anime fan to begin with.

            Next time you've got her alone, inflict Grave of the Fireflies on ladyfriend. There should be much consolation after. That one's actually on my list of things that made even me a bit choked up. It also kinda utterly obliterates the idea that anime is just for kids.

      Not much vanilla mamilla slice, today is arms day lifting glass.

      Your lucky my phone internet is nearly gone and I have 10 days to wait

      What's on the hermit diary for today?




        Today's all about The Walking Dead season finale for me!

        And, uh, building fences out of glass cause I can't be bested by you! :P

        *D.C. accepts being bested by Cam*

      Bah, mine is capped but doesn't reset until... fuck, Friday. Shiiiiit I thought it was early in the week, this will be horrible, a whole week without new Arma vids, no youtube, can't upload my new GTA video... ugh

      Ugh, capped internet sucks, went to download Arkham Origins yesterday and I got capped 600mb in, resets Friday I think..

        Haha! I was getting Arkham City when it capped 2gb in. *high five*

    Ugh, headache. Thanks to a wedding I attended last night. Well, thanks to the alcohol, really.

      A wedding on a Sunday? That seems like crazy talk to me!

      You should send an official complaint to the bride. Don't worry 'bout their honeymoon, she'd probably want to know!

        Funny thing is, there was also another wedding yesterday that we couldn't attend. Seems like Sunday weddings are becoming quite the thing now.

          My brother got married on Friday.

          I think people are really just searching for ways to find out who really loves them enough to attend an inconvenient wedding (and/or they're looking for ways to cut down the guest list).

            Do you love your brother, Shane? Did you attend? :D

              I was the best man. Which means I got to rag on him in a speech without fear of retribution. Also, I'm not one to pass up the chance to take a day off work.

              So in my case it was a decision that had nothing to do with love. :P

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                Outstanding! :D

                  I'll go to great lengths to avoid discussing my actual feelings :P

            Must be the time of year for it. My sister got married on Saturday.
            I didn't drink, because I was driving them to their hotel in Melbourne CBD. Sure, it was at 11pm on a Saturday night, so I could have had a beer.

            ...but they had a top of the line BMW that I was meant to drive. That thing was worth more money than all of my internal organs on the black market. No way was I scratching that.

            I think people are really just searching for ways to find out who really loves them enough to attend an inconvenient weddingNote to self: If I ever reverse my decision to not get married (and have someone to marry), do it at 04:25 on a Tuesday

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          I think it's because everyone's already at the church anyway so why not

          Venues are cheaper on Sundays.

            Ohhhhh, that would make sense. Much like anything in life, if you can't figure something why something is happening, follow the money.

    Finished Botanicula on the weekend. Such a fun game. So much charm. I agree with @strange too, better than Machinarium. (Though I liked Machinarium's visual style and setting better.) So good.

    hi everybody

    finished burial at sea the other day(im a little sour about the ending) and was wondering what the next bioshock infinite will be like, (2kgames has stated the series will continue) do you guys have any ideas?

      I have an idea for a BioShock adventure game, but that ain't ever going to happen. XD

        whats it about?

          Investigative journalist following paper trail. *mysterious*

            i could see that working

            its all ready a better plot than most AAA games

            "dudebro shoot dis" is getting old

            You should write the story. Even if you can't get the rights to Columbia/Rapture, a little fudging could see it work in an original setting.

      I'm just hoping they go for a full Art Nouveau (I always have to spell check that word) art style next time. They've always got such beautiful environments - love to see a world completely based on Mucha's work.

        cant say i know the artist but so long as 2k allows the new team to focus on the world (and story) instead of useless things (like multiplayer) the entire game will be beautiful

        p.s i looked at some of mucha's work and i see what you mean

          Yeah they really know how to craft worlds - I do wish their environments were more interactive though, more grounded and less disney.

          Also, not just Mucha's illustrations (which I love), but also the architecture of Art Nouveau is really interesting - very delicate, sensual and feminine.

          I almost think it would have been a better fit for Rapture as it's a very flowing, almost nautical style, as opposed to the Art Deco they went with, though that fits the themes a lot better.

      personally i would like to see more of elizabeth and booker (MAYBE a SPOILER) with perhaps a happier ending

      yes i am replying to myself

      It'd have to be a completely different setting, characters and plot line with throw away objects and hints to one of the existing universes we've already seen. They really can't carry on the same story, even if it's something like Bioshock 2 was to the first one with following on 10 years after Rapture had fallen. Also, I was close enough with thinking that Burial At Sea would finish with you starting off the events of Bioshock. Playing the first one now though, you definitely hate Atlas that much more now

      As much as I'm annoyed at Ken Levine basically turning his back on AAA games, Bioshock has been his story and it'd be hard for someone else to take over from it, but saying that, 2K have a decent track record of games so I'll remain optimistic once something's announced. Maybe the guys who got let go from Irrational could work on a new one in a new studio.

        it wouldn't HAVE to be in a completely different setting with new characters as there is enough flexability in the bioshock multiverse to have the characters return

        my idea would be based on "there's always a man and there's always a city" as in i would like to see you play as the next ryan or comstock

        BE the man
        BUILD the city
        that sort of thing

        and yes i will now hate atlas even more

        as for levine he technically still works with 2k, due to take-two ,his current employer owning 2kgames this would allow him to still have input on the next bioshock should he wish

      Something more talky and sneaky with a hell of a lot less emphasis on shooty in the facey. A cross between Mass Effect level dialogue and Dishonoured style stealth with the shooting mechanic of Infinite for people who have no patience, class, charisma or guile.

      Preferably something with a functional society even if a fractured ad messed up one. Something with more than a few friendlies in the entire game would be a pleasant change.

      And for the love of fuck, have the story and gameplay synch, nothing was more disruptive to the feel than having Elizabeth trail along watching you rip people's faces off with your hook and then halfway through the game realise that Booker might not be 100% nice!!! It was an ideal platform for a pacifist/self defence/psychopath mechanic altering dialogue but both story and gameplay were set in stone from the beginning and the themes diverged wildly.

        nice ideas, i agree gameplay revamp wold be good but i still think story an characters takes precedence, the functional society would truly be awesome even if it was only in the beginning( like Columbia was before the revision levine made to infinite)

        now losing levine may be good for the series, if the next team doesn't screw up they could fix the story gameplay disparity caused by his 2012 revision

    Good morning.
    I am still half asleep despite sleeping plenty. Ugh. Another wall to be painted today

      Wall painting is fun as hell. I did a whole house not too long ago. I also got high on paint fumes which may or may not be the reason i enjoyed it :P

        Luckily my paint doesn't have fumes. =P I don't mind it, it's just all the prep that's annoying

          My paint doesn't have fumes, or taste - I was drinking at my computer desk over the weekend, and absentmindedly grabbed a random glass on my next to pour my next drink. It was my old paint cup, with lots of old dried-up paint. Only realised half-way through my drink too when I had gritty paint flakes over my teeth.

            You...didn't really, did you?

              Based on what he said on teamspeak ... it really did happen.

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      I have to start researching the best way to paint over a water stain on a roof, dumb cracked roof tiles...

    Sooo I'm doing an entrepreneurial class this semester (it's only 3 days all together at campus) and one of our assignments for it is to create a website in our group targeting a country (we picked UK) and pick a topic, and the number of views it gets from our chosen country over 10 days from May 1st determines our mark or something.

    We picked Eurovision cos that nicely fits into that 10 day period and I have to say we're doing pretty well! We've got famous people following us on Twitter (both Eurovision contestants and established singers), our site stats are already pretty good, and people are actually coming to us for Eurovision news. I didn't think we'd be doing so well even whilst we're getting marked on it let alone a few days after we've set it up.

    If only I could make my own website and get the same kind of results...

      Maybe enter Eurovision and then this will be about you!

      Scree can help you with the unseemly costumes! Blaghs with the unseemly song!

        For one of the group presentations we did the other week we came out singing and dancing as The Wiggles...

        @Benj should sing one of the songs from the Dark Souls musical

          @benj, if you want to do this, I've saved all the lyrics that have been written.

            @benj I have 9 of the songs on my hard drive. (Including both redartifice's and shane's version of YOU DIED) Is that all of the songs, shane? I get the feeling I missed a few.

            You Died version 1 (redartifice)
            You Died version 1 (shane)
            LOST MY SOULS (Mark Serrels)
            SAY GOODBYE HUMANITY (shane)
            RED AND BLACK (redartifice)
            THE BRIDGES OF BLIGHTTOWN (shane)
            SUNBRO SERENADE (unknown artist)
            SEE MY DEATH (fledau)
            YESTERDAY (redartifice)


              YOU DIED
              by @shane

              [upbeat music]
              [trumpets and background singers kick in]

              You died! [you died]
              You died! [you died]
              But at least you tried [you died]
              Pick yourself back up [you died]
              You must turn back the tide [you died]
              Ring the belllllllls
              [Your destiny awaits]
              Defeat the hellllllls
              [Open those fog gates]
              Only youuuuuu
              [You are the Chosen One]
              Can pull throuuuuuugh
              [Dying can be fun!]

              But you died! [you died]
              You died! [you died]
              Just take it in your stride [you died]
              You must persevere [you died]
              At stake is your pride [you died]
              Swing that swooooord
              [You must link the fire]
              Defeat the hooooorde
              [Before we all expire]
              You must fiiiiiiight
              [You are the Chosen One]
              For the liiiiiiight
              [PRAISE THE SUN!]

              [To the tune of Billy Joel’s Say Goodbye to Hollywood]
              by @shane

              Am I frightened of this beast on the bridge?
              Just a smidge.
              Because he’s hurling fire dowwwwn
              But you know I gotta keep pushing forward
              With my sword
              It’s still better than Blighttowwwwn

              Say goodbye humanity
              Say goodbye, my hollow
              Say goodbye humanity
              Say goodbye, my dark soul

              Facing down all of these demons tonight
              In a fight
              They’ll write epic songs abouuuuut
              I gotta ring both of those damn bells
              Run like hell
              ‘cause this swamp’s given me gouuuuut

              Say goodbye humanity
              Say goodbye, my hollow
              Say goodbye humanity
              Say goodbye, my dark soul

              There’s nowhere to hide
              Again and again, death finds me and
              I’m severed (ohhwoahhhohohohhhhh)
              I don’t have a chance
              I just can’t win. I wanna give up
              Forever (fore-eeverrrrrr)

              So many places here that I have to tread
              They’re all dead
              And filled up with vile things
              Life is a series of defeats, and defeats
              Leave me beat
              It’s time for the violins.

              Say goodbye humanity
              Say goodbye, my hollow
              Say goodbye humanity
              Say goodbye, my dark soul

              ME AND HUMANITY
              (by @redartifice)

              How can you love
              A Hollow such as me
              By the sun above
              without my Humanity?

              I've slain so many demons
              But my undead heart is lost
              I've tried to fight so long for you
              but paid the human cost

              and humanity----
              A man without his soul
              trying desperately to hold on

              and Humanity---
              Oh wait I found an item and will

              LOST MY SOULS
              (To the tune of 'Let it Go') by @MarkSerrels

              Died, went back to the bonfire tonight
              Twiddled with my... Havel ring.
              It's a kingdom of isolation
              And it looks like I'm the King.

              Solaire is howling like the swirling storm inside.
              Couldn't beat Quelaag, heaven knows he tried...

              Don't let them in, don't let them win
              Fulfill the prophecy and kill lord Gwyn
              Keep self control don't lose your souls...
              I LOST MY SOULS....

              Let them go, let them go. Don't need to level up any more.
              Let them go, let them go... you have a bonfire to restore!

              I don't care, what the people say
              Let the game roll on
              Death never bothered me anyway.

              YOU DIED (alternate version)
              (by @redartifice)

              YOU DIED!
              You met a nasty undead!
              YOU DIED!
              A dragon bit off your head!
              YOU DIED!
              A block that wasn't meant to be!
              YOU DIED
              in all the ways from A. TO. Z-------------------

              You've died through poorly dodging, and rolling the wrong way
              You've died from nasty demons more than once every day

              You were savaged by a rat
              You thought that that was that
              but you came back to the bonfire and ran all the way back!

              by @shane

              [melancholy tune]
              See the bridges down in Blighttown...
              They’re creaking in the fetid air
              This place is all but damned; in all of all Lordran
              There’s nowhere any worse than there

              The torches flicker down in Blighttown
              Life was here so long ago
              How this noble place collapsed; how it fell off all the maps
              I can’t begin to even know

              [up tempo]

              See the demons down in Blighttown
              Mosquitos bigger than my head
              My blood is their desire; the dogs are breathing fire
              Won’t be long until I’m deaaaaad

              There are people here in Blighttown
              Though their souls have come unlodged
              The darts are flying past; and they build toxic fast
              And there is just no room to dodge

              My goal lies down there beyond Blighttown
              Into that swamp I must press forward
              The swamp’s infesting me
              The bugs ingesting me
              And I’m in too deep to swing my sword

              [slow tune]

              There’s a spider here in Blighttown
              With a naked chick on top
              Made of pulsating fear; she’s spewing lava here
              [crescendo] But no matter what, I cannot stooooopppppppppppppppp

              RED AND BLACK
              (by @redartifice)
              [to the tune of... Red and Black from Les Miserables]

              It is time for us all
              To decide who we are...
              Do we fight for the right
              To a world without dragons now?

              Have you asked of yourselves
              What's the price you might pay?
              Is it simply a game
              That will cost your humanitay?

              The color of the world
              Is changing
              Day by day...

              Red - the blood of Hollow men!
              Black - the dark of souls that pass!
              Red - a world about to die!
              Black - the fight that ends at last!

              SUNBRO SERENADE
              (by @shane, to the tune of Just The Way You Are)

              Don’t go changing
              Your allegiance
              I need to know my Sunbro’s there
              You’ll always have my
              Gross incandescence
              You’ll always have your friend, Solaire

              I would not invade you
              In times of trouble
              You never could have come so far
              You couldn’t summon
              Any better
              We’re Sunbros just the way we are

              Don’t go trying
              Some new cov’nant
              Just for the miracles they bring
              For we can have jolly
              You don’t even need to wear a ring

              Don’t want to ever
              See that you’ve gone
              Cause it would ruin all our fun
              I need my Sunbro
              To stay by my side
              So we can always Praise The Suuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuun.

              SEE MY DEATHS
              (to the tune of Be Our Guest, by @fled)

              See... my.... death,
              See my death,
              Cooked by angry red drake breath,
              Fall afoul of some fungi, my friend,
              Then mauled by son-of-'Beth.
              Walking high,
              Along a ledge,
              See some treasure, off the edge.
              How to reach it?
              Read "Try jump-ing"
              All my souls I end up dumping.
              Half spi-der! Half a dame!
              Vomit lava, set aflame,
              Count of lives? No doubt at least my for-ti-eth.
              Go on, set out once more,
              Havel's behind that door,
              See my death,
              Yes, my death,
              See my deeeeath!
              Undead burg,
              Demon bull,
              Shiny longsword out I pull,
              Try to beat, and end I meet,
              Estus flask is never full.
              Not alone,
              Boss fight shared,
              With my sunbro, I'm not scared,
              Ornstein and Smough, fight just begun,
              We've no time to praise the sun.
              Bravely slash, then try to roll!
              Light'ning spear takes my soul.
              Jol-ly co-op-er-a-tion,
              nothing left!
              More flask when times are dire,
              Just kindle that bonfire,
              To stay my death,
              Too much heft?
              Fat roll hell, corpse six-ti-eth!
              See my death! See my death! See my death!

              (melody: P. McCartney by @redartifice)
              All my troubles seemed so far away
              but now my hollow state is here to stay
              Oh I believe, in sunny days
              I'm not half the man I used to be
              Ghouls are hacking pieces off of me
              Oh yesterday came suddenly
              Why'd she have to go
              I don't know, she'd just invade
              I did one block wrong
              now I long, for yesterday
              Dark Souls was such an easy game to play
              now I'm running from a black knights blade
              Oh I believe in Yesterday
              Why'd she have to go
              I don't know, she'd just invade
              I tried spearing long
              but it went wrong, oh yesterday
              Undead parish was a holiday
              Now I'm fleeing to a fire place
              Oh I believe in yesterday

      Here, send the link. I'll click it a few times for you.
      Edit: read it properly. That won't help :P

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    Bark Shoals Moo
    Made it to the chariot thing one way, couldn't be bothered. Made it to the boss in the poison another way, couldn't be bothered. Started exploring past the Scotsman, made it as far as the giant curse lizard. That's about it.

    Played some Infamous Second Son last night for about 3 hours. Seems pretty cool and...... What?!? 41% completion?!

    How friggen short is this game?

      Very friggen short. :'(

      Still amazing while it lasts.

      If you want to pad it out I suggest you do all the collectible/side mission stuff between main missions. Don't leave it until after campaign. There's also the free Paper Trail DLC.

      Last edited 31/03/14 9:12 am

        I've done one main mission I think (climbed the Space Needle) and cleared the entire north half of the map.

          Spaaaaaaace Needle.

          Hope you enjoyed the view, man. You ain't allowed to climb it again! D:

          (Apparently part of the licencing agreement to use Space Needle name came with a whole bunch of things you can't do. Like jump off Space Needle. :S)

            They had to go and suck all the fun out of it didn't they.

            *shakes fist*

              That's pretty much the only thing I wanted to do in Seattle. XD

              Or sit up top and contemplate stuff like Max used to do in Dark Angel.

                Such a good show. Eyes Only was my little brother's hero for a while.

                  You brother has good taste in TV shows. *decisive nod* (So do you. :D)

                I was going through a box in my garage yesterday and found my DVD set of the first season of Dark Angel. Which for some reason I bought in Japan. Half of it is in a box and half isn't, annoyingly.

                Kind of tempted to re-watch now but dunno if it's held up at all.

            Serious? They said nothing about orbital dropping off it like I did, didn't work :(

              I hear there's a way to get back up unofficially, but it won't look the same as in that mission.

      I still don't know if the percentage completion on the save-game is the percentage of main questline, or the entire world. Cos I keep leaving side-stuff for later and unless that's worth 0.5% each then I don't know ...

      I stretched it out over like 30 hours.. I stopped like 70% through and went & 100% got everything and such :P

        I've completely cleared over half the collectibles and side missions (got the trophies for the 50% clears too, so I know I have) in just over 3 hours.

        How the hell did you make it last 30?

          Boredom & exploration mostly. I also liked the stealth approach to taking out D.U.P command centres when possible.

          Edit: I probably didn't put that much into it, but the space needle thing was like the 2nd thing I did in Seattle and there was way more after that, the boss battles sucked arse though imo. In one of them I had to turn the difficulty back to normal just to get anywhere :S

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    Sorry; I spent most of the weekend playing Skyrim, then I spent about the last 10 hours playing Elder Scrolls Online.

      How is it?

        ESO? I like it. It feels very Elder Scrollsy. It's also different from a lot of your standard mmos, which is good. The mmo genre has grown pretty stale lately. There's been a few mmos over the past few years that have tried to set themselves apart by doing something different (DCUO, TSW and GW2 off the top of my head) and I think out of all of them ESO is my favourite "different" mmo, though I'm still in the honeymoon period where everything is shiny and new so that may be clouding my judgement a bit.

          Have they fixed global spawns for quest mobs?

            I haven't heard anyone complain about that, so I guess? There's a few bugs still in, but it seems most if not all of them can be fixed with /reloadui, /stuck or just logging out and back in. The only real issues I've had myself so far was an enemy NPC getting stuck in a roof and becoming unattackable. Coincidentally it happened on the exact same quest I had troubles with during the beta. It was a different issue in the beta, but I still solved it the same way (abandon quest, log out for a bit, log back in and start the quest again).

              Yeah, they've probably fixed a lot since the beta weekend I tried, that one was probably the most annoying aspect for me. Done much group stuff or mostly solo?

                Only solo so far, unless you count zerging through quest areas with dozens of random people as group content (I love that there's no mob tagging in this game). My character's only level 8 at the moment, and from what I've seen people say you don't start doing dungeon stuff till level 12. I'm going to see if I can hit level 10 today and try out some Cyrodiil pvp though.

          I found that one of the best aspects of ESO (compared to other MMOs) is that it still felt like you could explore, that the world was...interesting and unknown, I guess. Essentially, it felt like previous Elder Scrolls game worlds, which was really nice.

            I also like that there are quests that don't involve combat at all.

      I still haven't made a final decision on ESO. I know I want it, but I also know I hate the pay structure. Too expensive to include subscription for me.

        It'll probably go f2p in 6 months - a year (through no fault of its own, that's just the way the market's shifted), so you could always hold off until then.

          Yeah, but then I think I'll end up the same way I did with Guild Wars 2: the story left me behind.

            GW2 was a bit unique in the way it told its story though. It used a lot of temporary content. I don't think ESO is going to do that. I imagine it'll be more like WoW in that regard. I could be wrong though.

        Maybe this will help convince you. Think of all the fun you're missing out on!

          Clicked a steve-o link, was not dissappointed

          Lol, sgt. douchebag. And "all the level 8 quests are bugged" well, it is a Bethesda game.

    Oh yeah, non Dark Souls related, I need to stop playing Pokémon. I think this might happen once the next PS+ month kicks in so I switch to Hotline Miami on Vita. Hopefully. I keep trading for more shinies and I keep failing to actually find any of my own, but eh, it's a mindless timesink for the train.
    Someone else has been loving Reaper of Souls, but the lag spikes (despite AU servers) thanks to our crappy internet still makes it unplayable at times.
    Edit: Other things. Watched Star Trek: The Second New One, spent most of it annoyed by Simon Pegg's terrible accent. Finished Season 2 of Doctor Who (the new ones), some thoughts. Felt nothing at the end. Someone crying her eyes out beside me made me think that I should have felt something, but for me the characters lost any believability about halfway through the series when the series started dragging and relied on irrational contrivances to advance the plot. From my point of view anyway. Glad to be done with that season. Might be a while before I have a crack at season 3

    Last edited 31/03/14 9:32 am

      What's going on with those lag spikes? I was thinking I must not have been running on the AU server, 500-800ms pings suddenly for a minute or so then back down to the 40-50ms range...

    Blows my mind how cheap new games can be on Steam.

    The new Tomb Raider was $5 yesterday. HOLY DAMN!

    Arkham games were crazy cheap too. Speaking of Arkham, Game Informer has lots of awesome write-ups about Arkham Knight this month. Sounds amaaaazing.

      I'd have been tempted by Tomb Raider for $5 on PC if I hadn't JUST paid $40 for the Definitive Edition on Xbox One. The new Thief was also on sale for $45 which I think is worth at least giving it a try despite lackluster reviews.

        For what it's worth my sister loved the new Thief. (And she's a huge, huge fan of the originals.) She said it wasn't perfect, but enjoyable for what it was...

        Really looking forward to playing the South Park game. Will keep an eye out on sales for that. :D

        Last edited 31/03/14 9:38 am

          Really looking forward to the new Arkham game, especially since Rocksteady's back in the drivers seat.

          Cheapest I can find South Park: TSoT is $60 without shipping at Mightyape.

        I got an email this morning saying Thief is on sale for $33 today,

          On Xbox One? Damn it!

            Just checked the store, and on Xbone it's $44.95 and on 360 it's $39.97.

              I wonder if there's any actual difference the versions or if that's just a next-gen tax they think they can get away with. Oh well.

            Ah, no sorry, i got the email from Steam.

              Ah, fair enough. I don't tend to buy newer games on PC unless they're PC exclusives.

        Thief is quite good as long as you crank the difficulty up to max and turn most of the wimp-helper stuff off. I'm running with object highlighting off because that's for babies, no lockpick visual helper because I'm using a controller and feeling the lock tumblers out with the controller vibration is really nice, no lethal weapons and automatic mission fail if detected because I'm a badass and loot glint on because that's just Thief.

        While the game still has some problems and there's more level separation with loading screens than I'd like (even if they're short on the PC), it feels pretty damned Thiefy to me.

        One of my mates did a multi-stage walkthrough of one of the side missions doing all of the optional objectives in 3 playthroughs. Should give you a fair feel for how the game plays:
        He has the object highlighting on because he's a big baby but other than that he's playing on much the same settings as I am (though I think he's not got fail on detection active)

          I will probably at least try it on pussy mode because I generally suck at pure stealth games but if it bores me I will up it for the challenge.

    Hola Tay

    I had a quiet weekend- finally got back on the treadmill after being ill. Other than that, played a little more of Peace Walker, which is fine, I just want to get through it so I can get to Ground Zeroes.

    A Monday Morning Question: if you had a Metal Gear, what non-military purpose would you use it for?

      The Metal Gear would be tasked with ensuring game makers don't have 45 minute cutscenes. >:|

      (Also, I'm not really sure what a metal gear is. Some kind of robot? :S)

        Walking Tank.

        And frankly, if you play Metal Gear, you get the cutscenes, that's just how it goes.

      My Metal Gear would specifically be used to cut into line in the drive through.

      "Oh sorry Mr V8 lowered commodore, you wanted your Big Mac Meal x8 for you and your drunk, chain smoking mates? I have a nuclear weapon. I think that shits over your neon underlights. Don't you?"

      Wander the world with my metal gear Rex in tow, helping those in need and giving out friendly advice when possible.

      And nuclear payouts, once in a while I'll blow shit up just because it's fun.

        I'll just walk the earth, meet people... get into adventures. Like Caine from "Kung Fu.*

        *With a giant bipedal nuclear tank


      If my gear was metal?


        C'mon, man, at least 3 metal gear games have been on Nintendo consoles, keep up!

          Well if it was metal then I really wouldn't have a choice

          I've actually had Twin Snakes sitting on my shelf since around 2005 I think. I'll get around to it one day :P

            Why not today?

              Because FTL has my attention.

              Plus if I did play it then I wouldn't be able to say I've never played MGS before/don't know anything about it D:

                That's Hipsterism at its finest :)

                You complain about me not having had a Nintendo, and missing cornerstone games? MGS is what I was playing while you lot were off with your marios :)

                  Second part isn't really a genuine reason - though I do get a kick out of a couple of my friends' annoyance that I haven't touched it yet :P

                  I was massively looking forward to it back in the day, I remember calling up shops all over the place the day it was supposed to have come out, trying to find it. But it just never appeared, and also had disappeared from a promo Nintendo was running at the time too (buy two of these seven six games etc). Would've played it if I got it then and not after having already racked up a queue that I was slowly working through.

                  @mrtaco I played through most of the original MGS last year, a lot of it still holds up but I was ready to kill for a proper 1st person view, which Twin Snakes has. I kinda wish they'd HD remastered it with the rest of the series, but Twin Snakes' publishing rights are still owned by Nintendo

    HEY TAY!

    3 weeks has come and gone and i'm now back at work :\
    On the plus side, D3 Reaper of Souls is a pretty cool guy

      How'd your mum's trip go, btw?

        Alright, lots of turisty stuff which is nice,
        Went to things like the Healesville Wildlife Sanctuary, Australian Grand Prix (hence all the tweets :P) and heaps of other things.
        The only thing i got a bit tired off was my mum telling me how much weight i've gained and how big/fat i've gotten (i might have gained 15kg, but that's put me from 55kg to 70kg, i wouldn't consider that to be an issue :P)

        other then that pretty OK in my books... would still rather my dad had come as well, but i take what i can get :P

          Whaaaat? If any thing you're underweight! There needs to be a Melbourne meat to fatten this kid up!

          Good lord, I've lost a fair bit of weight in the last year, and keep getting people telling me how skinny I look, and I'm still > 100kg

          Unless you're like 5 foot nothing, I wouldn't consider 70kg to be overweight.

            I think she was kidding... most of the time... and then telling me to start working out and she hadn't realised how "big" i had gotten :P

              I went from about high-50s to low-80s over the course of my twenties, and people who hadn't seen me since I was a teen definitely were surprised and considered it 'bulking up'. Some girls suggested that it was good that I, 'finally had some meat on my bones'.

                I've stayed the same weight since high school. :S

                Made concerted effort to gain weight. Never happens.

                  Only success I had in my ultra-skinny years (before my metabolism down-shifted a couple years ago) was by eating protein like fucking crazy AND not working out or generally exercising in any way. Even then, while I was gaining weight doing that, I wasn't actually changing size - I could just feel that my muscles were getting denser, harder. I was still stupidly rake-thin and gangly. Hated it. "What's the point of super-dense muscles if I still look like an awkward teenager?" Then I went back to the gym and found that I could lift like three times as much as my previous max. Soooo, there's that.

          The sanctuarys a cool place, if I knew you were going I could of tried to get you backstage (family friends work there)

          Hooray you weigh about my weight which means whys your mum so mean I'm not fat!

          Oh man I wanna go that Wildlife Sanctuary they have awesome animals :D

    Over the last few days I've been smashing into Shadowrun Returns: Dragonfall and I've got to say that it at least as good, if not better than the first campaign. Such a fantastic experience.

    I think one of the nicest touches is that (being set in future Germany) the game tends to use German words where other games would use made up fantasy speak, and it really adds to the environment.

      I freakin' love the visual style of that game. So amazingly pretty. Still haven't played, alas.

        The art is incredible in every scene. So damned pretty!

      I still need to finish the main campaign.

      I am a poor backer.

        I played the hell out the first campaign, and as I type this I'm contemplating playing it again, but I didn't actually back it. I can't remember why, and in hindsight I regret that I didn't.

          I lost my first save on computer when my laptop died, but I have it on tablet, where I've got back up to the first visit to the NTSB.

            I played through as an incredibly dodgy (in all senses of the word) pistol-wielding elf, and have been meaning to go back as something like a decker or magic user, so don't be surprised if I'm suddenly up to that point too before Wednesday :P

      I think one of the nicest touches is that (being set in future Germany) the game tends to use German words where other games would use made up fantasy speakWait, you don't actually believe Germany is real do you? It's only make believe!

    Ugh. I just had a week of leave and I don't think I've ever been busier. I'd say it feels more like a break to come back to work but I received about 47,000 emails in my absence. I'm only here because I don't really even know where to start, otherwise I'd stop procrastinating and get to it.

    On he upside, it's probably going to be a couple of years before my wife makes me go to an Ikea to buy then assemble flat-pack funiture again. And I'm pretty happy with the shelves we have now.

      47K, wtf lol, use some filters yo. :P

        I have a setting that highlights anything from my manager upwards. Everything else is actually important. :P

    Morning all,

    Got paid double by accident on Friday, and (surprise surprise) I've spent too much money on shit I don't need.

    Bought a bunch of "Lego Movie" Lego, gonna do a display with it all at work for when we start running The Lego Movie, so hopefully I'll be able to write it off on tax (I'm totally gonna take it all home after school holidays though).

    Ordered The Lego Movie game, Lego The Hobbit, Child Of Light: Deluxe Edition, Trials: Fusion, Titanfall 360 edition, Superstars V8 Racing Next Challenge and Anchorman 2 on Blu-Ray.

    Total: $435

    So now I have to be very careful with my money as I'm not gonna get paid this week.

    Oh, and if anyone's interested that Superstars V8 Racing Next Challenge is Ex-Display at Ozgameshop for ONLY 4 BUCKS, but hurry because they've got LESS THAN 20 COPIES LEFT, and it's ONLY FOR THE NEXT 13 HOURS.

    Good morning errbody.

    Wow, what a weekend. I don't think I've had a lazier few days in years. Friday night to Sunday arvo was spent watching movies at a friends house. Knocked over Cheech and Chongs up in smoke, Goldeneye, Thor 2, The Love Guru, Predators, Zombieland and I slept through a few I cant remember.

    Most importantly I was introduce to Doctor Who. I've always had a sort of curious respect for the show but had never watched it. First we watched the Weeping Angel episode and it blew me away. We then watched almost all Christopher Eccleston's season. Good times.

    Seeing my French lady tonight. Happy Monday \o/

      The only Doctor Who I've ever seen was about 10 minutes of the episode that had Kylie Minogue in it. Didn't really like it much.

      How goes it with your French lady friend?

        Previously I'd only seen short snippets here and there and wasn't too impressed, but I also had no idea what was going on. My friends were hell bent on converting me and explained a lot of it for me. I find parts of it quite fascinating, very creative. I can see why heavy sci fi fans go weak at the knees for it.

        It's going well, thanks for asking. She spent the weekend seeing a bit of the country side, kangeroos and all that jazz. Looking forward to catching up :)

          I like the way both responses work for the last question

      Hope the date goes well, my friend. :D

        Thanks deecee! Introducing Carl Baron to her tonight. I have a feeling I'll spend most of the time explaining the lingo and terminology to her.


            D: ?


              So the top one is a man looking shocked because his wig is blowing off in the wind and the bottom is someone really happy because they're blissfully unaware that they're throat is about to be slit by a knife?


              You're brave. I've been an English-language speaker for a long time, but there's no way in hell I'd be taking a date to a comedy show hosted by an Australian. D: Good luck, sir!

                It should be okay, she is quite interested in Aussie stand up. We have near perfect conversations with only a few words needing explaining here or there, on both fronts. But Carl Baron is on another level of 'you-beaut' Aussie so I'm expecting some confusion. We can always change DVD :)

                And thank you :)

      You will be a who-vian by the end of the next Doctor.

      BUT in saying that, be prepared for two things:
      1) Nothing beats the doctor in a leather jacket. I'm still an Eccleston fan above all.
      2) Lots of dag. So much dag. So much cheese.

      (for what it's worth, you should keep an eye out for Silence in the Library. It's a belter of a two-parter. Also Midnight is another great episode. Dr Who gets really good when it tries for a bit of sci-fi horror.)

        I think so too. I don't mind the cheesiness, its entertaining :)

        I'll mention those eps to my friends and ask to play them. Oh yeh I noticed that! Those Weeping Angels were creepy as hell! Apparently they make more than one appearance too.