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    Good morning all! Happy Monday!

    For those of you who don’t frequent weekend TAY, the Aurealis Awards ceremony was on Saturday night, and I was wigging out about it. The short version is: I didn’t win. I was pretty down about it for a short while, but started feeling pretty good the next day, and now am fine.

    The long version, here on TAY for the first time, is as follows:

    Mrs Shane and I went out to dinner beforehand with my brother and his wife. All four of us headed over to the venue together, and managed to stake out a nice spot in the corner. The pre-event drinks room was not big, and filled up quickly. Soon it was wall-to-wall bodies, all clustered together in their own little groups. There was very little actual mingling.

    Sean Williams was dressed almost exactly like I was. (cc @liondrive)

    After that, it was sit-still-and-face-the-front time. My category was about the fourth or fifth one announced. When they said that it was a tie, I have to admit: my heart soared a little. It boosted my chances of victory from 20% to 40%, and I didn’t feel all that threatened by most of the other finalists in my category.

    Of course, that’s not how it turned out. But that’s okay. It might have been nice to pretend that Peaceful Tomorrows could be second in line for the accolade, but pretending it was third is good enough for this year. The Game will knock their socks off next year. From a purely relativistic perspective, if Peaceful Tomorrows can get nominated, The Game has a very strong chance of taking the award next year.

    One thing that, honestly, irritated me a little was the number of people who won the award, but hadn’t prepared a speech because they “didn’t expect to win”. Maybe that’s meant to sound humble, but to me it smacked of disrespect. Would it really have been so hard to come prepared? All finalists got the same email regarding victory speeches.

    Max Barry won the Best Science Fiction Novel category, which was awesome, but he wasn’t there, and hadn’t even nominated a proxy to accept the award and give a speech. He was the only winner to not even do that much. That was a little disappointing, especially when he said the next day on Twitter that he wished he’d been there, and that he’d wanted to win an Aurealis Award since he was 24. Possibly his publisher handled the award side of things, and Max himself never got the organisers’ emails...?

    On reflection, the thing that disappointed me most about not winning was not actually that I didn’t win (I was already kind of half-expecting it). It was that I didn’t get to give my speech. After listening to all the tedious acceptance speeches, I feel I can say without any pretence or undue ego that mine would have been the best speech of the night. And that’s disappointing.

    You also might not have seen the latest entry in the increasingly embarrassing Dark Souls Musical.

    (to the tune of Elton John's Someone Saved My Life Tonight)
    dedicated to @transientmind, even though he didn’t seem that keen on the dedication

    When I think of that Drangelic Fort, and the sort
    Of nasty monsters in that stone wrought hell
    Used my final effigy, I needed some help
    Going through it with assistance, started really well
    And just one more step, and it happened: LOOK OUT NOW
    Allies started falling
    My friends out there writhing around upon the ground...

    Someone took my life tonight (reddish glow)
    They sunk their sword deep into me (don't you know?)
    They started with a poison cloud
    Pyromancy, a big greatsword
    All that damn lagging made me slow
    You're invincible
    Overpowered, level high
    Free to kill, words to my eye:
    You Died.

    I never realised the passing hours, the poison showers
    Invaders attacking in my darkest dreams
    Slaughtered by the Blood Brotherhood team
    Got no chance, my blood pours out in its violent streams
    It's four o clock in the morning, damn it,
    Been dying for hours
    I'm fighting by myself tonight
    Invasion time, the gods are laughing as once again I die..

    Someone took my life tonight (reddish glow)
    They sunk their sword deep into me (don't you know?)
    They started with a poison cloud
    Pyromancy, a big greatsword
    All that damn lagging made me slow
    You're invincible
    Overpowered, level high
    Free to kill, words to my eye:
    You Died.

    And I would have walked head-on into yet another ambush
    Clinging to these mortal bonds
    As my HP declines forever
    Bells ring in the distance, death knells to take me home
    But then, someone saved my life tonight
    Someone saved my life tonight
    Someone saved my life tonight
    Someone saved my life tonight
    Someone saved my life tonight
    The summon came and killed my foe, I'm not alone

    So someone saved my life tonight (praise the sun!)
    Almost lost humanity (was nearly done)
    You nearly saw me fall again
    Bonfire-bound, the world respawned,
    And hollowed just a little more...
    You're a Sunbro too,
    And Sunbros are all great like you
    Victory, task complete,
    Bye bye

    Wasn’t that fun?

    But THE MOST (least) IMPORTANT NEWS is that my Kickstarter campaign has finally launched. It already has three backers, and has raised 2% of its target \o/ is the short link. But you can also search for it on Kickstarter if you don’t trust my links (and to be honest, after what, five years, I couldn’t blame you for that :P)

    All The King's Men is a science-fiction anthology. It's planned to run a mammoth 300 pages, a combination of short prose stories and black and white comics, all stories loosely linked together by theme and/or setting. I will be contributing one or two pieces to this anthology, and the remainder will be sourced from other writers and artists.

    All proceeds from this Kickstarter campaign will be used to pay those contributors for their work. There will be no working for exposure, no working for royalties that might never materialise; if it’s good enough to get in the book, it’s worth paying for.

    This book, when completed, will be submitted to Zetabella Publishing for consideration, who have offered to me their support and interest in this project already. Ultimately, this means that there will be no need to cover book printing costs, no fancy equipment purchases, no huge drunken parties... all the money is going straight into the pockets of anthology contributors. The more funding the anthology attracts, the bigger their payday.

    This book can still go ahead if it meets its minimal funding goals, but the closer we get to the higher stretch goals, the more I'll be able to pay the artists and authors who make this book happen. They might even get paid what they’re worth, which is a true rarity in the indie market.

    Please, support the book. But more importantly, support the principle which this book represents: a fair deal for authors and artists.

      Backed. Wasn't able to get an enormously high tier as I currently already have a huge stack of cash committed to some board game kickstarters that are about a week or two away from ending :(

      Glad you're feeling better about not winning Shane, I saw your posts on the weekend but didn't have anything meaningful to contribute.

      And thanks for reminding me again that Max Barry has books other than Jennifer Government. I tried going to a bookstore a month ago to find some of them and it seems the only thing Dymock's sell these days are cookbooks and anything that's been adapted to either a movie or an HBO TV series. I'm going to set a calendar reminder for myself to visit bookdepository on payday before my wife discovers Maria Tash has septum piercings she doesn't own yet.

      Awh, I like dedications! Just noting that I'm probably not the go-to PVP guy. (Plenty of success but that's in spit of my lack of skill.)

      Good luck with the Kickstarter, man. I'll put a bid in when I get home. Hopefully a decent run of early backing will act as social proof to convince kickstarter tourists.

      You were in my thoughts on Saturday. Hopefully it was a positive experience for you :)

      Once I get paid next week mate I'll definitely throw some Gil your way. Good luck on this new exciting chapter!

      I thought the most important part was when @liondrive said you were sexy...

      I'm disappointed that you didn't win, I wanted to see video of you exiting pursued by a bear. That was the plan you were going to use, wasn't it?

        Bear? I thought you said bare. I had Mrs Shane shivering off stage, waiting.

          Well that would have been equally memorable. Slightly harder to pass off as a Shakespearean reference though.

          Last edited 07/04/14 11:56 am

      Just put of interest, are the digital copies a pdf, kindle, or ibooks thing, or are they something else?
      Also, if you get them on one platform, can you get them on another?

        That's a good question. I will add it to the FAQs. Thanks!

        I'm probably going to give people the option to choose their preferred format. I can make PDFs very easily, and probably will be able to offer Kindle versions for most/all books.

        I don't have any problem with multi-platform either, if folks want more than one version.

      I jumped on the musical train (again) late one day last week.

      Possibly has been seen, but maybe just omitted due to terribleness. :D

        You need a title before it can become part of the Dark Souls Musical. I need to have a good way to archive these songs, and it won't be ruined by your lack of rubric! :P

        I think it's also recommended that you say what the tune is too, but it's pretty obvious that it's to I Just Can't Wait To Be King. Or maybe it's to the tune of Kookaburra Sits On The Old Gum Tree for all I know.

    Super pain day! Exposed nerve ending in my tooth!! ARRRG! My lovely neighbour gave me some panadeine forte to tide me over til I can get it looked at! What a champ!

      Oh man, that ain't good. Had the same thing in 2012 when one of my wisdom teeth impacted another tooth. Sharp pains all the way up into the brain pan. Not fun. You have my sympathy. :)

        This tooth was already cracked, and had previously been hollowed out by a dentist, but I was eating an ice cream yesterday, that had popping candy and cookie bits in it. I bit down and BAM! Straight up in to the nerve ending! Once I picked it out it eased off a little, but due to the chocolate, it was kinda stuck around the area, and took about 10 mins to melt it all away with warm water, and now it's just a throbbing pain from my jaw, all the way down my neck. Gradually getting better, but sure is taking its time!

          Eeeeeep. It was a Mars Bar that did it for me. I haven't looked at a Mars Bar the same since. XD

          At a party about seven years ago, someone offered me a Fantale chocolate. I happily bit down on it. Except my tooth was fused into it. I grabbed the Fantale and ripped it right out of my mouth. My tooth went with it. The tooth wasn't even loose beforehand. Luckily it was back when I still had a few baby teeth that I needed to get rid of.

      Clove bud applied directly to tooth is a good way to numb it.

        Sledgehammer to toe, another tried and true method :P

      Diiiiicks. I had a broken tooth once, my dentist was able to (relatively cheaply) put in a plaster filling infused with clove oil(?) or something that covered the nerve and soothed it until I could get a proper filling. Technically I need a crown but that's a lot of money and the amalgam is holding up ok for now.

        Yeah I had one of those in there (minus the clove oil), but due to my lack of funds, I haven't been able to afford to get it fixed properly yet. Might need to go get it re-stuffed for now and hope it holds out a little longer.

          Try liquid nails, it used to hold large portions of our old house together, teeth can't be much more difficult

            My dad lost a crown once (he has a habit of forgetting he can't eat refridgerated Mars bars) and stuck it back in with wood glue. I felt bad about this and gave him some money towards some dental work (assuming that since his early retirement he wasn't managing so well financially) and he promptly donated it to charity.

              Mine was a joke, it sounds like he's taking dental tips from Red Dwarf...

                The reputation for British dentistry is not unfounded, it seems.

    Morning errbody, how was everyone's weekend? Me I got a little further to eating infamous aswell as proving how poor my puzzle skills are with Professor Layton Vs Ace Attorney. I also mixed an matches that with shopping and babysitting so all round it was a full weekend.

      eating infamous!? Man, you must be hungry!

        The new discs taste so much better then those old PS2 ones

          That's the blu-ray caramel filling dontcha know.


    Finally got past the silly poison boss once I made the arena not poisonous. Duhhhh.

    Edit: In other news, still playing too much Pokémon.

    Last edited 07/04/14 8:36 am

      I feel that I should get back into pokemon and finish it. Playing Y, got 3 badges so far. I must say I was enjoying it but then titanfall came and other games and just don't have time with work and stuff.

        I just got X last week, i've got three badges so far. Trying to catch HEAPS of pokemon as i go. Plus there is extra incentive since pokemon now gain experience from battles ending in captures. 145 pokemon seen, 72 pokemon obtained so far. It's insane how big the local Pokedex in this game is. D:

      I totally almost missed that poison-clearing. I was playing offline, so there was no cluster of messages on the ground to point it out. I knew there had to be SOMETHING to do on that ledge, which was driving me nuts, but I didn't know what until I checked the wiki.

        I figured that if I could solo the giant spider boss, I was probably doing something wrong with this one, so spent ages exploring the whole area. Only really got the idea because the missus was watching Demon's Souls LP videos and had just gone past the boss that keeps resurrecting if you don't kill a certain enemy in the level first. Thus: duhhhh, I should have thought of it a week ago

    Had the most epic sleep last night. 12 hours of unbroken sleep from 7 pm to 7 am. I really, really needed that.

      good sleep is good!! wish I could manage that kind of sleep again! doesn't matter what time I go to bed these days, I always wake up at 5:45am, or 6:10am. Without fail.

        Yeah, I usually can't sleep that great at the best of times either. This was a rare, but welcomed occurrence. (That I suspect was necessary after Saturday night shenanigans. XD)

          So wish I had've made that. I was so hype for that, then 4pm my body just shut down, and I fell asleep til 11pm :( I feel so terrible for letting down Bri and Freeze :|

          I even had money set aside to contribute to the gift, and re-gassed my special zippo that Freeze gave me just for the occasion! Damn my shitty #oldmanwelbotness

            You missed out, man. You missed out. Crazy fun. Also Sughly, Dan and I were equals in drunkenness. XD

              hahah i expected as much! glad fun was had by all at least!

      My mattress in china is made of stone. I'm slowly getting used to it. But my bed in Hong Kong was the best thing ever.

        Are you in Markarth, Skyrim? Those stone beds protect against the dragons, you know.

    So now that this nasty day light savings business is behind us, lets never do it again!

    Time travelling shouldn't be something to meddle with!

      I think it's not such a bad thing, but only if we all do it, not everyone but us. Fucking farmers and housewives... screw your milking schedule and faded drapes!

        I agree, it should be all or nothing. Either all states / territories do it, or none of them do. I have nothing against the principle of changing time forward/back but when you go from 3 timezones in the country to 5 depending on what time of year it is? Nope. Not cool.

        Well you see, if Queensland WAS to adopt it, it makes no sense the further you are to the equator where day & night are more or less equal all year round. So FNQ, DST is pointless for them, likewise NT. Down south where in Summer the sun wishes to rise at 4:15am (AEST) it makes sense to have DST where then it puts sunrise an hour later at 5:15am (AEDT)

        So yeah, it's not worth splitting Queensland into two timezones so they can potentially reap the advantages of DST, that the southern states do. Also the sunsetting at 9pm in Victoria in the height of summer is really weird to witness, since i'm used to it being dark by 8pm in the height of summer :P

        Also the stupid fucking local state member believes Tweed needs to be 30 minutes behind NSW in summer & ahead of QLD by 30 minutes during DST so no one gets upset or confused, yeah... Cause changing timezones when you get to Chinderah or Murwillumbah makes total sense UGH. Before they thought Tweed needed not partake in DST. Bloody National Party I tell ya, pack of fucking morons.

      I'm just glad we all avoided killing our own grandfathers (why do grandmothers never get a look in? Sounds sexist)

      @sughly can finally not get annoyed at me for live-tweeting If You Are The One an hour early on Sunday night!

      Though that doesn't help the other 99% of people who are probably annoyed by it anyway :P

        I enjoy your enthusiasm for the show and I get a kick out of SBS retweeting your ramblings.

          I really like it when the channels/showpeople join in on the live-tweeting. Makes it a lot more fun. (also a totally enviable job to have :P)

        Hahaha, that guy shouldnt have taken 14! That was terrible! SO awkward, my gosh

          :O, I watch all those terrible sbs 2 shows on Sundays,

            I think by terrible you mean amazing. Vs Arashi! Ninja Warrior. Sbs 2 knows where its at

      Saving, bro, saving. Savings would imply it is being stored to be used at a later point.

    Ugh, My brother keeps waking me up because he has a stupid sleep schedule.
    He went to bed about midnight, after leaving the kitchen light on. I ended up getting up to turn it off. Then he woke me up about 6:30am. As someone who is used to 8-10 hours sleep, it sucks.

      Punch him in the face. Sleep will soon come to him.

      Is it because work? because if it is i bet he hates it more than you do.

      ALSO 8-10 hours of sleep
      i hate you i get 4-6 most nights

        My job is looking after my mother. it doesn't technically start until she wakes up =P

    Hai. Weekend was alright, but gf left me for a couple of days. :'(

    Played some games:
    - Ratched & Clank Tools of Destruction: super-fun, and I'm finally getting through the whole PS3 Ratchet collection.
    - SSX: yeeeee.
    - Infamous 3: finished good story line.
    - Earth Defence Force 2025: played with friend in co-op. LOL. Uh, it's a Japanese game about giant ants/spiders/insects and other alien lifeforms invading the city. You can choose four army-style characters to defend with, so of course I chose the chick with massive guns and jetpack and my friend chose the tank with two guns on each arm - both painted pink.

    So yeah, this game. Lol. I'm flying around blasting ants off buildings with plasma cannons which then launches them 1km across the map, friend is on the ground pummelling stuff with rail guns. So much fun, so much wtf, and we weren't even drinking. :D

    Last edited 07/04/14 9:17 am

      Interesting you call it Infamous 3. I don't think it is. It's half the size of the other games and a quarter as long. Plus they called it Second Son and avoided any mention of 3. My theory is that it was a side story and (spoilers for 2's ending) the lightning bolt at the end of 2 revived Cole and he'll be back for the proper sequel. It's coming I'd say. Ground Zero's and Phantom Pain kind of situation.

        As much as I love the inFamous series, I'm just about ready for Sucker Punch to do something new. Same goes for Naughty Dog and Uncharted. (Something I feel more than ever after The Last of Us.) Can't imagine how tough it must be to work with the same characters for years and years and years.

          What if uncharted is what lead into Last Of Us?

            They are set in the same universe!

            (Check out the newspaper headline the bar at the start of Uncharted 3. Pretty sure Nate's a clicker now.)

              How cool would it be to have an obscure easter egg of a sully clicker? Instead of actually making the creepy clicky noise, he just shuffles about saying 'goddamn' a lot

        I agree that it's not a continuation of the original two games, and all your points! I haven't played 2, so didn't know the spoiler. Also Second Son doesn't give much to go on to make a sequel .... but I haven't finished #1 so I can't say how that one ended. :P

        In any case, I regularly just list the number-entry of games so I don't have to type out the 'second son' other characters. :P

        I WISH I could believe that were true. For my money, I think they just didn't have the time/money. Won't be surprised to see a large expansion/sequel using exactly the same engine and most of the same assets, though.

          My money's on Second Son was made quickly using the engine they developed for 3 while they keep working on it. That solves the time situation and with Sucker Punch being a Sony first party darling I don't think money is a huge issue.

            That makes more sense to me, and - if true - is VERY EXCITING.

            And with the time/money thing, my line of thinking was: it was probably cut short and the loose ends tied off well before what they'd originally envisioned because what they ideally wanted would've been to be a very-close-to-if-not-actual launch title. It is, however, a gut suspicion without having played the game, and my brain is not working at the moment. So, there's that.

        Nah, I doubt it.

        Delsin makes more sense as a character going forward. He can have literally any power they can think of whereas with Cole, you're stuck with electricity (mostly).

        Plus they've switched gears in tone and story and most of all powers. Cole would feel out of place. He might come back as a side character but the "Cole's Legacy" made it seem like his story is done.

        Last edited 07/04/14 10:06 am

          I'd love an opportunity for a new protagonist, though. Gotta admit, it's a knee-jerk reaction probably to the mismatch of voice to character, and everything I've seen of him as being kind of a dick, but I'm kinda reluctant to play Delsin. Female protagonist time, yes please?

            Has there ever been a true open-world game with a female protagonist? I can't think of any good examples.

              It's kind of a young genre, relatively-speaking. The first 'open world' games were probably the JRPGs, what with your air-ship, or maybe Ultima 4 onward. But if you think of it as GTA-clone open world, then yeah... not really. Last ten years or so, rather than 20-30yrs.

              What've we got in that category? Prototype 1 & 2, Infamous 1, 2 & other, Red Dead Redemption, sort-of LA Noire, GTA 3, 4, 5 incl multiple new protagonists within expansions.
              OHO WE HAVE A WINNER: SAINTS ROW. But it's a 'player chooses' character, not a designated female with her own specific story.

              There's a sort of open-world vibe to the new Tomb Raider which obviously has the legendary Ms Croft, but not quite the same.

                One thing I'll say for Saints Row, they put effort into the character choice. When I saw there was a male/female option in 3 I expected a Claude-style silent protagonist who went places, got told to do stuff and never reacted to anything. Instead full voice acting and not only that, really good voice acting.

                One of the really disappointing things about GTA5 was the lack of a female character, Franklin could have been swapped out so easily for someone who didn't feel like CJ-Lite and could have given an interesting perspective on the macho mindset so omnipresent in the game. Hell, even having a female character could have improved Michael's troubled marriage story arc

                  I normally play female characters when given the option and I'm usually well-rewarded for that choice, but man... the voice-acting in SR3 for the male1 in particular was just so good. But it was all good, really. They just... nailed it. I don't know if that's higher-quality VA talent, or more competent direction.

                You missed:
                - The Saboteur
                - Bully
                - Crackdown 1 & 2
                - Batman: Arkham City, Arkham Origins
                - GTA and GTA2 (GTA3 just took it to 3D, the other two games were still open-world sandboxes)
                - The Elder Scrolls 1-5
                - Shittons of old WRPGs

                But yeah, no female protagonist anywhere there. Games where you can choose don't count IMO, they usually have no bearing on the game outside of aesthetics. Personally I would love to see Rockstar revisit Bully, but with a girl instead of a guy as the lead. It'd be really unique. But I don't think that Rockstar has the chops to write a good female character at all, let alone as a protagonist.

            Even on the good play-through he's a dick. But it's to be expected, he's a juvenile delinquent (aged 22 or so?). Maybe he was picked so all those angsty teens have someone to relate to. :P

              Yeah, I was an aggressive asshole around that age, too. Possibly part of why it's so jarring to me. :P

          Didn't Cole die at the end of 2?

            Yeah, but remember his funeral-pyre-boat got struck by lightning, too. So. FORESHADOWING!

        Infamous 2 spoilers
        I hope they don't revive Cole, it would make the ending have so much less of an impact, I liked the whole ultimate sacrifice angle. Would really hate for them to milk the character to the point of the games getting crappy ala God of War (Ascention was just a waste of time/ money)

        We going all Hideo and having two concurrently running stories of conduits in seperate states? Because that could leave doors open for a cool co-op down the line

      EDF wow. I played that at the first meat I ever went to. I think it was insect Armageddon.

        No way man, it was EDF 2017, a.k.a. the good one. Insect Armageddon was a shitty one developed outside Japan by a team that completely didn't get it.

    Any one else crazy excited that Amy Hennig is working on Star Wars at Visceral Games now? I really loved Dead Space and can't wait to see Amy's influence on the studio!

      I haven't played the Dead Space games but have heard that two was pretty meh and three was trash. I personally would love a game where you play as a smuggler and have little to do with Jedi and Sith, or a KotoR 3. =P

        Oh man, I would love to play that game too. The Mass Effect equivalent as well. :D

        Dead Space was almost an action version of System Shock 2. Really strong atmosphere and cool interconnected ship design. The second dropped the atmosphere for pure action that I don't think served the game all too well at all.

          Man, Dead Space cribbed so much from System Shock 2 it wasn't funny. Moving between hydroponics to the recreation level... I was getting serious cases of deja-vu.

          I still haven't played 2. I own it on the 360, I just never got around to it.
          Terrible, terrible PC port for the original... scarring experience.

            Yeah, even that scene in Dead Space with another ship 'piggy backing'... VERY familiar. XD Rumour has it it started life as System Shock 3.

            Last edited 07/04/14 10:40 am

            The port for DS1 was pretty bad control wise but as long as you play with a controller it's better than the console since you can crank up the pretty.

            2 is worth playing, it's nothing like the brainless shooter that the negative hype claimed it was but it did definitely reduce the survival aspect unless you were playing on hard. Much the same can be said for 3 really, that's a hell of a lot of fun, particularly in coop but there's no denying that resources are less scarce.

            What games of that type need is to learn from the new Thief & have challenge modes so you can have stuff like more limited supplies or things take more resources to make. You'd be able to make it as survival horrory as you like

              I played Dead Space 1 with a Mouse + Keyboard, and I thought it controlled fine. The mere idea of playing Dead Space with a controller seems horrible. How can I precision aim that Necromorph's left bollocks if I don't have a mouse?

      I never finished Dead Space and never got around to the sequels, but I really liked it. Fantastic atmosphere and amazing sound design. It felt like they'd taken Resident Evil 4 and iterated on everything that made that game work well, improving it immensely in the process. To the point that it played far better than RE5. Some amazing set pieces in it too (and some terrible ones like the asteroid shooting mini-game, fuck that shit). Also it channeled some amazing SF horror films like Event Horizon and Alien.

      Also really loved the way they handled space. The way everything went dead silent when you were in vacuum, with the only sounds being those that came through the ground to you when you were standing and stuff.

      But Amy Hennig isn't going there to work on Dead Space. She's going there to work on Star Wars! That's really important because with the upcoming sequel trilogy, Lucasfilm and Disney are going to sweep the rug of all the Star Wars Expanded Universe, picking the parts they want to keep and throwing away everything else in order that the new films can be made without needing to pay attention to canon created by glorified fanfiction authors with no oversight.

      Additionally Disney has expressed the intention that Star Wars becomes a big movie setting along the lines of what they've been doing with the Marvel Cinematic Universe, which will mean that we'll see lots of more focused movies leading up to larger events, like the Thor/Captain America/Iron Man etc leading to Avengers that they've been doing. EA are *the* Star Wars games people now, so Hennig being over there probably means we'll see her heading up projects to make canon pieces to flesh out the new Expanded Universe 2.0 that fleshes out the bones of the new Star Wars film universe.

      Imagine getting a game with the plot significance of The Force Unleashed (which showed the tail end of the Jedi Order and the formation of the Rebel Alliance) delivered with the performance capture and competent gameplay of Uncharted. It's basically what Star Wars 1313 was looking like before Lucasarts was shitcanned and the game was thrown to the wind. Excitebike.

        Oh man, that asteroid shooting mini-game... SO fuck that shit.

        I watched my then-roommate playing that section on the 360. (We liked to hang out and watch each other play.) He struggled so hard with that. I think it actually took him something like almost 30 attempts. We were counting them by that point. Sharing the thrill of almost-success, the groans of failure. Intense when he finally beat it.

        Later on, when it came time to do my run-through, I was also having trouble with it, too. We had kinda counted on that, obviously. We were getting started on my third attempt when the roomie had to go to work. He laughed, commisserated with me, and headed out. At pretty much that point, I beat the minigame. The OTHER roomie was sitting there watching and I turned to her and said, "Oh Jesus. Do NOT tell Scott it only took me three attempts. That's just not fair, it would be a huge blow to his ego. If he asks, it took me like... twenty-something."

        So what does she do? Jumps to her feet and goes charging outside to try and catch him as he's getting in the car, yelling out to him exactly what I said not to. She came back in with a deranged grin, saying gleefully, "He made this face!" Then mimicked it. Basically, :C - the saddest of (western) emoticons. While I just looked at her in horror. What is WRONG with you, woman?

    My weekend:
    I didn't get to go to Freeze's birthday thing.
    I didn't even get to go see Monster Magnet which had been my consolation prize.
    I can't defeat Dark Souls 2 bosses because I am terrible at games.
    I stayed up way too late Saturday night, watching 7 episodes of Attack On Titan after Mr. Strange went to bed.
    I finished the top layer of my Gloryhammer quilt.
    I read 140-ish pages of Metro 7.
    I made epic fajitas with fresh corn and tomato salsa for dinner last night.

    On balance, good but not great as planned.

    Today is awesome though:
    Today is the first day of the school holidays, so I don't have to walk anywhere!
    I was cold enough to snuggle into my blankets when I woke up this morning. :D
    I'm going to (attempt to :P) draw a Hammer Of Glory for the quilt.
    I'm going to finish off Attack On Titan.
    I'm going to attempt to finish off Metro 7. MUST SEE WHAT HAPPENS NEXT!
    I'm potentially going to the new Game Of Thrones episode at the movies.

    Let's see how much of today goes according to plan. :P

      You got a text message from your good pal, DC. Today must already be amazing! :D

      Missed you at Freeze's thing. :'(

      Last edited 07/04/14 9:34 am

      I didn't even know Freeze's birthday thing was on last weekend. =P

      Last edited 07/04/14 10:14 am

        Ooooh, for real? It was tough, man. Being a surprise we couldn't talk about it openly. :S

          I have a feeling my name got overlooked. XD

          Oh well, always next year!

            Man, we were even talking about your enthusiasm for meats when we were out to lunch on Friday. I totally thought you were going along.

              Yeah, sorry for not showing up on Friday, was all good to go then my sister called and asked me to drop her to work and pick her up. I was really bummed, was super keen for a meat.

            I wasn't overlooked but don't have anyone's details outside of TAY and cause I didn't want to spoil anything by asking here I decided to simply exclude myself

              Send me an e-mail at dp[hypen]clarke[at]outlook[dot]com and I'll give you my mobile number!

              You haven't done this yet! >:|

              >:| >:| >:|

      Don't give up on Dark Souls, I had a friend who hit a road block and rather than drive herself mad by playing hours on hours of failed attempt she committed to an hour a day. She researched the fight got the right gear and stats and practiced the moves she needed to win on weaker mobs. The story and and emotions you unlock in the 'Souls' series are so worth it. Sorry for the unrequested advice :)

        Don't be sorry, speak up more! :)
        And I completely understand what you're saying. I'm a Souls fan already, even have the Maiden In Black tattooed on my arm. I'm just finding Dark Souls 2 to be a lot less fair than the previous games. I've progressed a bit more since the weekend though, so I'm still in it.

    Hola Tay

    I had a busy weekend- played BOARD GAMES all Saturday for International Tabletop Day (New games: Dominion, which I quite liked, Small World, which I'll definitely play again, and Forbidden Des(s)ert, which was OK, I guess but didn't float my skyship). On Sunday I went and saw the new Captain America, which I quite enjoyed- I thought the Falcon was one of the best parts. Then I went to the pub with friends for tea.

    A Monday Morning Question: Which superhero needs their own film?


      The Phantom. He had a terrible film made in 1996 that didn't do him justice. I think a decent Phantom movie is long overdue.

        As long as they don't make the Phantom gritty. He's not a gritty/grimdark figure

          I think that part of the problem with the first movie is that they tried to make it too dark. Mind you, the movie could have been worse ... According to IMDB, Joel Schumacher was attached to direct, Dolph Lundgren was to star as the Phantom, and *shudder* Jenny McCarthy was to star as Sala. Erk.

            it tried to be dark but also a 30s adventure serial. They needed to pick one.

        I liked the 1996 movie and the Phantom is the only comic book I liked as a kid (probably part of the reason my favourite colour is purple even though it doesn't make a lick of sense as jungle camoflague) but I do think there is waaay more that can be done with the character than have him have a goofy action spectacle in NYC. I mean, wouldn't it make more sense to have something threatening the jungle he mostly resides in? Play up the Ghost Who Walks angle a bit more?

        Last edited 07/04/14 9:59 am

          I don't mind him being in an urban/jungle setting, but set it in Bangalla and film it in South Africa or somewhere like that.

          The Phantom is really a stealth character too, he often wins through intimidation tactics, so him using the usual tactics of pulling fuses and leaving skull marks would be pretty damn cool.

          I would love to see a decent origin story of the Phantom. It would have to be a period piece, but I think it could work. I would possibly go for unknown actors to be cast in the roles and frame it as the Phantom telling Kit and Heloise the story of the first Phantom.

            They've done plenty of origin comics so a whole movie wouldn't go astray. I would watch that if it was treated with proper care and respect .


            Last edited 07/04/14 11:20 pm

              I. Uhh...

              Anti-hotlink image?

                Works for me.

                Try this one:

                  @gooky Uhhh, I have no idea what's going on there then. Every time I've clicked it it's been fine!

              What. In. The. Name. Of. Arceus.


                Man I remember the first time I was shown Tubgirl. Must've been 2003, or 04. Turned my life upside-down.

                  Tubgirl? I'm pretty sure what I saw was something very different. See below. I get the feeling what I saw was more traumatising.

              Is there a story behind that image? Or do you have a hyper-specific fetish about dead chickens taking a shit on what appears to be a condom? I'm working purely from memory here.

                I have no idea what that was. it was meant to be this, which is a very different thing:

                I think @mrtaco was right and it had an anti-hotlink thing on it.

      , in that case don't go searching for tubgirl >_>

      Which Ms Marvel?

        At this point? Either. But Carol Danvers is a better fit for the current movie universe.

        The first two issues of Kamala Khan Ms Marvel are awesome, though, and everyone should read them

          I didn't really like them. None of the characters really interested me and some of the dialogue felt a bit lame. I also dislike the artstyle.

          I've heard they're possibly planning to do a Carol Danvers Captain Marvel movie. For phase 3 of the MCU I think it was. I really hope they do; the lack of solo female cape movies sucks.

            Perhaps slight captain america spoilerI was super surprised that Danvers wasn't on the Project Insight target list, though I enjoyed the Stephen Strange name drop

            Now that you mention it, it really does suck... What've we got? Catwoman? Elektra?
            I really can't think of any more.

              There was an old supergirl movie.

              I hope that Captain Marvel makes it into Phase 3 (she's one of my favourites) but the only two confirmed so far are Ant Man and assorted sequels. Would put safe money on Doctor Strange getting a guernsey though.

              Captain America: TWS is very Black-Widow centric, it's almost a double act, but it's still billed as a Cap movie.

                She started strong, but ended up in sidekick status pretty early. :/

                  Eh, I think she still had a reasonable degree of agency, she was just following cap's lead. Other than

                  Zola's Bunker

                  I never felt she was damselled or anything other than an equal player.

      I think a Deadpool movie will simutaneously be the best and worst idea ever. But it's certainly the first thing that comes to mind.

      Speaking of which, I wouldnt mind getting into Marvel comics. I've got your classicBatman graphic novels such as Dark Knight Returns. I just find breaking into the Marvel scene is a little difficulft.

        With Marvel, best bet is to jump on a single book and go from there- I'd recommend the 2005 New Avengers as a good start point, it has heaps of good characters like Luke Cage, Spiderman, Doctor Strange and Wolverine from pretty much the start.

          What do you think about the Civil War event as a way for @youramishdaddy to jump in? I found a collection that compiled it online, and it seemed pretty cool. I have no idea if they've done a compilation like a series of trade paperbacks or something, given that the event crossed a number of different comics, some of which were only one-shot influences.

          Even if it's not entirely cool to sail the seven digital seas for comics-land, it seems to me like it'd serve as a useful reference point for showing how all the different parts fit together and which specific series are worth investigating/buying on their own.

            Civil War is a bit of a mess as a storyline though- too many moving parts, too many authors on board.

            I'd go one series first.

              I was doing some research and I was thinking of getting into the Deadpool and Cable series as a starter. Maybe start with something abit comical first.

              I've heard good things about the New Avegners so I wouldn't mind looking at that. Also, the upcoming film, i think it's Gaurdians of the Galaxy (Universe?), has captured my interest. So yeah, I guess i might try some of yhe more quirky comics before getting into the heavy duty marvel stuff.

              Oh also I'll most likely buy these things in volumes. Easier to sit up in the bookshelves :)

                Cable and Deadpool is a good series.

                Guardians of the Galaxy, get into the latest run by Bendis- you want the Marvel NOW! books, so the collected volume titles are Cosmic Avengers and Angela, which brings Angela from Spawn into the Marvel Universe (long story)

        My advice to you: run. Run, and never look back.

        That said, Joss Whedon's Astonishing X-Men is reasonably newbie-friendly. It was my first Marvel comic. It taps into a lot of the historical storylines, but in a way that kind of provides sufficient exposition. And they're okay fun to read, and the art is really purdy.

        Doesn't really feed into anything though, so it's not a gateway book afaik.

        Last edited 07/04/14 11:47 am

          Pfft. Run? Run, and take a running jump! HEADFIRST INTO THE CANON!
          Marvel universe poops all over DC. :)

            I never said I was recommending DC over Marvel.

            I stand by my recommendation to run :P

            Last edited 07/04/14 12:29 pm

              Run forward! CHARGE!

                Really appreciate the help guys. I'll go into Minotaur (for those in Melbourne) and realize that it will be much cheaper to pick them up on amazon or book depository haha

        I've read quite a few of Ultimate Spiderman, and the first comic of Ultimate X-Men. Pretty good, I must say.

      Section 8 needs to have a movie made about them. Greatest superhero team there is.

      Not sure if it fits under super hero but I would like to see a sandman movie.
      As for traditional superheros I want a Colossus movie, still my favourite X-man.

      John Turturro from Sector 7; Transformers. I'd rather watch him in a spin off film than the new Age of Extinction. Though he's not really a superhero, I was reminded of him when Freeze mentioned Section 8.

      Last edited 07/04/14 10:32 am

      Gambit with the love affair of Rogue. Not the pansy Rogue. The imma punch a hole in you then fly away Rogue.

        She only got those powers from Ms Marvel though.

        See, we need a Captain Marvel film!

    Holy shit. Just so we're clear, the recommended specs of Watch_Dogs list the i7 variant which is 8-logical-cores. The i5 variant with quad-core is normally plenty for gaming.

    The fact that a HD 7850 is listed too, makes me wtf into orbit.

    Basically, this is saying that you need 3.5 GHz * 8 (= 28) to play it, when PS4/Xbone run <2GHz with a maximum of 6 cores available to games (< 12 Ghz total). And yet, the recommended GPU is the same as next-gen consoles.

    Either Watch_Dogs is doing some fancy as fuck cloud computing in the background, or the master-race is getting fucked over yet again. My gut feeling is they are gonna get fucked on the visuals anyway.

      I really hope it's not a poorly made port. =(

        We can hope, but I think we have to assume the worst. The delays, the reduction in visual quality.. this ... :\

      It doesn't quite mean you need 28GHz to play it! That just wouldn't be physically possible for a home computer at this stage! i7's currently only have a max of 4-6 physical cores, and the rest are virtual via hyperthreading. 28GHz running through your pc would likely melt your system ;)

        I know, it was just some dodgy maths. :P But the point still is: they recommend a 3.5GHz+ octa-core AMD, when the consoles have a 1.8GHz octa-core that has 6 cores available to games max. That's concerning.

          I dunno, did you see that article with the side-by-side differences between xbone and PC? Seemed like that could be a 1.7GHz difference, to me.

            No, which article? CPU architecture is almost the same, the only tangible overhead is the OS.

              I've been out of the hardware game for many years now, but back in the day, your bottlenecks always came down to GPU, RAM, or CPU - and any one of them could be the factor, but you did have to sometimes run some diagnostics tools to see which element was holding you back because the weigthing wasn't always just GPU (though that seems to be the most common at the moment).

              Anyway. Re: watch Dogs - The article I'm thinking of was off-site. I think Freeze linked it on TAY a month back or so. But Kotaku leads on from it, here:
              There were some pretty stark images comparing/contrasting from somewhere deep within the link-web before that article.

              The point was, the stuff they're showing in 2014 isn't a patch on what they were showing in 2012. Which means their planned graphics got reality-checked pretty damn hard by the new next-gen console specs. But that shit should all still be there, which is possibly what the PC's going to get. If they're doing something funny to put more into the CPU to leave the GPU free to crunch other things, that wouldn't surprise me.

                Yeah but 7850 is pretty much the GPU inside next-gen. So if the graphics hard to be scaled back for consoles, there's no way in hell that PC would be able to run the same quality with the same hardware. Then, the massive recommended CPU spec is even weirder, because there's no way to force graphics stuff to run on CPU to offload from GPU, apart from perhaps one semi-related thing. So, here's my thoughts:
                - That high CPU is not required for sim or RTS games, let alone a probably-GPU-bound open-world 3rd person game.
                - It is possible that the physics engine resides on the CPU and cannot be turned off (e.g. no NVIDIA physX). This is bad.
                - Next-gen consoles run CPU-intensive code for AI etc in the cloud. This means the game needs to be always-connected, which is bad. And it's probably unlikely, since MS's Azure servers could do the same thing for PC people ..
                - The graphics are almost certainly going to be sub-par due to specs.
                - Or, someone at Ubi royally fucked up the spec estimates. They just make no sense at all, even without next-gen consoles on the scene.

      Trying to compare based solely on Hz would be like comparing an Abrams with a Volkswagen Rabbit, and concluding that the Rabbit has the more powerful engine since it has a higher top speed.

        I know this - bad GHz math added so other non-tech people can have a basic idea of what is going on.

        The thing is, the GHz can't just be thrown out of the window, because next-gen and PC architectures are so damn similar. Also the fact that an i7 is being recommended for a 3rd person open-worlder with a paltry 7850 can't be glossed over - we're gonna get screwed.

      It's strange, they list i7 3770 as 8 cores, but it is a 4-core processor. Intel haven't had an 8-core processor in the Core line, ever. Highest the Extreme ones go is 6. That's stuff you find in their Xeon family. The upcoming Haswell-based i7 5960X will have 8 cores and it'll be the first consumer-oriented 8-core processor from Intel.

        Yeah, they count logical cores I guess. But they specify the i7, not the non-HT i5 variants... WHICH WTF. Since when was a game optimised for minimum 4 cores and ideally 8.

        Mind is blown at the absurdity of these specs..

      So glad I pre ordered this for PS4, I don't like the idea of my PC being minimum specs to run it, since every game i've thrown at is apart from GTA IV runs fine on ultra settings including Far Cry 3 which was supposedly a shitty port :/

    Favourite gameplay mechanic that a game introduced that no one else copied even though they should've?

    I would say the 3D interface in The Pandora Directive. Having that sense of 3D space in a point-and-click adventure really gave a sense of immersion. Gabriel Knight 3 perfected this more seamlessly combining how a 2D point and click played with a 3D world, but no one else has really followed since. (Though Tex Murphy: Tesla Effect is out in two weeks. Can't wait to see that!)

    Also hearing the characters thoughts in Heavy Rain was pretty incredible. Kind of breached that divide from a movie to a book. (Being able to hear a characters internal monologue and all that.)

      I wish they kept hearing character thoughts for Beyond. I missed it.

      I thought of two and then realised they were both from the same people.

      Too Human's combat control. Attacking with the sticks instead of a button was really intuitive.

      Eternal Darkness' sanity meter. That was an awesome idea.

        Oooh, Fahrenheit had a stress meter too. It wasn't as well implemented as it could have been, but it was definitely a cool feature. Carla was scared in enclosed spaces and you would have to regulate her breathing and 'calm' in that scene. Was pretty great. Did the sanity meter play any thing like that?

          Not exactly. As you ran out of Sanity, weird things would start happening. Enemies that disappeared. Writing on walls. Even a troll that said your gamesave file was corrupted.

            Ooooh, that sounds amazing! :D

            I remember Silent Hill: Shattered Memories had a similar thing. Scenes would change depending on how you played the game. If you spent too long looking at women's cleavage for example the monster design would become more disturbingly sexualized, etc. Was really cool that the game was 'monitoring' your behavior.

            Don't Starve has something kind of similar (not as in-depth as that though)

            You had a sanity meter and if it started going down, shadows / phantoms of monsters would start appearing just on the side of the screen and you could start to see monsters eyes watching you from darkness.

            Last edited 07/04/14 10:33 am

      I can't remember the game, but it was a JRPG on the PS1.
      When you equipped something, it turned up on your character.
      Not just the sword, not just a shield, not just a change in armour.
      Every single thing you could pick up and whack on a character - from earrings to lockets to shoes - would have an equivalent model in the game and would show up on your character.

      Sure, MMO's have kind of done this (with a fair amount of palette swapping) but for a single player RPG it was amazing. Even the ES series didn't show you wearing necklaces/earrings/rings unless you were looking at your character sheet.

        MMOs don't usually go to the detail of rings and earrings though. I remember being quite surprised when FFXIV 2.0 did it.

        Trying to think what your PS1 JRPG could have been though. Weapons & armor changing appearance of the character isn't that common even in modern stuff, but it would have to have been a pretty advanced game to do it. Any other clues what it might have been?

          Three characters only - you didn't get to change them - a brawler, defensive guy and a female magic caster.

          ...I'm keeping on hunting now to remember via screenshots etc.

            Wait, it wasn't Wild Arms was it? IIRC the original Wild Arms only had 3 playable characters.

              I don't think wasn't wild west, it was fantasy.
              Wild Arms was awesome though.

              LEGEND OF LEGAIA!!!!

              Knew I would find it in the end!

                Oh wow, I haven't even thought of that game for about 15 years. Takes me back. I never had a copy personally but a friend of mine had it so I remember seeing bits of it.

      Dual-wielding from Halo 2. Actually, I think everyone copies that now. However when I first experienced it back then, it felt sooo good using the shoulder triggers.

        Dual Wielding was a Marathon feature they intended to do but ran out of time to include in the first Halo, just like the Flamethrower. Just about everything in Halo aside from the vehicles, Bungie prototyped in Marathon. Even down to a lot of the level design. There's several levels in Halo 1 & 2 and that extra map pack they did which are direct ports of Marathon levels.

          Oh wow, I had no idea Bungie went that far back! Something to look into. At the same time, definitely just goes to show that everything good has been done before, already.

            Bungie go back ages. I played my first Bungie game in about 1993 when our family got a new Macintosh that had a CD drive and I got a CD with '500 games' on it. Including Bungie's Operation Desert Storm and Pathways Into Darkness.

            Pathways was a rad game. You were infiltrating a lost Mayan temple in the Yucatan in order to prevent the awakening of a Cthulhu-esque 'Dreaming God' and the temple was full of crazy horrors. Along the way you pick up magical crystals that give you various powers, including the ability to converse with the dead. Several groups had tried to uncover the secrets of the temple before you so there was dead Nazis and stuff all over the place and it had a conversation system and things.

            I reckon you could make an amazing game out of Pathways if it was remade in a modern style.

      Donkey Kong Jungle Beat's "control a 2D platformer with a pair of bongos" mechanic.

        Haha! So damn obscure, but so damn awesome. :D

          I really need to get around to breaking out Odama. Even though voice controls are goofy and I never want to use them because there's always people around (and even when they aren't...) but it's just too weird to not want to check out :P

        I had a great time with Jungle Beat, those boss fights were awesome cause you'd punch as fast as you could bongo and I got me some mad bongo skills, I still own that (also own Donkey Konga, which was significantly less fun :P) , still though I have 2 bongos, I wish that racing game they made supported them like it was originally supposed to.

          Me too! I think that both Super Paper Mario and DK Barrel Blast Jet Race were both worse off for being pushed over to the Wii. Especially Jet Race. I've got three sets of bongos thanks to an imported Donkey Konga 2 (I loved the first one :P), really wish Barrel Blast existed so that I could have a full set of four.

            oh man, could you imagine 4 people frantically banging away on those things competing, would make for some amazingly entertaining nights I'd imagine.

              Man that's a great post to read with no context whatsoever :P