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(This morning it's the end of an era. We have retired the old Talk Amongst Yourselves pic. Hope you like the new one!)




      I actually like it. Mark mentioned retooling aspects of the site a while back. As someone who cut his teeth on Monkey Island, I think that screenshot was well over due for retirement. :D

        Hey hey, new logo! I like, I like! :D

        Can't wait for the lunchtime game.

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        I thought it should have rotated with different insults at least

          I was thinking the same but I like this new picture, it's more eye catching and more easily recognisable than the last one

      I actually like the new picture

      I think the backdrop should change colour every week like the title card from the HBO show Girls. I always like that. :D

        Does mark have the MS paint skills to make it work but



      Nerf Nidalee pls

        Pls remove Yi. Rito pls nerf Zed. Pls giv OCE Tribunal. pls brng bak Yi. Plixxy Plox?

        Rock is totally OP and should be nerfed ASAP. Paper is fine. Regards, Scissors.

    Look behind you a three headed monkey!

    Last night adventure game developer Jane Jensen responded to a tweet I was quite proud of. Haha!

    I might've swooned, man. I might've swooned.

      Look @sughly! Jane Jensen responded! Maybe you'll understand what this means to me? XD

        Jane Jensen wants your free time?
        Obvious flirt.

          Yeah, finally that e-mail I wrote when I was sixteen resonated with her. :P

      You've officially been bumped up to a D-list Internet celebrity.

    Is it just me or is that quite an aggressive shade of reddish-pinkish-whateverish...?

      Magenta, the manliest pink of all (and not hot pink like others would lead you to believe.)

      It's the same colour as the logos and the links.

        Yeah, I can see it matched the buttons / notification numbers but I never made the connection to the logo colour. Just goes to show how the concentration of a colour (more or less of) makes a difference to perceptions of it.

        Its odd, the logo looks darker but drag it over and yeah its the same. I blame wizards!

          It's like this:

          A and B are the same color. :)

            Whaaaaaat. No way. *headsplode*

              Yeah dude, I opened it in MS Paint and checked the colors. It's legit! RGB 120/120/120 for both!

          I wonder if it would look more the same if the white parts were the same dark colour as the shadow in the logo.

            Or even if the text had a similar shadow, just for visual consistency's sake

      I'm not convinced it's the same colour as the logo. :\ Too lazy to prove.

      AWMAGAWDDDDD it's not. D: Off by a couple points on each RGB value (actually a lot on blue). OCD people are gonna flip.

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        I wasn't too lazy. It's not exact, but it's damn close. Using GIMP's Sample Average: Radius 3, I got the following:
        TAY graphic: 241, 49, 88 (RGB)
        Logo colour: 240, 49 88 (RGB) - (Edit, this was sampled from the bottom of the O. It varies a couple points up or down each way depending on where you sample)

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          Yeah, it's close. I got 68 on B somewhere on the logo.

      It's a bit confronting in a larger format. :P

    Wow, I like the sound of this 'TAY'. Tell me how to be one of these TAYbies please

      Being a TAYbie is a state of mind, Sughly. A philosophy to live by.

        I want to know where the bie in taybie came from, I feel we should do a History Of TAY to recollect on past moments

      Sorry. It's a no Sughlys club and we already have one.

        That implies we're starting with a degree of failure doesn't it?

          No Sughlys club. We're allowed to have one.

            What an incredibly linguistically pedantic point.

            Well done!

            Also simpsons reference I suppose but I prefer the pedantry

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    My eldest downloaded and has been listening to that Everything Is Awesome song and...... I think I'm getting too old. That song is a truly awful cacophony of random noise. The girls love it though.

      I actually dig the song in a hyperactive way. I wouldn't listen to away from Lego Movie but it fits the tone nice enough there.

        Haven't seen the movie yet (going today with eldest), could see how it could fit in the movie but not really a fan of the song on its own at all.

          Here's a Tegan and Sara song you might like!

          No? Just me?

          *listens to song for next three hours*


      its pretty repetitive, but its catch as hell

        This. It's just a really catchy song. You hear it once and you find yourself singing it all day long. And I hear it multiple times a day at work. I'll probably get sick of it eventually, but for now I like it.

      Man, I'm a pretty big fan of Tegan and Sara, but that song is fucking awful. I've not seen the movie, so I don't know how it fits in, but on it's own it's painful.

      I've figured out the problem, they've given The Lonely Island their microphones back... What an utter shite excuse for a musical group.

    AAARRRRRGH, why didn't someone tell me that putting together an anthology meant I would have to engage with people? The tinfoil hat brigade seems convinced that my Kickstarter project is a scam. It's... infuriating, to say the least.

    That said, here's the link, my stalwart TAYbies. *Awaits scam jokes*

    <3 you all.

      You are a flim flam man who travels the country side selling elixirs and tonics to the unsuspecting homesteaders. SHAME ON YOU!

      Back it and All The King's Men will turn up on your doorstep to beat you up and take all your money.

      The writers must be paid.

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        You know, I chant that very thing ten thousand times each night before I go to sleep enter my hibernation tank.

        Last edited 14/04/14 9:06 am

      Is it ironic that an anthology - in which you attempt to collect and "put together" something - is named after those whose own attempts were fruitless?

        I'll let you know on May 7.

        Though I think my subconscious may be trying to cushion the blow, prepare me for the inevitable. :P

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      Where did you get tinfoiled?

    but it's.... pink!

      Is that an Escape From Monkey Island reference? :D

        You're damn right it is \o/
        Pixel, shoehorning adventure games quotes since 1988

        EDIT - i'm actually super excited someone picked up on that XD

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          Dude, adventure games are my life!

            Learn to code in unity and you can help me make mine.


                That's a pretty sick program. I think games like Deponia were made in that and they're really good quality.

                  Nah, Deponia was Visionaire. Gemini Rue/Resonance/Blackwell games etc are AGS, though.

                  I only know about it because I think @sughly was using it. I've never touched it though.

                  Ah yes, Visionaire. I did check that one out too. A bit more pro looking than AGS.

                  I played around Visioniare for a bit wanting to make a game about a guy who's trapped inside his own head. A trippy adventure game with lots of metaphors that had a very philosophical touch to it. Wrote a chunk of it but then like most things in life, I gave up. :| @dc @bdkiaf

                  Lots of engines! Try them all, or most likely dont

                But then I'd have to be the one doing the majority of the work rather than just designing and writing it and telling @dc to hurry up

                  What's the point of making an adventure if you're not the one designing it. GEEEZ. :P

                  @dc I'm designing and writing, you'd be the codemonkey. That's the whole point, mate! I suppose I could let you have some creative input occasionally...

                  Coding is actually a pretty fun time. It's the one time you get to collaborate with others on forums and such if youre not working hands on with people already. Many interesting* problem solving times to be had! (*sometimes interesting equates to not very fun)

                  @sughly I've done plenty of programming stuff over the years, its why I don't want to do it.

                  Well I'd not mind doing it if I had an actual teacher to teach me one language start to finish and not be stuck with fragments of pretty much everything screwing up my expectations of what should work and making everything 3 times harder than it should be

                  @aliasalpha just try out a few engines, see which one you like, and self teach yourself the rest. Innernets full of useful info and people, dont need a teacher

                  @sughly I do need a teacher though, I suck at teaching myself. I've tried loads of times

    How was everyone's weekend?

    Mine was okay. Talked to some people. Did some things. Pretty uneventful over all.

      'Twas aight my friend...
      Saturday went to the Victorian markets and bought ALL THE MEAT...
      Went and saw the new Captain America... Enjoyed it immensely, but don't take that for anything because apparently i like even less then stellar movies XD
      And on sunday i made a lamb roast on the spit, tasted AMAZING!!
      And played a crapton of DoWII with @rize sunday night...

        Ok, normally whenever somebody does the whole "I did X on saturday" thing I respond as a joke, but your reply genuinely confused me for a bit.

        I'm tired.

          Oh no, People being genuine on the internet! How do I respond?
          ...I think i'm tired too, that made me sound like a dick.
          Anyway, Maybe from reading his post, you could get yourself a similar idea of something to do, or just be happy that he did something in comparison to the other guy who had an uneventful weekend. We can all learn from each other, together!

            I'm confused. It's just normally I act as if somebody were talking about me when they say something along the lines of "Well, Saturday, I went hiking," whereas I would then reply "That's nice, but why call me out?" In this case, I was so tired that I genuinely believed Pixel was talking about me buying a crapton of meat at a market (which, to be fair, is something I would do.)

            dude we are all friends here.
            dont be a dick
            its the rules
            saturday and pixel are friends so he wasnt being mean

            I think I finally understand how odd we must look to people not used to hanging around here, and who don't supplement their TAY with Twitter. It must be pretty difficult to understand sometimes. My apologies, we don't really mean to appear so obtuse to new potential friends.

            So while your outburst was slightly odd, I can understand where you might have been confused so I'll attempt to shed some light. The "other guy" actually did have an eventful weekend (a bunch of people from here met up in real life on Saturday night), and Saturday's response to Pixel was part of a running joke whenever people mention "Saturday" the day.

            P.S. We're all genuine, here. You'll find that out pretty quickly if you stick around. :)

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          I took Saturday by the scruff of the neck, didn't take it's shit and kicked it straight in the n.....

          I mean, not much.

            better neck than crotch.

            EDIT: Wait, no, something else important starts with N doesn't it

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      Ran a quiz with over 100 people there. It was for chairty, but still - drunken jock table full of loud rich doctors kids. Urgh. Won them over in the end by being a) passive agressive and b) shitty at them.

      Then I went and did my usual Saturday morning archery. Was nice. Still a newbie at it, so the muscles scream on Sunday.

      Then wrote 50 questions for my upcoming quiz on Tuesday night.
      Remind me, what are these fan-dangled video game things people keep talking about, and how do you find time for them?

        Family, work, sleep... all are impediments to the ultimate vocation.

      Could be better. The ex came over because she was feeling shit and her dad has cancer. Then she proceeds to tell me about her last, 2 month long relationship. Didn't really need to know but if it helped her feel better talking, that's the main thing.

      I painted this on sat night (the bottom one) at a street fighter themed club night. Also destroyed many people at Marvel Vs Capcom 2 on the projector screen in between painting.

      Didn't do much on sunday as you can imagine, tired + hangover = blergh.

        Sick! Show us some photos of them hanging on the wall. :)

          They're actually 2.4 m High X 3.6m Wide, so not really for hanging in your house. At Qbar, where they were painted, they usually keep them around, but sometimes they can be painted over.

          There'll be better photos up on weds so i'll try and link them later in the week so people can see the whole wall.

      Mine was kind of uneventful, stupid arthritic thumbs were too sore for PS4ing so I spent most of the weekend listening to English radio shows on radio 4, some funny shit on there. Shows what radio can do if people do more than play shitty top 40 crap hour after hour...

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      I went to IKEA and came away without any of the things I needed to get. Then I went to Officeworks and also came away without the things I needed to get.

      And then I watched some anime

      Mine was pretty shit, except for Saturday night when I caught up with a bunch of awesome TAYbies!

    Watched my cousin in Phantom of the Opera, she played the lead and was absolutely amazing, she outshone the whole cast. Also after only seeing the movie a half dozen times i really enjoyed the live aspect of the music, it was soo nice to hear. Also i slept through a cyclone and then watched 13 episodes of house of cards S2 on the weekend, my dog got bored after 4 episodes though i dont think he liked Frank.

    Pretty decent weekend even if i was a little lonely.

      I was dreading seeing Phantom of the Opera when I was in New York but it was actually pretty okay. Cool gothic atmosphere.

        there is a reason why its the longest running musical of all time.
        The score is probably the best of any musical every written

        except disney :P

      Your cousin is Emmy Rossum? OMG I'm in love with her.

    So did Xbone and Ps4 both lie to us about loads of games in early days?
    'Cuz there still isn't a grand list.

      Depends what you mean by 'loads'... and depends what you mean by 'lie.'

      I see a business-as-normal new console catalogue of releases. Give it time.

        Well, realistically for both consoles, by this time now, at least another 2-3 titles AAA titles, at least 1-2 more exclusives for each.

      Yeah, I think the only must play on PS4 at the moment is inFamous: Second Son.

      Launch "Window*".

      *It's a very large window. May be multiple windows seamed together to make one big window.

        To be fair, Nintendo started this bullshit first.

        Also it was a spread out launch for the systems in general.

      honestly its still early days, there isn't a LOT of games but there are a few, enough to sustain constant use of either console? Maybe not but it is still early.

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        It's 6 months in, average life of seven years so about 7% through. There's what? About 20 games? So extrapolating on that there's another 266 games to come in the next 6.5 years*.

        *No basis in logic, maths, reality or sanity.

          According to Wikipedia the 360 has 1119 games, I realize that a good amount of those would be Japan only games, but I dare say that once they stop producing 360 and PS3 games (I'm looking at you Gearbox) that we'll see a serious boost in games coming out for this gen.

            "a good amount of those would be Japan only games"

            Unlikely, given how shitty the 360 did in Japan. Some of them will be but I doubt there's more than 100 Japan-exclusive 360 games.

      Yeah, but Trials is this week sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooorrrrrrrrmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmvrooooooooooooooooooOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOMMMMMMMMM!!!

      They didn't lie I guess. At least 5 games got delayed I think.

      I think both have more than the xbox had at this stage in its life, just that too many of them are multiplatform ports and XBLA size games

      Well, I think they each had 'dozens', which included maybe 1-2 marquee titles per genre then nothing for months, which sucks if you only like a couple genres. The others on the 'dozens' list were the low-rent indie/arcade titles. So if you were looking for AAA-only and don't like racing/sports, then yeah. There wasn't much on offer. Not including delays, and ports of previous-gen titles.

    You know, coming back from a week and a half of leave I thought I'd have more work built up. It's only 9am and I'm already on TAY.

      8;30 everyday and im waiting for it nowadays.
      because im a productive member of this company.

        I'm a productive member of this government department. \o/

      Yesssssss. Then you might have time for this!

      The best part about it is that you can work in a Word document, which will seem all kinds of professional from a distance. Especially if you use code... "performance target" for "Padakan assassin" and so on :P

        I'll try and work something in for that at some point but I really, really need to take care of some external certificate work and do the write-up for Numenera before tomorrow's session. But I'll get there.

        Just a question for the anthology: would you prefer established settings to be used or try something a bit different?

          DIFFERENT! \o/
          Or established. Whatever, really. Wherever inspiration leads you.

          Don't work too hard on the pitch at this stage, because it might be a waste of time (book won't go ahead if the Kickstarter doesn't succeed), but if you could send a brief bio and any links you want to [email protected], I'll add you to the list as a potential contributor (only if you want)

          Last edited 14/04/14 9:20 am

          Also, thanks for your pledge! But now there's the awkward conflict of interest... :P

            Now that I've pledged it just makes me want to work harder and hope the campaign is succesful. :D

      After one week of leave at the end of March I DID have a load of work piled up. I still decided to visit TAY. For my mental health.

        Yeah, I was focused sharp as a razor for a good long while many months back, when friends and family chastized me for turning into a robot and not playing games or shooting the shit on the internet. So, I came back. Good for sanity.

    ugh, nearly every Monday morning the first thing that goes through my head when I wake up is "Bob Geldof - I Don't Like Mondays". I agree Bob I want to shoot the whole day down too.

      fortunately because I'm replaying Ass Creed Pirates this is soon replaced by "Handy me boy so handy....." or "Sally Brown she's the gall for me boys....." or "If I ever get fat I'll marry little Sally waaay heeey heeey heeey bully in the alley". :D

        I dreamed a dream the other night
        loooooowands, loooooowands away me john....

          I swear I've sailed hundreds of extra miles just so I can hear more of the shanties, sometimes a ship will attack me while I'm listening and interrupt the song, they soon learn not to interrupt someone while they're in the middle of a ho-down as they sink down to Davy Jone's Locker. Ya'harrr

          and now I've had this in my head for an hour,
          "Annnd bravely in her bosom fair
          Loooooooooowlands, looooooooooowlands away.... "

            It's easily my favourite one, possibly the only sad sea shanty I've ever heard.

            I've sailed around just listening to singing and creaking for an hour or so, easily one of the best time wasters in an open world game, the equal of just cruising with the radio on in GTA4

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        A poor old man came riding by,
        And we say so, and we know so.
        A poor old man came riding by,
        A poor old man.

          haha, they're all so good, I want the job of singing shanties.

        well, that guy doesn't like mondays more than me. I was reading that thinking where is this going,

    Slight case of passing out before the speeches at the wedding on Friday. Glad there were still two days of weekend after it :-D Monday morning brings a big pile of work for taking Friday off...4 days til 4 day weekend XD

    Saw The Muppets: Most Wanted yesterday, and I have to say.

    Worst Muppet movie ever!

    It just plain sucked. I've seen all of the Muppet Movies, except for The Muppet Christmas Carol, Muppet Treasure Island, and Muppets In Space. Love them all, Including the last one, but this one was a real drag to sit through. haven't seen the Muppet Christmas Carol?

      That's the best Muppet movie ever. EVER.

        We're Marley and Marley..... Whooooooa!

          That was the speech?
          It was dumb!
          It was obvious!
          It was pointless!
          It was... short!
          I loved it!

          Muppets christmas carol is my FAVOURITE christmas movie of all time

      Are you, like, full old?

      Because those are the Muppet movies from my childhood.

      Which also happen to be the best ones as Rizzo is a major player.

      And he is the, hands down, best Muppet.

        Statler and Waldorf would like to have a word with you about your contention for Rizzo as best Muppet.

        Because, y'know, they are.

        Last edited 14/04/14 9:48 am


          You, Me. Behind the bike racks at lunch.

            That comment was a real show-stopper.

            Too bad it didn't stop the show!


        If you consider almost 40 old, then yeah I'm old ;)

        As I said I loved the last one, so it's not just that I only like the old ones. I've been meaning to watch those three, but I've just never got around to it. I reckon I'll have to pick them up on DVD soon.

        Also, I disagree, I like Rizzo, but my three favourites are The Swedish Chef, Animal and Beaker.

        I can do a pretty mean Kermit impersonation too (so I've been told).

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          Check out Grandpa over here!


          -puts on blue & red 3D glasses, does kickflip-

            Eh, what's that! You'll have to speak up I'm wearing a towel.