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    anyone else having probs with ubisoft servers for trials fusion on xbox one? everything seems to work, uplay, track central etc except my times arent saving.

      Same here, worked on the first track but the few after that never connect, put me off progressing since I felt like I was missing out.

      Seems pretty common, there was a bit on the ubi forums about it.

        Yea about 90% of my times arent saving, I get the odd one slip through, I'm just getting gold on everything now will go back for times later when few more friends start posting theirs, still the leaderboards were a huge part of previous trials games, these issues are a bit of a killer.

    Pretty great weekend. My girlfriend met the extended wog family and i met hers at her 21st. It wasnt nearly as bad as i thought. It was actually pretty okay.

    Im back at work and im SOOO relaxed.

    also about 16 episodes into Sword art Online, man this show is all over the place. I still kind of like it. But the characters have super inconsistent personalities.

      Getting serious, Rockets. :P

      Sounds awesome, my friend!

      I think I only got about 12 episodes into SAO before taking a break. I agree that the characters go all over the place but I suppose that's what happens when the storyline jumps months at a time.

      I enjoy it for the concept but dang does it stumble over its ideas.

        I believe there is a new show that has a similar story but is much better.

        EDIT: Log Horizon or something?

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          Yeah that rings a bell. I'll have to check it out along with the other bunch of anime that I've yet to catch up on. :P

    Hey friends. Good weekend. Great weekend. Hung out with a new pal for like six hours on Saturday. Cooked for the first time on Sunday and yesterday. Started watching Hannibal. (It's pretty great.) And played me some adventure games. Good times. :D

    What's new with you guys?

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      I hermitted like a pro, the only reason I left my house over the four day weekend was to walk my dog.

        I feel you might be the new hermit overlord. The one the prophecies spoke of!

          believe it or not I actually tried to get people to do stuff, no one wanted to.

      Hooray for cooking! Glad the results are turning out well, slow cooking is a great way to get started. Set it and forget it! (with apologies to Ron Popeil)

      Hey DC.

      Moved house most of the long weekend. Enjoyed playing the beginning of TLJ, I'll write more once I've spent a few more hours in it, probably tonight after Game of Thrones!

        The Longest Journey! Yesssss! I assume you've just been moseying about Venice with April Ryan. Taking in the sights and sounds. Slowly but surely falling in love. :D

        Man, what is it with TAYbies moving house over major holidays. @dkzeitgeist moved on Christmas Day I'm pretty sure.

          I haven't ventured outside yet! I just had a lengthy conversation with April's land lady about life and her other room mates. I had to turn it off after that though as my room mates started playing Titanfall and the sound was ruining the atmosphere.
          But, moseying about, listening to the sound track and clicking on all the things is exactly what I intend to do!

            You have not made the enemies list today, Riley. :D

              Aww, yeah.


      I just found out there's a thing called the Yeti Crab. It's pretty cool

      Haha 'pretty great' oh man just wait until season 2 then....

      Edit: Nieghbours dog had to be put down due to another neighbour who is a vindictive and hateful person.

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    Breath of Fire 5: Dragon Quarter is the best BoF game and a brilliant game in itself and it sickens me how people avoided that game due to their own complacency and killed the franchise!

      I remember playing that in high school and really enjoying it. Didnt realise it got ignored.

        Ignored? It so didn't sell well that Capcom discontinued the franchise and now we're getting a shitty mobile sequel.

      I played that game and liked it. But I think it got shunned because for most it was a source of frustration.

      While novel, I don't think the ol' Dragon Meter went down too well with most players.

        and now Dark Souls is pulling in all the players despite BoF5 doing it 10 years earlier...

    Too much chocolate this weekend.


    *throws up*

      I had next to no chocolate, was a good weekend.

      I don't mean to sound silly but try drinking lemon water for a while to clean things out.

    So in addition to Pathfinder last night (which was glorious by the way), I also played some Only War 40K RPG on the weekend. Here's a brief summary:

    - We've been seconded to the Inquisition because we're starting to reach badass levels of Guardsmen.
    - That said, we had our first encounter with Tyranids. Holy crap they are terrifying as my guy was completely geared up for melee combat with a power fist and even the Hormagaunts wanted me to stay as far away from them as possible.
    - Thankfully we managed to locate and "recover" a crashed Tau ship that had quite a substantial armoury on board and set about laying a minefield of gravity and pulse mines. Those didn't really help against the Termagaunts though. Or the Genestealers D:
    - The fight culminated with the boss being a Warrior Prime who proceeded to a) slash the eye of our scout to no lasting damage, b) mangle my cybernetic arm and destroy my power fist D:, and c) cleave off one of my ears and part of my face in a way that would have made me burn a fate point but apparently my cybernetic arm (which also is more like a cybernetic shoulder and upper left torso) had some sort of bio-energy discharge that jumpstarted my heart. With my primary weapon useless, I pulled out my Hell-pistol and crit twice and killed the beast. Yeah, that made me feel better.
    - The Inquisition said we could keep the Tau ship and use it for transport as our Valkyrie has been reclaimed by the Catachan regiment that we borrowed it from (the rest of the Catachan were dead in the crash so we took it to prevent it falling into enemy hands). Funnily enough, the Techpriests were going to remove the modifications that we made to the Valkyrie (which included four twin-linked autocannons and two wing-mounted rocket pods) and the Catachan asked them if they could keep the ship as it was. :P

      Holy crap... yeah Tyranids, I'm surprised you survived :P

      The inquisition letting you keep xenotech? Best keep that quiet from the Ordo Hereticus

      Sounds pretty fun to me!
      Pity about the power fist :(

    Morning, TAY! Hope everybody had a good weekend.

    I went down to visit the folks and ate my body weight in food. Also got the usual "Oh hey, you work with computers, you must be able to help me with..." conversations. Was pretty good though (Also loving the new Opal cards for trains. Travelled for 5 hours over the weekend for free! Normally would've cost me like $18 :P)

    Played a whole bunch of Bugs vs Tanks on the train. Really good little game! Also got an itch to play Ouendan/Elite Beat Agents, so downloaded "Osu!" on PC (it's free!) and played around with that for an afternoon. Really good game, though there's not really many songs to play on there if you're not too into anime songs you've never heard of. Good for a short while.

    Also, Dark Souls (no, I still haven't finished it...)
    Hc gb Qenatyrvp Pnfgyr abj. Zber Ehva Fragvaryf! Q: Naq gurl erfcnja! Q: Ng yrnfg gurl'er n ybg rnfvre gb orng 1i1. Nyfb, SVANYYL tbg n arj fgnss gb hfr. Jvgpugerr be fbzrguvat? V'z wrnybhf bs zryrr pynffrf, gurl unir FB znal bcgvbaf rneyl ba naq V'ir orra fghpx jvgu zl fgnegvat fgnss orpnhfr gurer'f orra ab bguref hagvy abj.

    V fnirq bhgfvqr bs gur obff qbbe arkg gb gur Dhrra'f ebbz, juvpu V'yy gel naq gnpxyr gbavtug.

    EDIT: Okay, so apparently spoiler tags aren't working at the moment? CAREFUL, EVERYONE! I'll put the DS2 stuff in rot13, just in case. I'm not sure if anybody is trying to avoid it? Nothing really that spoilery, but anyway.

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      Ugh, I hate those conversations. Oh, hey you work with computers; you must have been the one who set up the email on my phone. What's my password again?

      I haven't played Bugs vs Tanks but I picked up a bunch of those other experimental Level 5 games, including Aero Porter for some strange reason, and I've enjoyed most of them. I think Liberation Maiden and Weapon Shop were pretty good and I'm yet to play Attack of the Friday Monsters (I really need to get on that).

      Oh man, I still have so many fond memories of Elite Beat Agents. The songs that they chose were the exact right kind of fun and funky music and I remember the last level being a blast to play. Even though they were covers they were still damn good music.

        Yeah, definitely give them all a try. They've all been decent to good. Attack of the Friday Monsters was also one of my GOTY's last year too. Love that game.

        And yeah, the last level of EBA was fantastic. Best in the game! Such a shame we'll probably never see another...

      We should play Osu! as a group (again for all the people who used to play it on TS)! Then I can get competitive and chastise myself whenever I don't win!

        I'm surprised there aren't more Disney songs on it. Just Can't Wait to be King was the only one I found :P

        Im in, i can do like 4 songs really well and suck at the rest so we can only play those songs

        but the attack on titan theme is awesome

        I remember we played that when I had my wrist in plaster. Wasn't the greatest success but was still fun.

      Hidden bonfire details:

      Nf lbh'er pyvzovat hc gur fgnvepnfr gbjneqf gur Dhrra'f ivrjvat ebbz, gurer fubhyq or n ynqqre lbh pna npprff sebz n fvqr ebbz gb gur yrsg juvpu gnxrf lbh bagb gur ebbsf jurer gur nepuref jrer. Whfg arkg gb gur ynqqre yrnqvat orgjrra gjb bs gur ebbsf vf na vyyhfbel jnyy gung yrnqf gb n urycshy obasver.

        I actually found that already! (Who'da thunk!)

        I've gotten into the habit of hugging every wall and spamming the action button just to look for fake walls :P

    Mad Men 7x02:

    @virus__, @sughly

    Spoiler tags are broken, so this is in

    Ernyyl, ernyyl qvttvat guvf frnfba. Ybir gur fuvsg va Qba gbb, ubj ur'f bhg va gur pbyq ohg gelvat gb cerfreir n fgnghf dhb. Frggvat uvf nynez fgvyy naq nyy gung. Ernyyl rawblrq gur pbagvahngvba bs guvf fgbel yvar jvgu Fnyyl gbb. Nsgre gur frnfba svanyr jurer ur gbbx gurz gb uvf puvyqubbq ubzr V gubhtug gung jnf cebterff naq Qba ylvat jura fur ivfvgrq gur bssvpr frrzrq yvxr n erghea gb sbez sbe uvz. Yhpxvyl gurl obaqrq. V nyjnlf rawbl gur fprarf jurer Fnyyl naq Qba obaq, vg jbhyq or fb rnfl sbe Qba gb ercnve gur eryngvbafuvc ohg gurl obgu fgehttyr trggvat gb gung cbvag. Gung fprar ng gur raq jvgu gur 'Unccl Inyragvar'f Qnl, V ybir lbh!" guvat? Pbhyq srry jung Qba jnf srryvat. Unun!
    Gung fprar jurer Fnyyl ivfvgrq gur bssvpr jnf vaperqvoyl jryy fubg gbb. Ybirq ubj fyvtugyl bss guvatf frrzrq naq lbh pbhyq frr gung guebhtu Fnyyl. Fbzrguvat jnfa'g evtug. Znfgreshyyl qbar. Ernyyl yvxvat gur qrirybczrag bs ure punenpgre gbb. Gelvat gb or byqre naq fbzrbar ryfr. Gung pbzzrag nobhg jnagvat Orggl va gur tebhaq jnf nyy xvaqf bs qnex naq uvynevbhf. KQ
    Ybgf bs pbzrqvp ryrzragf va guvf rcvfbqr. Gur Crttl fghss jnf whfg pevatr jbegul rzoneenffvat. Ernyyl tynq Qnja raqrq hc jvgu n cebzbgvba bs fbegf gbb. Ernyyl yvxr Qnja.

    Last edited 22/04/14 9:48 am

      Rot13, like the old days!

        Done. Hope I didn't spoil any one. Sorry 'bout that.

      I'm not getting notifications, all because it won't let me view my profile or show me logged in, this is so balls.. Things aren't posting for me first time either, ugh!

      I totally agree, also her name is Dawn? I thought it was Don, well that's how it always sounded to me prior to season 7 lol.

      V jbhyq fnl gur vqrn oruvaq Qba'f eryngvbafuvc jvgu Fnyyl vf zber nobhg gur vqrn gung ur unf n erfcrpg sbe ure gung ur qbrfag unir jvgu nalbar ryfr, gebhoyrq eryngvbafuvc or qnzarq. Vg vf gebhoyrq, ohg... gurer'f n ornhgvshy xvaq bs xabjyrqtr gurl unir nobhg rnpu bgure gung evfrf bire gung, naq V guvax gung'f jurer gung ybir pbzrf sebz. Rira vs Fnyyl vf qvfnccbvagrq va uvz. V qba'g guvax Qba vagraqf gb cynl gur avpr sngure, V guvax ur'f pbzsbegnoyr orvat erny jvgu ure fvapr fur'f bar bs gur srj crbcyr ur pna or, juvpu gvrq vagb uvz gnxvat ure gb uvf puvyqubbq ubhfr naq jungabg. V guvax gung gevc onpx sbe uvz jnf rknpgyl jung ur jnagrq vg gb or, naq gur pbagenfg bs Fnyyl pnyyvat ure sevraqf naq tbvat onpx gb gur gnoyr jvgu uvz fubjrq vg jnf fbzrguvat zber zrnavatshy guna ure hfhny qnlf gbb jvgu sevraqf fur'f boivbhfyl abg pbzcyrgryl pbzsbegnoyr jvgu.

      Ruuu enzoyrf, ohg bu zna, guvf vf jul V'z ybivat guvf frnfba fb zhpu! Fb zhpu gb ernq vagb ^^

        Bu, gung'f fbzr tbbq vafvtug gurer. V'z vapyvarq gb nterr!

        V yvxr gung Fnyyl nyfb unf gbhpurf bs gubfr zbzragf jvgu Orggl gbb. Ynfg frnfba jura Orggl yrg ure fzbxr naq jura fur fnvq "Zl sngure'f arire tvira zr nal guvat"...

        Gurl obgu frrz gb npuvrir fbzrguvat jura gurl yrg gubfr cergrafrf qbja jvgu Fnyyl. V guvax fur qvtf frrvat gurz nf erny crbcyr gbb.

    New Tay!

    I had a good break- went to The Grand Budapest Hotel on Friday, hosted BOARD GAMES at mine Saturday and played a bunch of Ground Zeroes. Also, Pathfinder DMed by @popdart5, which was fun.

    A Monday Morning Question: Which Game would you like to see Wes Anderson adapt? I'd love to see Wes Anderson's Broken Sword

      Want want to see Grand Budapest and also a Wes Anderson Broken Sword. XD

        In trademark Wes Anderson flat delivery: Ah, Paris in the fall

        cut to shot of Stobbart, played by Jason Schwartzman, Camera moving in a straight line across an elaborately dressed set until he's dead centre in frame

      Hoping to go catch Grand Budapest this weekend. Fingers crossed.

      Pathfinder was the first time ever where I was actually trying to put on a voice for my character :P

        I noticed that. Maybe in this universe Elvish can be closer to cockney, given we're both going the brit?

          That just doesn't fit the Elvish image xD, it would be hilarious though.
          Cockney I would plan more for a Halfling, and Scottish if I roll a Dwarf xD

            Scottish is the traditional dialect of Dwarf-ish.

            I was thinking of using something akin to Russian for Orc-ish dialogue.

              You speak Orcish?

                Common, Catfolk, Elvish, Goblin, Orcish, and Abyssal.

                Moderate Int, ranks in Linguistics.

                  Elven, Common, Orcish and Gnome for me.
                  High Int all the way- that's how we got trapkilling duty!

                  @redartifice No, you got trapkilling duty. I got "colour the stones so you don't get them mixed up" duty. :p

                  It's going to be very interesting / greatly looking forward to see[ing] the different perspectives on what happened. I've got Drewan's notes in front of me and I'm sure they read quite differently to Abelas' thoughts.

                  @beeawwb the Rogue on trapfinding duty. I felt like such a cliche!

                  I'll hopefully have my write-up finished tonight

            Actually yeah, lets be real, Elvish is always going to be Welsh.

    Work is dead, TAY is dead, Twitter is dead

    wtf life why you be so quiet. Dont make me read 700 chapters of one piece, ill do it i swear to god.

      This is what I feel any morning when I'm at work. Do you know how boring twitter is at a quarter past seven?

        I asked you a question on Twitter like an hour ago and you've been ignoring me!


          I wasn't ignoring you, I just don't notice the DM notification thing. And when I do I usually ignore it because it usually just shows me messages from 12 months ago.

      That will get you like 1/4 through the entire show?

      Maybe you're in fact dead, and are also Bruce Willis?

      I'm serious, one day I decided "fuck it, what's this one piece about?" I then proceeded, over the course of 2-3 days, marathoned just about 600-700 chapters online.

      First time I had ever decided to commit myself so seriously to ah, anything, really. Sometimes I get overzealous and read certain books I pick up within a few days, but nothing ever like that.

      Was worth it, though.

      Last edited 22/04/14 10:12 am

      Oh man, I have a silly amount of One Piece on my computer. I last remember getting half way through the Rainbow Mist story before I got tired of it. I should really watch the rest of what I have, there have been some good stories in there.

    So guys, in thee interest of keeping my bad reputation up, did you know that Beauty and the Beast opened on Broadway 20 years ago last Friday (you would if you'd seen me mention it last night, but shut up)? I know this because I creepily stalk Susan Egan (Belle from the stage, Megara from Hercules) on twitter.

    So in honour of this, I think that all of you who aren't D.C. should join me in listening to its soundtrack, which is kind of jarring if you're only used to the movie version.

      Oh, also Bun Bun and Frey... Frey(?) turned up at my house on Good Friday, and we played board games (more like BORE- Ehh, you know the joke). More importantly, they can now vouch to the accuracy of my stories about my mother. :/ She was so restrained, until just as they were leaving...

      The only jarring bit was Lefou, I thought. Everything else was great. :D

        I dunno, when I first started listening to it Belle was a real surprise, since she sounded like Megara. Now that I've listened to it a thousand times I have the opposite problem, and I can't watch Hercules without thinking of Belle. :/

          For me she sounds vaguely reminiscent of Stephanie D'Abruzzo which just makes me wonder if Belle is a puppet. :p

    Hey hey, all. Currently enjoying a peaceful easter monday. And by that I mean I've bought a good $40 dollars worth of easter candy, which might or might not be worth it.

      The Easter chocolate aisle in the supermarket was madness yesterday. People see "$2 off" and go nuts.

    Morning errbody how was everyone's weekend/Easter/chocolate coma?

    Cathryn and I went camping for the long weekend with her family up in Eildon which was good but cold, oh so very very cold. Entire trip I was the only one to catch a fish (I never fish it was my first time). We had home made gyros and a whole bunch of other meaty goodness and jaffles oh so many jaffles filled with bacon and eggs!

    We got home yesterday and ended up going out that night to se the Lego movie, I found it hilarious, Cathryn not so much as it wasn't a movie she would usually see but overall had it's moments I gave it a 8 1/2 awesome a out of everyday awesome while Cathryn gave it a 7 1/2

      I too saw the Lego movie yesterday and I can just say that it's a fun movie. Unfortunately I missed the first few minutes due to running late but the film was downright enjoyable and the people who made it did seem to have fun themselves.

      I had a silly grin all through the Lego Movie, from about the first scene on.

    So this weekend I got a group together and played Artemis Spaceship Bridge Simulator.

    each person takes a station (Helm, Weapons, Science(sensors), Engineering, Comms, Captain) and the captain orders the ship where to go. I started on engineering, tried captain (NEVER AGAIN) and then did weapons for a while (PEWPEWPEW)


    The best part of the evening was manging to kill an entire armada by calling them names so they flew into a black hole.

    I Highly reccommend playing it, the Ipad/Android apps are approx $3 and the PC one is approx 40 for 6 licences. (but is DRM Free)
    if anyone is interested in giving it a go let me know.

      Colour me jealous, I've always had a hankering to play Artemis!

        I'm sure it's something that could be done via teamspeak and a central server...

          Personally I think half the fun comes from being on the same "bridge" in the same room. Unless you're in engineering.

            I found engineering quite easy, until people left the shields down and launched a nuke point blank...

      Oh, dear god. I remember just playing a dumbed down version of this a couple weeks back named Quintet with a few TAYbies over TS- Blaghman, Aleph, Steve-O, Gorzilla, and me? We did exceedingly well and managed to scare off every other player (all five!) on the server when we started blowing up their ships. Also I believe half of us were drinking.

      This however looks infinitely more complicated and therefore far more fun. Will check it out.

      Last edited 22/04/14 10:57 am

        Once again, if you are interested let me know, I'm keen to play this a lot

    So did I to be honest, it's just all around fun and the viewing we saw there was actually no one under the age of 20 there for reasons.

    This was in reply to @redartifice about The Lego Movie, KotakuAU has a hangover

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    Weekend of movies.

    The Lone Ranger - Everyone was saying to avoid it like the turd it is but I actually really enjoyed it. Not a fantastic movie by any means but it was fun. Only real issue is it would be a great kids movie except for some weird reason they threw in some over the top violent scenes (William Fitchner eating a guys heart).

    Escape Plan - Okay this is the very definition of stupid action fun. Stallone gets put into a CIA secret ultra max prison because [insert stupid meaningless plot point here] and Schwarzenegger helps him to escape the only way they know how. Bullets and snapped necks ensue. Brilliant. Caveziel was great as a weird twitchy warden and Sam Neill was Sam Neill. 50 Cent was a computer nerd for some reason.

    Anchorman 2 - Good god how did they go so wrong. There were one or two laughs but in a two hour movie that's just abysmal. They made the mistake of going full retard along with recycling every setup from the first movie. Really disappointed with this one. First one is a classic and this one I just wanted to turn off.

    Oldboy (Hollywood) - Another one people complained about but I enjoyed but that would probably have more to do with a man crush on Josh Brolin. Elizabeth Olsen can act too. Also looks very good naked. Hmm. Starting to realise why I liked this film :P

    Captain America: The Winter Soldier: Solid film. I'm loving how they're all part of a continuous overarching story. They could have utilised the Winter Soldier a bit more. He never really seemed all that threatening. Cap's shield is a bit all over the place though. He can take a full strike from Mjolnir or a missle's direct hit and not move an inch but some random terrorist kicks it and he flies a few feet back. The movie did further reinforce that Scarlett Johansson will be my next wife but they had to throw Emily Vancamp in there too. Hnnnghh. Mistress perhaps?

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    Anyone else going to Ironfest this long weekend?

    I gotta say, @Markserrels - I really like the new TAY description. Good stuff. People were hung up on the image or something last week, but I never really looked at that. Text is where it's at.

      Hey Transientmind! Feeling better after dentist/sick/bad day one-two-three punch?

        Dentist was actually a non-event.
        Guilty secret: I hadn't been to one for ten years. TEN YEARS. It's just started being covered by my health care, which I ALSO only got because I turned 31 and every year you don't have health cover after that jacks up the price for life by a stupid amount when you do eventually get it. And if I'm going to pay for a glorified fucking discount card for when I need it later in life, I might as well use what I can. (I calculated that by not having/needing health insurance over the last ten years, I've probably saved $15k+.)

        I was expecting there to be cavities or something, but apparently the ache was just sinus pain from the sickness - the nerves attached to that stretch across the sides of your face, which can be mistaken for a deep toothache. X-rays and visual inspection showed that the teeth are pretty much perfect. Slight receding of gums due to brushing too hard, so I just have to dial that back a little and everything will be fine. I did have to explain my history with the missing front tooth, but otherwise he cleaned some calc off, but that's about it. (Quote: "When a patient tells you they haven't seen a dentist for ten years, you know they're either going to have really, really bad teeth with loads of repairs needed, or they have really, really good teeth that they take perfect care of. Anything else gets someone in pretty quickly.")

        Youngest brother has terrible teeth, so I'm not telling him about how long I left it. Because he needs to see one more often. I don't want him thinking he can get away with what I get away with. (Much like... well. Many things in life. Le sigh. Some of us definitely lucked out on starting rolls in char-gen.)

        Otherwise, yeah. I'm still hocking up crap, but energy is returning. I'm not going to do any intensive exercise or anything yet, I know I'm still in recovery, but I at least feel human now. I can't wait until the last of the sickness is gone and I go back to feeling powerful again. Y'know... Full of vitality and coiled-spring potential. It's one of those things you don't really notice til it's gone.

          I've just returned from my first visit to the dentist in 10+ years, also. And also only because it was covered by my health care. :D

          I've got major sinus problems myself at the moment, both maxillaries are fairly swollen as is the left frontal and the right frontal is so swollen I'm surprised there's not a bulge in my skull. Have you ever had treatment for it?

            Nah, it passed after a few days as part of the course of symptoms that this whole sickness has manifested over time. At the moment I've moved on to constant, dry coughing. Probably trying to expel the last stubborn clumps of crap still sitting in my lungs and throat.

    @tech_knight @freezespreston @sernobulus @negativezero @steve-o_the_deve-o @beeawwb @rize

    Have you guys got a physical description, a couple of lines about your characters? I'm trying to do a write-up and the best I've got without embellishing is along the lines of "Barbarian looking dude" and "Druid with crazy eyes"

      Karvurk has a scar on the right side of his face. He was branded by his tribe when they discovered he was a magic user at an early age. The brand roughly translates to "Elven Mage" which is one of the biggest insults in the Hobgoblin language.

      Besides that? A fairly normal Hobgoblin; bald, has orange eyes, has dark greenish skin.

        Also I will hopefully finish my backstory this week. I'll email you a copy when it's done @redartifice

      Well the Druid can include "Ink stains on his chin" now :P
      Dem'nion, in short, quite thin build due to "Noble forcefully trying to live off the wild" diet for several months, blonde hair going just past his shoulders and red eyes (Like on his avatar pic on the tumblr).

        Well his tongue is now probably going to be dyed black. It's okay though, he never really had a silver tongue.

      6'8", 280lbs, long white hair and beard, his tribes totems tattooed across arms, chest, face and back. Bright blue eyes. Early 40's. All muscle. Weathered features. Entire body covered in scars.

      You could always do what I do and just make things up as I go along and invent my own descriptions, I mean *cough*... Yes.

        I was going to do that based on my conception, and Lord Tallone is in his 40s, short and balding, but for PCs I'm going to err on the side of unique looks.

      Ginger-ish cat, green eyes. Wide-eyed and inexperienced. Too much knowledge, not enough sense. (And a couple rough drawings on the Tumblr to that effect)

      Last edited 22/04/14 11:21 am

        Yeah, those images have been useful. Also, Abelas is calling you a naive kitten in his head at this point.

      Slightly over-weight, lazy. Dreams big but doesn't act. Alcoholic.

      I added it to my character's profile in Roll20 but this might not be visible to anyone else?

        I think those are only visible to @popdart5 and yourself in game. I was only ever able to see my own.

          I'll go back and check things out to look at releasing viewing privileges. I know I had set it up for you guys to look at but I wasn't sure if there was an option to make it public.

      To be honest I haven't thought too much about it other than the vague, generalised wildling description. I guess matted, long brown hair with a bushy beard. Tall and generally toned/well built, except for a bit of a pot-belly. Is rather hairy for a human, with excessive body hair everywhere except for where his many scars are. Brown Eyes and long, grime-encrusted finger nails. This was really rushed, but should do for a start.

    So, my youngest brother got a job here in Brisbane only a hundred metres down the street from where I live, so he's living with me now.
    He moved in over the weekend.

    I had actually moved the PC desk and PC to the spare room, got rid of the bed, then used the extra living room space for a table and chairs, so we've had to play furniture tetris and order another bed to accommodate the extra person. His bed hasn't been delivered, so he's couch-sleeping, with the TV.

    I think he played Dynasty Warriors 8 on my PS3 for like... 48hrs straight and have doubts he'd have slept before midnight the day before his new job if I hadn't imposed a mandatory bedtime. He's always routinely been active on Steam at any bizarre hour of the morning. Even when he was employed.

    So, it's like a 'crashing for a couple days' situation right now, but eventually it'll be full-blown roommates mode, so interesting to see how those challenges pan out. I foresee getting a lot more sleep than I traditionally have, with the setting of bedtimes and making sure he takes a multivitamin. I guess I'll have to grocery shop for two... At least sharing rent money will make that easier.

    Because I'm ultimately a considerate person, I might have to change my gym schedule or something and head to work earlier in the mornings so that he has time alone in the apartment when I'm not there. Because not having 'me time' can make a person cranky and unmanageable.

      Congrats to your bro about the job, though. That's excellent news!

      Its nice to know other people are stupid and are ridiculously responsible with there siblings, it makes me seem less crazy.

        He's 28, but in some respects he'll always be my 'baby brother'. Life has randomly been kinder to me than to him and the unfairness of it incites a powerful sense of protectiveness which I actively have to fight. :P

        (Edit: Not entirely random. He does have a tad less determination and bloody-minded stubbornness than I do. Which while not always a benefit, has yielded more rewards for me.)

        Last edited 22/04/14 12:32 pm

    Anyone else having issues since the comments upgrade over the weekend?

    Normally on the Kotaku main page on a story next to the "Discuss" button (and also at the top of the actual story), you would see the number of comments for that post, but that number isn't showing up anymore.

    Also this morning, in the top right it says I'm not logged in but I clearly am because I can post...

      Yeah, I'm getting the same. Just figure it's server gremlins still being fed after midnight.

      Yup, on the main page it says I am logged out, but clearly I am logged in because I am posting.

      Very strange

        Also I keep getting a "You are posting too fast" when I try to post more then once every few minutes.

          I posted for the first time in half an hour, and got that message... Something is quite wrong somewhere.

          I got that error message on the very first message I tried to post after something close to four days of not posting anything.

          Refreshing seems to deal with it for now.

      I think even the Allura Media servers have an Easter hang over at the moment.

      At the moment, even though I am logged on and easily posting, the login button is still at the top of the page.

      And the usual buttons on the article pages are not showing the number of shares, comments, etc.

    I am a long time Final Fantasy fan, but I skipped FFX due to a negligence of the PS2 era. I just picked the HD remaster up, and while I am enjoying it, I don't think I'll ever get fully involved with it like I have with other FF's, which I find interesting as it has always been so highly regarded from what I've heard. The problem for me is that the world doesn't seem very inhabitable or immersive. I don't feel like it is a world that people actually live it - for a world where death and destruction happen every day, people seem to be able to pick themselves up and carry on a little too easily. When Sector 7 got wiped out in Midgar (FF7), the loss portrayed by all the oppressed in the city was tangible, but not so in Spira.

    Which brings me to my next point: OVERWORLD! Personally I NEED an overworld to get sucked into a world, a container of sorts which shows me the limits of where I can go and what new places I can explore. I'm sure all of this was hashed out upon release 'cause it was the first FF to be without one, but I still haven't found a sound reason why they neglected to include one. Without an overworld, it just feels like a corridor in which I have no possibility of exploration. Even FF13, 'the final hallway', had Gran Pulse, a mass of expansive land to traverse, which I freakin' loved.

    I won't say too much about the sphere grid. It's a great idea, but it makes for incredibly slow stat increases. I'm sure it'll open up in the end game when I can grind a little better.

    So, FFX fanboys and veterans, care to address my points? I REALLY want to love this game, I'm just not quite there yet.

      Good, interesting points. I've almost completed FFX but like you, it didn't really draw me in as much as 7 or 8.

        I'm having a lot of fun with FFV atm though, and I'm assuming FFVI will be even better.

          I actually beat FFV once, I can remember a total of 0% of the story. I can tell you that there is a great job system, and that it is the black chocobos that fly (I KNOW RIGHT, WEIRD).

            Flying black chocobo that is actually purple in colour. :D

            Yes, I'm finding the job system very complex but brilliant - one of the best.

        Yeah, I liked FFX but when compaired to FF7 or 8. It is very average.

      Those are all completely valid points. FFX does open out a bit and there's some large areas later on but it never gains a true overworld and you're right, it doesn't have a lived-in feel to it the way that the other games do, though I'd argue that a lot of the other FF games don't have hugely realistic towns. XII is the only one I recall feeling like the cities were on the right scale and with the right number of people and buildings to actually be cities.

      I disagree on the Sphere Grid though. It's the best progression system they ever came up with in those games. It might feel a little odd at first, but it really opens up after a bit and if you're a power gamer you can optimize it enormously as well as there are items to remove spheres and replace them with others.

      I'd encourage you to at least play until you assemble the whole party. Characters are the lifeblood of a JRPG and if you can't enjoy the plot and characters there's nothing to keep you there. FFX has got some pretty weak characters offset by some really good ones. But don't force yourself to play it if you're not feeling it.

        My favourite progression has still probably got to be the License Board in XII.

        Last edited 22/04/14 11:52 am

          I maxed that out pretty early on in the story because of side-quests so I never really got the feeling of unique character skills or abilities. Everyone in my party could do everything that everyone else could do.

            I didn't mind people being multi-talented, I always thought the real skill there was in setting the parameters on the gambits right

          The license board was godawful, I don't know how you could like that at all. You could actually easily fuck yourself up completely in it, and it made everyone utterly bland by taking away any unique features they might have otherwise had. Additionally it boiled down to just a rush to two of the summons so you could get extra MP then fill out stuff if you needed to use the gear.

          Sphere Grid was miles better. FFV's jobs (and FFX-2's derived system) is better. Materia kicks its ass. I'd even take the stupid junctioning system from 8 over it any day.

        Plus with FF12, the city size to Vaan size ratios were accurate. Of course, that's due to there being no world map. I don't think it can be done if there is an overworld, which will be interesting because Versus 13 was said to be bringing back the overworld, I wonder if FFXV will stick to that, and if so, can they pull it off?

        I'll definitely be playing right through it and X-2, because when I make a commitment, I stick by it through thick and thin!!! (I just got married so you'd hope so). I am actually enjoying it, it's just not quite what I expected. At the very least, I'll beat 10 so that I can hear the Fight with Seymour battle, the Black Mages reworked that song and it is AWESOME, can't wait. Seymour's voice is really disconcerting though, I feel like it is too high, he should have a deep, gravelly, unsettling voice that alludes to his eventual betrayal. I know he isn't fully human though, so maybe that's the reason.

        The only other thing that annoys me is having to make sure that all 7 characters have a turn in battle so that they all get experience, it's just time consuming.

      10 is where FF lost me. I was a huge fan of the series up to and including 9, which for some reason no-one ever talks about (and which I had to play on an emulator at the time).

      But with something way too suspiciously close to a 'and I woke up and it was all a dream' storyline, character voices I couldn't stand, and character personalities I couldn't stand (honestly, even 8 was pushing it on that front - I wanted to tell Squall to 'shut the fuck up', but half his text was '...' anyway. That guy needed to just get laid already, and just stop being... well. A godamn teenager).

      Combat was OK, the skill/gem-grid system was pretty cool, but ultimately I abandoned it early in and just watched my middle brother play it instead, so I could walk away anytime there was a blitzball match or boring-ass random-encounter-infested maze-zone to slog through.

      11 was an MMO, so I ignored it, 12 looked interesting but I had given away my PS2 at the time and didn't feel like getting another one for it (I was hugely turned off by the fact that you don't actually control combat and the game just plays itself. Nowdays though, that's one I do want to go back and play. Maybe emulated). 13 was a fucking abomination of frustrating/boring paragon system coupled with time-based rewards (I HATE timers - that's not why I play turn-based RPGs), characters I actively wanted to punch in the face until they couldn't speak anymore, or just toss off a cliff to put them out of their own damn nihilistic misery, and the most pointless corridor-runs to run back and forth through to grind up materials while you still have access to them. FF13 was the worst and I'm angry that I still own it and occasionally feel like I should just 'give it a chance'. AGAIN.

      Imagine how pleased I was to hear that the next three fucking games of the Final Fantasy franchise were to be based on the worst entry in the series? Fortunately they seem to have changed that and only made 2 FF13 games, leaving 'versus' to be 15, on its own.

        Versus was only ever related to 13 in the same way that Type-0/Agito is. They're all part of the Fabula Nova Crystallis group, which is to say they're related thematically (stuff to do with crystals and deities and shiz), but the world, gameplay, core story and so forth never had any relation to FFXIII.

        There's nothing wrong with the other games that were going to be part of the 13 stuff. Just 13 is shit - the game formerly known as Agito XIII turned into FF Type-0 and turned out excellent, and the game formerly known as Versus XIII and now FFXV looks interesting as well. Though I suspect it'll be shit.

        Personally 9 was where the series started to lose me, X got me back in a bit but XII and XIII kicked me right out. :(

          I saw early gameplay previews of FF13-2 and when I saw that it was using the same battle system, I threw up my hands and swore a bit, including swearing off anything related to it. That battle system was one of my primary complaints, I won't give anything else that uses it (or similar) much of a chance.

          Apparently Lightning Returns is pretty cool, but deadlines and timers shit me, which is apparently a core mechanic underpinning the entire game, so while it looks cool, playing it would be kind of like going into Gran Turismo knowing that you hate racing games.

          The only time I ever heard anything about Versus for the longest time was fanboys decrying the current state of the franchise and claiming that Versus would be the second fucking coming, curing cancer and world hunger. Apparently, I dunno, it was going to be some sort of Open World affair with all the best bits stolen from modern MMOs or something. Ambitious? The same could be said of everything the FF series has failed at to date - ambitious.

            @strange and others who have played it say that XIII-2 is actually not too bad, and that Lightning Returns is kind of meh. I hate timers too, which is why I haven't bothered. Don't like time planning stress like that - it even prevents great games like Persona from being enjoyable for me.

        Woah, I knew there were people out there that hated FF13, but I've never seen one in the wild before... I kid, I completely understand all your points, I'm just one of those people that like something regardless, like a dog that plays with only one chewed up toy, even though it literally doesn't function anymore. I do rate the story of FF13 though, I think it's really strong and has its own legs (so why did they make FF13-2?).

        I'm sure it's been said to you before, but have you tried Bravely Default? Everything a modern FF should be.

        Last edited 22/04/14 12:00 pm

          XIII was heartbreaking for me, as it was an utterly humourless trudge, with no real sense of character or a cool setting. Cool bits? Well, it was pretty

          FFXIII isn't the worst FF game. It's probably one of the worst games full stop. I've clocked nearly every FF game there is and all the main ones but XIII I can't even bring myself to finish. It's horrible.

          I've played Bravely Default as far as leaving the first room. Heard its good though.

          Last edited 22/04/14 12:13 pm

            FFXIII isn't the worst FF game. It's probably one of the worst games full stop.

            I think there have been worse....

            *Holds a copy of Daikatana next to Freeze.*

              Difference is Daikatana was a broken mess. It's like laughing at some one for not walking when they're in a wheelchair. FFXIII is perfectly able and functioning but just shit at everything it does.

          I've heard Bravely Default is pretty damn great, but I think it's only available on 3DS, which I don't have.

            Mechanically it's FFV. Visually it's beautiful.

            Characters are bland cardboard cutouts and the story is by the numbers with a terrible amount of repetition though. I was very disappointed. :(

              Fair'nuff. Won't be a system seller for me, then. (The other one I keep being heard of as a system-seller is Fire Emblem.)

              I typically prefer story/characterization over visuals anyways.

                Fire Emblem is an amazingly good game. Most enjoyable thing I've played on the 3DS by far.

      X is actually my favourite, mainly due to it actually being challenging. VII, VIII and IX are far too easy to become world destroyers and blow everything away with minimal effort including challenge bosses. X actually requires you to think about levelling up and what characters to use. Status effects are actually useful and required.

        Mechanically FFX is fantastic, I just really didn't like the characters and the story is okay but nothing special.

    So, who else is getting Trails Fusion for PC this week?

      i want to, but i am shit at all games, imagine how bad i will be at a game that requires mechanical skill???


        I mean, I'm a good friend, really.

          speaking of good friend, i totally should come for my annual visit to canberra sometime soon.

            You're welcome at any time!

            That said, my parents will be away on their annual trip in August, so I might do something then if I can be bothered.

        well a certain overweight chap who might shield you from the sun is giving away a beta key on twitter if you want to try it without risking the money on it

      Hoping to buy it Thursday, depends how much doctors bills are this time.

    So uh.. Does TAY look like this for anyone else when viewing mentions or replies when accessing them from their profile?

    Edit: I know why it's doing it, it's turning the link to HTTPS for some reason rather than just normal HTTP...

    Last edited 22/04/14 12:14 pm

    Late for the boat but here goes.

    I've had a Dreamcast for a while now (not going to lie, I'm a sucker for all things retro) but I have been pondering about getting the VGA box for the unit.

    The big question: do I pay top dollar for an authentic version of the accessory or will a third party/generic one do?

    I know there is the VGA cable but from I can tell it's basically an adapter and doesn't actually provide a 480p signal.

    Anyone here with first hand experience?

      I have a XCM VGA box that works pretty well, the last time I used it anyway.

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