Target Is Selling Some Incredible Games For $29 And Under

Every now and then big mainstream retailers in Australia run these sales. Actually good sales. I know, crazy right. Big W tends to do it quite often, but today it is the turn of Target to bring sweet deals to the Australian public.

This little link in particular has some brilliant deals for some surprisingly great games at $29 and under. Assassin's Creed III is $29 on pretty much all formats, as are almost all of the Call of Duty games. Dishonored — which was amazing and more people should play — is only $29.

Max Payne 3 is another one I'd recommend: $23 is pretty decent for that.

Oh, just noticed Skyrim for $29 and Red Dead Redemption for $23. Man, this is good.


    Shit. Do I buy Dishonoured now, or wait for the ULTIMATE PREMIUM NEXT-GEN EDITION?

      There's a good deal for it complete on PS+ atm- GOTY ver for $16.16

      I saw Dishonoured on PSN this morning for a bit over $11 and asked myself that exact question.

      I'm choosing to wait, but I still have a ridiculous backlog so it wasn't too difficult a decision.

      Will they use the power of next gen consoles to make the writing bearable? :P

    I picked up Red Dead for about $15 a couple of years ago from... Good Guys or Dick Smith, used of course, in one of their sales.

    I haven't bought anything since the turn of the year (save for Luigi's Mansion 2 - yes Serrels, it took me that long to buy it, if only you'd spoken up and said that it was good) but even before that, I looked at importers all the time but every game I'd buy for the PS3 ended up being from a retailer. GTA V and Grid 2 were both bought new, others were used. Don't think the small difference is worth the hassle.

    Does anyone know where the best price for a 3DS XL would be right now?

      $248 pretty much everywhere AFAIK. No point to get it for more than $220.

    Some of these games like Uncharted and RDR have been in the 2 for $40 pile at JB for ages. Some good picks on the site, though ..

      Also quite a few of them have been free on PS+ in the past (e.g. Red Dead Redemption, Borderlands 2, Saints Row The Third, Assassin's Creed 3). If you've got PS+ it's worth checking the PS Store first. I've often forgotten what games have come down the pipe under PS+ as I don't have time to play half of them. So I just activate them in case I want to download them later and end up forgetting about them.

      Dishonored is a good find but yeah, those other titles are basically JBs 2 for $40 list.

    Nothing still beats Uncharted 1 & 2 for $10 from the Dick Smith 'downsizing' sale they had a couple of years ago before Woolworths sold it. That day, I got those games and many others that have yet to make it through my backlog still...

    Target also have the best price on the Lego Movie Videogame at the moment at $69. Everywhere else is $88

      Big W is $64 for previous-gen, $69 for next-gen.

    Not terrible but... not good either. I'm pretty sure you could easily shop online and find much better, local prices any day of the week.

    I've already picked up Red Dead in complete condition with unused DLC code for $7 from Cash Converters. And you can get AAA games for $15 on Steam. My idea on what constitutes a "cheap" game been forever ruined by the secondhand market and digital distribution.

    Last edited 04/04/14 9:19 pm

    ...or get the Lego Movie on your US Xbox account for $59 back in Feb and sigh that people waited to play it/physically get a copy.

    Almost all of these games have been in JB's 2 for $40 range for months now.

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