Tekken Tag Tournament 2 Gets Added To EVO 2014 Line-Up

Tekken Tag Tournament 2 Gets Added To EVO 2014 Line-Up

Whether you love or hate Namco’s long-running Tekken series, you have to admit that it sure was weird not seeing its latest instalment as part of the EVO 2014 line-up. But, Heihachi Mishima fans can rest easy now: Tekken Tag Tournament 2 has just been announced as one of the titles that the world’s best fighting game players will be competing in during the huge annual event.

The news comes from fighting game enthusiast site Shoryuken, which reports the announcement as having been made by Evo co-founder Joey “Mr Wizard” Cuellar during the iPlayWinner broadcast. (It’s at 16:30 in the latest archived Twitch stream.) Tekken publisher Bandai Namco will also be coming on board as a sponsor for EVO 2014. The previous lack of Tekken echoed the since-resolved absence of Smash Bros., and it seemed odd that both high-profile franchises with passionate player-bases wouldn’t be part of the world’s biggest fighting game tournament. The no-Tekken situation was particularly weird since it meant the tournament wouldn’t have a 3D title like Soul Calibur. EVO 2014 happens in July so, if your favourite series isn’t in the line-up, there’s still a small chance that more games might be added.

[via Shoryuken]


  • And nobody was surprised, ever…

    But seriously, it is probably one of the best fighting games that has very few “god tier” characters. With the only one I can think of being Bob, which you see in just about every pro game.

    • Well until it was announced yes everyone was shocked it wasn’t going to be at EVO 2014. Everyone assumed that since Microsoft is sponsoring EVO this year that Killer Instinct was going to take its slot.

        • I’d argue the complete opposite, but opinions and all that. What is great is that all these fighting games are getting a look in, as opposed to last year. There’s a couple of others I’d like to see, but it’s a pretty solid roster this year.

          • Tag 2 is probably one of the most rounded fighting games, while still offering a complete roster. Can you tell me the last time a character in a fighting game went from dirt tier to balanced top tier in a fighting game? I can’t and its because normally the odd ones out don’t receive love until it is over whelming and they become op, alla Devil Jin.

          • Woah, slow your roll there! You’ve gotten me all wrong. I certainly wasn’t saying that Tag 2 is a bad game (Tekken has never clicked with me personally like other fighting games, full disclosure, but I gave Tag 2 a go and it’s honestly a fantastic package that is superbly balanced, especially for having such a large roster). I was saying that I personally disagree with your saying new Killer Instinct is all sorts of average, but also stated that opinions on these sorts of things are purely subjective.

            Anyways, the main point I was trying to put across is that Evo this year has a superb roster of games, and I’m glad to see such a range of fighting games make it in (as opposed to last year).

          • The game play might be fine, but the level of dirt bag-ery with the character unlocks is beyond even what I expect from Capcom. Killer Instinct is not a game about fighting, it is a lesson in the future of DLC funded studios and it is kinda sickening.

            That said you are right and opinions are subjective.

          • For the sake of discussion; are you referring to the options it gives you for how you purchase the game (as in either just the content you want, or the entire game like you would before)? Because both Tekken Revolution and Dead or Alive 5 Ultimate do very similar things (although Tekken Revolution had some weird shit going with play coins or something, last time I checked, which was admittedly a while ago). I completely understand the concern over this (I had the exact same concerns when they announced the game), but with most of these games that have been utilising this method, it gives people more options while still leaving the same ‘buy the whole game’ option we’ve always had. When people like us who really dig their fighting games can still buy the full game like we could before, while people who only want to play as a couple of favourite characters without dropping $70-$100 also have that option, I can’t really see that as a bad thing.

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