TF2’s Scout Shows Speed Beats All

TF2’s Scout Shows Speed Beats All

Who would’ve thought the Scout was always the best of the classes? In this Source Filmmaker video, the Scout opens up a can of whoopass on everyone — even the rival scout. And all it took to wake him up, Popeye-style, was some hard liquor.

This is an incredibly well made video in SFM. While it doesn’t feature much lip syncing, it’s 10 minutes of fast-paced action. In fact, the action gets more fast paced around halfway through, so skip to about 4:45 when the Scout starts going berserk.

Well done, Crash Maul!


  • WARNING: Don’t watch this on Kotaku: the video is larger than what is shown here, so you’re only seeing about 2/3rds of it.

    • It’s the 10:45 minute version that Crash Maul put on YouTube.
      Is there another one somewhere?

      Edit: I think I see what happened, the embedded video has cropped so you can’t see the timeline beyond 8 minutes or so, but it’s there. I thought it strange I couldn’t see the toggle fullscreen option.

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