TF2's Scout Shows Speed Beats All

Who would've thought the Scout was always the best of the classes? In this Source Filmmaker video, the Scout opens up a can of whoopass on everyone — even the rival scout. And all it took to wake him up, Popeye-style, was some hard liquor.

This is an incredibly well made video in SFM. While it doesn't feature much lip syncing, it's 10 minutes of fast-paced action. In fact, the action gets more fast paced around halfway through, so skip to about 4:45 when the Scout starts going berserk.

Well done, Crash Maul!


    WARNING: Don't watch this on Kotaku: the video is larger than what is shown here, so you're only seeing about 2/3rds of it.

      It's the 10:45 minute version that Crash Maul put on YouTube.
      Is there another one somewhere?

      Edit: I think I see what happened, the embedded video has cropped so you can't see the timeline beyond 8 minutes or so, but it's there. I thought it strange I couldn't see the toggle fullscreen option.

      Last edited 21/04/14 8:25 pm

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