That Vita Game With The Talking Dogs Coming In June

That Vita Game With The Talking Dogs Comes Out June 3

When you're really excited about an upcoming game, it sometimes helps to completely wipe any trace of it from your memory, as I did with PlayStation Vita Pets. "Oh yeah, that game!" is slated for release next month in Europe and June in North America. I'm so excited I could forget again.

In case you were too excited to retain any knowledge of the game, Vita Pets is a game where you choose a talking dog, bathe it, feed it, and bestow upon it the skills it needs to lead you to treasure, because companionship just isn't enough to make you happy, you bastard.

I am going to love this game so much.

PlayStation Vita Pets Coming on June 3rd [PlayStation Blog]



    Would of prefered a different dog game for vita, a Naughty Dog game if you will.

    Sounds like Sony do what Ninten.... do....

      A Fable 2 live by, but I Tamagotchi-ya. It's A Dog's Life and owning Petz isn't always Black & White. Though the hardest thing is deciding if you like Catz or Dogz.

    This was the game with the talking dogs wasn't it? No thanks..

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