The 80s Computer Game World I've Always Wanted To Live In

If you're a scifi nerd, chances are you've dreamed of living inside a computer — those memories of Tron, ReBoot and countless other cyberpunk universes have been burned into your imagination. Fract OSC attempts to capture that magic and, for the most part, succeeds.

In the video above, I give my take on Fract OSC, a musical adventure game that's out now. It's not a perfect game — it leaves much to be desired in terms of continuity, but if you've always wanted to live inside of a surrealist KORG, you will find a lot to take away from it.

Fract OSC is available here for OSX and Windows.

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    I'd LOVE a ReBoot video game!!!

    Damnit, you just cost me $15!

    I would kill for an Open world Tron RPG set before Tron Legacy haha...

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