The Amazing Spider-Man 2 Game Is Coming Out On Xbox One After All

The Amazing Spider-Man 2 Game Is Coming Out On Xbox One After All

And, what do you know, it’s out today. Twelve days ago, it looked like The Amazing Spider-Man 2 tie-in game was delayed for Microsoft’s newest game console. Activision said that it was “working with Microsoft in an effort to release The Amazing Spider-Man 2 video game on Xbox One.”

But, earlier today, Xbox Live’s Larry “Major Nelson” Hyrb announced that the game would be available for the Xbox One. It’s currently available as a digital download and members of Kotaku‘s staff have successfully downloaded the game. We’ve reached out to Activision for clarification on their previous statement and will update this post if they respond.


  • Hey man i breathing a sigh of relief. I delayed getting the new console cause i detested the new line up. But this has sold it to me. Spider Man 2 on the gamecube was near perfect Might pick a One up this weekend.

    • just change your console region to US…. then buy a xbox live card from amazon….. or enter your credit card details on the console….. both methods worked for me

        • I think he’s talking about these. It says that they can only ship them within the US though, I’m guessing there’d be places where you could get the code e-mailed to you, but I have no idea where.

          • Aussie credit card works, it will ask for an address though. Doesn’t matter what address you use, only that the state and postcode are valid.

            Important note, make sure you choose a state without sales tax. I choose Oregon.

          • Sweet, I’m pretty sure Alaska doesn’t have sales tax either, because I picked it for my US PS3 account.

  • Probably because it accidentally got put on the US Marketplace yesterday. Apparently the graphics are pretty crappy, haven’t heard how it plays though.–Despite-Indefinite-Postponement.html

    I AM NOT POSTING TOO QUICKLY DAMMIT! can @markserrels, or anyone else at KotakuAU please let us know when this site is going to be fixed. It’s getting really annoying, and I wouldn’t be surprised if you’ve noticed a significant decrease in the amount of posts lately.

    • I hate the post bug too -.- I had to seriously contemplate weather or not to even type this up…

  • I’m actually pumped about this release. The first one I played on the Vita and my 4 year old son just loves it to absolute bits. I thought the game was pretty standard fare, but who doesn’t want to be spider-man?

    He has saved up all his pocket money since last year getting ready to buy this on launch day. Good boy…

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