The Best Cosplay From Supanova In Video Form

A confession: I'm not really a big cosplay guy. I can appreciate it, especially the incredibly detailed, accurate portrayals, but I don't really understand the culture. That said, the work of Australian ArtificialDogma comes closest to creating an understanding for me of the whole Cosplay scene. His video work, featuring some of the best cosplay at all of Australia's biggest conventions, continues to be stellar.

His video from the latest Supanova in Brisbane is no exception. Actually, I reckon this might be his best video yet. It's the same style, he uses the same techniques, but it's all just so beautifully put together and edited. I love it. Great work.


    Geez, these guys have skills! I don't understand the culture either, like Mark. I can respect it though. You know I'm an introvert from way back. Went to Bris Supanova last year and could barely brave the crowds as myself. Imagine the attention of others on top of that would have driven me crazy. Haha!

      Actually it's kind of easier when you're dressed up. Makes you able to hide in plain sight, especially if it incorporates some kind of mask :P

      I don't really get the culture either. I had a friend (who is very much a cosplayer) say to me once that I'm not a cosplayer, and I agree. I just happen to like making costumes.

    Bugga they didn't get the Pikachu/Warmachine cross over...that was EPIC!!

    Was an awesome Supanova but yeah I agree, I struggled with the crowd normally let alone fully dressed up

      it was warhammer bro.

      The guy goes under the name Sunday Cosplay on FB.

        My mistake...either way I was blown away by that!

    That was pretty good once I turned off the music.

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