The Big Question: 3DS Or Vita?

Do you own both consoles? Which do you play more? I actually think that both of these handhelds are pretty great and I play both pretty regularly, but both have different functions for me.

The PS Vita operates as something of a 'in-case-you-missed-it' machine. I use it to play all of the indie games I never got round to playing. I played Hotline Miami like this, Spelunky. I went back to games like Fez on the PS Vita. It's actually a gorgeous device, with a beautiful screen and a growing library of brilliant, sexy games.

The 3DS? It's a beast. It has so many legitimately incredible games. My top two favourite games of last year were on the 3DS: Luigi's Mansion 2 and A Link Between Worlds.

I'd say if I had to choose one of the two, I would choose the 3DS. But the PS Vita? Man. I love that console and it needs way, way more love.


    Ninty ThreeeeeDEEEEEssssssssss.

      Threeds, man.

      Just like the DS vs PSP last gen: Vita is a really cool piece of tech that costs too much and has a bunch of stuff that isn't terribly useful to me as a player. That sucks because there are some cool games I'd love to play. The 3DS does everything I like, gives me interesting new game experiences and costs a lot less.

      I'll likely pick up a Vita at the end of the cycle, just like I did with the PSP, but if I have to choose one or the other, I want my streetpasses!

    I only have a 3DS but have been considering the Vita because I have been 'buying' all the free PS+ games for it so I could essentially buy the handheld and not bother buying games for it very often.

    Plus I want remote PS4 play.


    Have both, but really only play the 3DS.
    I should join PS+ and get some more games for it that way and see if I play it more often, but the 3DS always seems to win-out in our house.

    I have both, and as much as I love my 3DS and the library of games, I'm finding more and more that i'm enjoying my VIta far more than my 3DS. The main reason being that i can import games from japan and america for my Vita, which has made up 3/4 of my vita library, while I can't on my 3DS. (I want Rune Factory 4 Damnit!!!!)

    I get that the vita looks pretty and plays cross platform games well, but if youre talking exclusive titles then I dont think there's much of a question as to which is more impressive.

    The Vita is a great little handheld, but all of the games I really enjoy on it are not Vita exclusives, they're just portable version of games I own elsewhere. PS+ help's a lot.

    The 3DS on the other hand has a strong library of great exclusive titles that I can't wait to get back to.

    If I could only have one I would choose the 3DS, because I wouldn't really miss out on many must play titles by not having a Vita.

    I voted 3DS, but honestly, why would I play games on either of them when I can instead stare at my steam library, or play some awful free game on my phone?

    Vita is so appealing to me. It's heaven for people who like jrpgs and indies (like me!) and it's got some great stuff outside those two genres, and PS+ sweetens the deal. It's also sleek and pretty and oh-so-good to hold.

    But there's a reason I haven't bought it yet (and might never will), and that is solely because I am a cheap, cheap bastard. Never mind the cost for admission, I will always be turned off by those memory card prices. Meanwhile, I netted my 3ds for $99 in a new year's sale and picked up a flashcard so I can play the 30+ DS games I didn't get to pick up.

    That being said, I am certainly fond of the 3DS. It has a good, varied lineup, It's first-party offers are as good as ninty makes em, streetpass is always amusing, and I found it much more portable than a vita when I hung unto a friend's for a while.

      We got a wifi model today for 179 from EB and an 8gb card for 29. Not a bad deal. Considering we can redownload the games we want fairly quickly, or keep them on the ps3 hdd and copy them over as needs be for now (until we get another higher capacity mem card) it suits us fine, the fact we're using it in conjunction with the ps4 doesnt hurt either, but I do get what you're saying. We have a 3DS as well. The 16gb memcard my son has for that, only cost me like, 15 bucks I think it was? For the Vita for a 32 it's almost offensive the price. So I'm just gonna have to stick I guess with buying 2 or 3 16gb cards over a period of time *sigh*.

        that's the thing. 8 gig? guy, that ain't shit. between ps+ and the fuckton of digital content I can possibly buy for the vita...

        179 tho, that's a half-decent price.

          Yep *exactly*. 8 gig allows like, 2 games, maybe 3. If I get 3 16gb cards, then I'm ok. But the problem is its a pain in the arse swapping around. *sigh*. That being said I do love the Vita.

          The Vita hardware is a bit more expensive once you include the memory card, but with PS+ and regular Steam-level sales on PSN, makes it a way better ecosystem. IMO take the plunge, get a 32/64gb card, PS+ sub and stick to the sales and you'll have an awesome experience, and in the long term it's good value despite the starting costs.

            It's a good investment, but it's a steep one- unless I dedicate a lot of time to portable gaming, it'll be a long time until it'll pay off for me. And if I'm going to spend upwards of $250 at the least... (and that's if I'm really lucky, too.)

            One day, though.

    Well since I dont have a lot of money and a playstation plus subscription already, the vita by a mile, the cheapest 'good' 3DS game I could find is $50, while I got 10 great vita games from PS+ and the store (persona 4 golden for $27)

    Hmmm, last hand-held I owned was just a GBA advanced, purchased just for link to the past, and to play multiplayer zelda on the game cube.
    I just don't do 'mobile handheld gaming', be in one of these or a smartphone, don't really have the transport time for it (ie i live literally 2 minute drive from work), and when playing games at home it's always the big pc or tv gaming.
    Any mobile gaming device just doesn't fit into my life.
    But if they did, I'd probably go for the 3ds.

    I need the absolute best experience when I game... It's all about immersion, I want to become a part of that world and stay there as much as possible and the Vita gives that to me where the 3DS can't. I absolutely respect the 3DS and titles like Ocarina of Time are fantastic, but when I want to be truly immersed...

    Killzone Mercenary is an absolutely incredible console quality game, in my pocket. Borderlands-freaking-2 next month! God of War Collection, Golden Abyss, Wipeout, the list goes on... And yes the Indie titles, not to mention PSP, PSOne and Remote play.

    Vita, hands down for me. Yes, it needs more love, but what it does produce is amazing.

    Vita for me.

    I don't really need a handheld. At home I use my PS3/PS4, I don't want to play games on the commute to/from work and I don't travel all that often. But PS+ subscription (and PS3/4 cross-buy) means I built up a collection of Vita games which got to the point where I had so many that it was worth buying the machine to be able to play them. It is handy when I go away on holiday or the rare occasions when I travel for work, and I do use it at home more than I thought I would (mainly because of the life-devouring Persona 4 Golden).

    But if I hadn't had all those games waiting for me, I wouldn't have bought the device, which is why I haven't bought or thought about buying a 3DS. When I bought the Vita I wasn't planning on actually buying any games for it and just coasting along on PS+ and cross-buy games, but I have purchased a few (Everybody's Golf, Tearaway, Persona 4 Golden and TxK). These are all very, very good games - I'm very happy with the device itself and the games I have on it. But it fills a fairly small niche in my gaming requirements, and will always be second-fiddle to the "real" consoles plugged into the TV.

    I have both but I really only use the Vita for Persona 4 Golden. The 3DS just has so many more excellent games that it's not really a contest.

    Having said that, as a piece of hardware the Vita is unstoppable.

    I own both systems but my 3DS gets way more use. I've only played two games on my Vita and one of them was a PSP game... (Persona 4 Golden + Trails in the Sky)

    I've owned a 3DS and currently own a vita. Vita has good hardware but there are no games for vita. It's either older indie PC games or current indie PC/PS4 indie games. There isn't much point of a vita when the PC/PS4 version will be better. And so much terrible PS3 ports. Why make the port of PS3 games if Vita can barely handle games like Sly 4 or Jak and Daxter. Only reason I still have it is because of PS+.

    Tough call. The Vita is a clear winner for me on the hardware front. The 3DS used to win out overall because it just had more of it's own unique titles, and it feels a little less precious than the Vita. I feel more comfortable banging it around and being rougher with it.

    But the Vita's been picking up speed significantly, and is starting to remind me of the PSP - which is a good thing. More and more Japanese titles are localising their way onto the system, and they're the type of stuff you just can't find anywhere else. It's one of the things that made the PSP my favorite handheld of all time. It's also picking some amazing momentum on the indie front.

    The point being I still think the Vita is a beautiful piece of kit and superior to the 3DS on the hardware front, but for games - both systems are fantastic for entirely different reasons.

    They compliment each other quite well - they suit different moods and situations for me, and are entirely unique. Love them both.

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    The Vita, because I don't like Nintendo.

    Also remote play, plus all the PSP & PS1 games too!

    Vita, because you can easily just subscribe to PS+ and get a steady trickle of great games to play. Honestly, until the Vita I pirated the shit out of handhelds because I couldn't stand carrying around a tonne of tiny cartridges. My Vita is the first one I've had where I'm content because I can go completely digital (and PS+ keeps me occupied), and cross-play is fantastic.

    3ds because of games library and because it shows that great graphics (even though are pleasing to the eye) don't make a good game. . .

    Both since day one. I enjoy my time with the Vita more. Come at me Kotaku :p

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    I have both.
    Got the Vita for cheap from my best mate & got a limited edition Pokemon Y 3DS last year.

    Was going to wait on the 3DS until it got a better battery but the range or excellent games for it was too compelling to wait any longer.

    As for the Vita, got it for Persona 4 Golden (my review of it here: & then transferred my PS1 classics to it. don't play it all that much because of lack of interested games released in Oz as well as the cost of them (with Vita version of FFX/X-2 being more expensive than the Ps3 version).

      The cost of x/x2 hd remaster really confused me too, considering you only get one game and a download code for the other where as the bluray copy has both games on one disc. I bit the bullet and purchased it anyway and so far am loving it, It's kind of a good thing have one physical and one digital as you can have both on the system at the same time, where as if it were cartridge it would have to be split onto 2 cards.

        On the subject of confusing, I don't get why the MGS collection on Vita only included MGS 2 & 3 and not Peace Walker which was included on the PS3 / 360 versions. I mean... it was a PSP game. The Vita is backwards compatible with PSP. Surely it would have been little to no effort required to include that?

          Yeah, that was a huge let down. Another thing that confuses me about the collection is that it's on sale now for $14 while each game separately Is $25

        I have both the Japanese and Australian versions of the game and I must say prefer having both games on physical media.

      (with Vita version of FFX/X-2 being more expensive than the Ps3 version)More expensive for one game on physical media and the other available as digital-only.

    Both were day 1 purchases, but recently sold my 3ds which most people would be staggered with but I just felt like I had outgrown it. Vita I still have and love the PS+ content that keeps rolling around.

    Vita... I find myself buying games mainly for this device now, than anything else and by the time the Vita is at end of life (hopefully not anytime soon), I will no doubt have more games for the console than any previous console.

    Certainly do not care that it is turning into an Indie / Classics PortStation, in fact that is another bonus for me (seeing as I don't PC game).

    As much as I love Pokemon, Mario Kart and Zelda, the Vita is my choice. Because, not to sound all Kanye, but Little Big Planet is THE GREATEST PORTABLE GAME OF ALL TIME.


    3DS feels like going back in time every time I turn it on, the hardware is just completely outclassed. Doesn't feel good in the hands. Battery life is terrible. I don't generally enjoy most Nintendo games (didn't grow up with them so no nostalgia) and while I have a decent library for it, I don't really feel like playing much on it.

    Also Nintendo's shithouse back-end makes me very wary about anything digital on the system, because they clearly don't know what the hell they're doing. Meanwhile Sony are doing just about everything right with their systems - cross play, Plus and so on. You've bought into one consistent and solid ecosystem rather than cobbled-together parts that don't quite fit with each other the way Nintendo's done it with the 3DS and the Wii U.

    But the biggest reason the Vita is better than the 3DS is the lack of a region lockout. If I can get a game cheaper overseas, I can just import it. If there's a game that's not available in my region that I want to play, I can import it. The only way to do this with 3DS is owning multiple systems, which I did and I think it contributed a lot toward my dislike of the platform.

      Region locking and Nintendo's lack of a proper, unified account system are just mind boggling. Everyone else can manage it, and has been doing it for 10 years. Not sure why Nintendo is finding it so hard.

      Plus region locking in this age of digital titles, and effortless importing is just cringeworthy.

      I completely agree and thought the exact same thing after getting my Vita. Going back to the 3DS feels like going back to the regular DS or GBA compared to the 3DS... It feels like I'm going back in time. The Vita is sleeker, prettier, higher resolution, better sound quality, better interface and online interactions, etc.

      The only thing that keeps the 3DS so popular is the game library. There are a lot of great titles for it - such as Zelda, Pokemon, Mario, etc. The Vita really lacks good, NEW games. However, I have 7 games for my 3DS and 22 for my Vita, because the Vita gives you access to PS1 Classics, PSP games and even some PS3 games. If you include those, it has a vastly superior selection of games, it's just that most of them are not unique to the system.

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