The Daily SingTaku

Well done Batguy for totally guessing yesterday's SingTaku super quick. Batguy — are you going to dominate this game again and make life difficult for me?

Today's SingTaku comes from me and my silver tinged tonsils. Lap it up folks.

You can totally take part in SingTaku and send in your own entries. The rules are simple: you have to use Vine. Upload your SingTaku to Vine and email me with the embed code! Simple!


    Sounds familiar, but from where and in what capacity?

    I'm gonna say Dizzy for no real reason.

    You've got some weird Rat Pack crooner thing going on there Mark.

    Yoshi's Island! Some track in it

    edit: Flower garden woooo I winnnn, celebrate me please everyone

    Last edited 23/04/14 12:11 pm

      OF COURSE! AH!

      Nicely done.

        This is a disappointing amount of celebrating

      HELLS YEAH! Woo Sughly!! You the man!!!

    Gonna string all of Mark's humming together to make a new ringtone for my phone

    I demand visual clues for Singtaku! I have no ability whatsoever to pick up on sounds =[

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