The Elder Scrolls Online's Backstory, Explained In One Minute

I haven't played The Elder Scrolls Online, but as an avid enjoyer of Elder Scrolls games, I've been curious where in the series' timeline it takes place. Now, thanks to the fast-talking folks at Lore, I know.


    Bah Elf-washing propaganda! They don't consider Men to be 'naive'. They consider Mer (and ultimately themselves) to be superior to all and want to exterminate Men from Tamriel once and for all. The Aldmeri must be stopped in as stabby a way as possible.

    Nice vid though!

    It was the Morag Tong who assassinated de-facto leader of Tamriel, Potentate Versidue-Shaie, not the Dark Brotherhood. It's no wonder so many people are misinformed about the lore in video games when these videos are what they go off.

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