The Final Skylander Of The Season Arrives Next Week

The Final Skylander Of The Season Arrives Next Week

Did you hear that? That’s the sounds of hundreds of thousands of parents and collectors breathing a sigh of relief, as they learn the final Skylanders: Swap Force character is being released next week. It’s quickly followed by a pained groan, as they discover Doom Stone’s debut is a 500-piece giveaway at the Toys’R’Us in New York City’s Times Square.

Coinciding with the reveal of the next game in Activision’s toy-meets-game franchise on April 23, 500 lucky fans will be able to score Doom Stone, the Earth-based final Skylanders: Swap Force character, just by beating eBay prospectors to the line outside Toys’R’Us.

The event begins at 4pm on April 23, but if folks want a Doom Stone, they will probably want to start queuing up *checks watch* yesterday. It won’t be that bad, really, and the figure will go wide soon enough.

And after that? Then begins the wondrous calm period between the last toy and the next game. No more waking up early to hit Toys’R’Us release days. No more crying. The children will probably stop crying as well. It will be lovely.


  • Doomstone AND two others… haven’t been able to find them yet tho? Wonder when they’re being released?

      • EB has the springtime ones, we picked up all 3 of them recently, Triggerhappy looks funky in his pastel colours. As for the new 3 Swappers though, no freakin idea. Haven’t seen them *at all*.

  • Yeah I saw the springtime Trigger Happy. Would have bought him if I didn’t already have the regular.

    I don’t know what’s going on with the later swap force ones. Might have to look in to buying them online somewhere :/

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