The First Mod And Tweaks For Dark Souls 2 Are Already Out

Those who remember when the original Dark Souls finally came to PC, will also remember the famous DSfix mod, which somehow fixed the game's most heinous issues within a few hours of the release. The modder responsible, Durante, has just beaten his own record — this time having everything ready before the game has even come out.

The PC version of Dark Souls 2 is due out today-ish. Specifically, the US version of April 25th. And over at PC Gamer, a series of articles by Durante has produced a tweak guide for anyone playing on PC, and a mod for the game, which "enables texture modding, arbitrary downsampling, and more."

Durante takes it a step further though, and provides a guide to actually modding it yourself. And the intention is for this new mod, entitled GeDoSaTo, to be the "successor to DSfix and DPfix — except its final goal is to work with any 3D game, not just Dark Souls 2."

A lofty goal, indeed! It might be a little much for some, but Durante goes quite in-depth when explaining how it all works, and how to fix up your game to get it looking as nice as possible. Simply maxing out your settings on the PC version will still have your game looking nice. But there's nice, and there's niiiice.

Head over here to download the mod.

[PC Gamer]


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