The First Player To Unlock All 2057 Of World Of Warcraft's Achievements

No, it wasn't one of the Blizzard devs, but a rather enthusiastic Russian player, Хируко, who managed to unlock every single achievement in World of Warcraft (that's 2057 at the moment) and an extra 205 of the approximately 300 Feats of Strengths unlocked. Technically, this means he has nothing left to do (collect missing mounts, maybe?) until the next expansion, Warlords of Draenor, arrives.

Here's a shot from his profile. Yup, that's all of the currently available 21,995 achievement points.

And here's a shot from WowProgress, where you can see the leaderboards. There are a few other players missing one or two achievements there.

This guy even managed to snag a lot of Realm Firsts. He was able to level up every single class to max level first on his server. How's that possible? He transferred to a low population realm with his guildmates, and while he played on multiple accounts simultaneously, his friends were busy killing everyone trying to get to level 90.

Well, that's not a nice thing to do. No surprise that Blizzard's removing Realm First achievements from Warlords of Draenor.

And while maxing out on achievements in WoW has been done before, he's the first to do it all over again with all of the additional Mists of Pandaria and endgame content.

[via MMO-Champion]


    What a dick move. So basically he's the guy you invade to punish for being a dick to begin with, find him co-oping his way through the game with 2 friends, die, and get mail calling you a scrub for losing 3v1. /blogsouls

    My realm first level 80 warrior was all sweat and tears... black sweat and caffeinated tears. I haven't touched wow in years but I'm still proud of that baby, really like the idea of realm firsts, but with such organized douchebaggery I can see why they need to remove them.

    Now when he is a grandpa he'll have something to tell his grand..... ohh wait.....
    Well he can now die alone and cold knowing that he is simply the best..... at world of warcraft. Im sure people will write stories about all his monumental achievements....... in the world of warcraft. There will be children who will want to grow up and be just like him..... in the world of warcraft.
    Me, I'll never be able to be that awesome..... in the world of warcraft. No instead i insisted on quitting the game and doing other things with my life. i should be ashamed.

    In Russia much dedication to play game there is.

    Still got to give credit he was a man with a plan that he executed.
    (see what I did there).

    Holy Crap get a life! (j/k)

    credit to where credit is due, that's a lot of hard work...

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