The Level Editor For Age Of Wonders III Looks Fantastic

One thing I've always liked about Blizzard is the high quality of its modding tools. Where other developers have dumped such support in favour of, well, nothing, it's good to know there are studios out there that actually like their communities. Take Triumph Studios and Age of Wonders III, the latest instalment in the fantasy strategy series.

Triumph has just released a video showing off the features for the game's level editor, but it only covers a fraction of its capabilities.

The clip is accompanied by a news post on the game's official website, which explains that along with crafting maps, you can also create your own campaigns, complete with custom dialogue, voice-overs and art.

With this degree of support, I wouldn't be surprised if a group turned out a Game of Thrones-themed campaign in the next few years — I know I'd check it out.

All about the Age of Wonders III level editor [Age of Wonders]


    I was a big fan of one and two in this franchise and I'm keen to see how it pans out.
    There's a lot of room for improvement considering what's happened in gaming since two, however that also means there's a lot of room to drag this over the abyss.

    Workable modding is always a huge plus for games. No matter what a studio does to the game, the community can alway drag it back to its roots .... or as mentioned in new and exciting directions.

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