'The Money I've Made From Monaco Is Kinda Gross'

Since its release, Monaco has seen a steady stream of updates from developer Pocketwatch Games, but like all good things, said attention must come to an end. The game's lead, Andy Schatz, yesterday announced the release of the final chapter for the game, as well as a great summary of how the title has changed his life.

First off, the new campaign is called Monaco: Fin, signalling fairly clearly its purpose as the last update for the game. It's available now, so there's no need to wait around if you'd like to play it.

Secondly, Schatz is keen to "start over" and "earn your attention again". He mentions how Monaco has sold close to a million copies and has obtained its fair share of success. As a result, he feels it's right to move onto the next challenge, whatever that may be.

Schatz then talks about just how well Monaco has done. It's something you can likely deduce yourself, going by that near-million-copy figure, but he tempers it with the fact that Monaco is the result of many years of experience and work:

The money I've made from Monaco is kinda gross, when taken in one big chunk. But it's really only about what I would have made had I been working for a salary all that time. I've been living pretty frugally... and I'm glad. It took a decade for the dedication to pay off.

If you're a fan of the game or indie success stories, it's a great read. While Schatz doesn't mention what Pocketwatch will be doing next, I'm surely it'll be pretty darn good, going by Monaco.

Monaco's Final Chapter: Fin. and farewell! [Pocketwatch Games]

Image: Pocketwatch Games


    Unless he had been earning almost $1million a year when working at other places up until leaving, no way would he have made what the game has brought him and his team in almost a decade. That said even though the game is not my cup of tea, I respect the dedication and regular updates these guys have produced.

    I mean almost a million sales for a small indie dev team is no laughing matter.

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