Lord Of The Rings Game Arrives In October

This Fall's Lord Of The Rings Game Comes Out October 7

The next Lord of the Rings game, Shadows of Mordor, is out on 7 October 2014, and there's a brand new angst-ridden trailer for you to watch. While many previous LOTR games have stuck closely to the source material (or at least Peter Jackson's interpretation thereof), Shadow of Mordor tells a brand new story set between the events of The Hobbit and the main trilogy.

XGN got ahold of the trailer already, which you can watch above. Players star as a ranger-turned-partly-wraith named Talion. And judging by a new trailer out today, the guy has some serious personal issues. Like, having his wife and child murdered and then being turned into an undead being kind of issues.

You can help him resolve them come Q4 2014. Shadow of Mordor is the first LOTR game to appear on the next-gen PlayStation 4 and Xbox One consoles, but it's also coming out for their older siblings and PC as well.


    I know a lot of 3rd person adventure games loook the same but this is just a copy of Assassin's Creed.

      And I love Assassin's Creed. This might be the first LOTR game I buy.

        This, I have zero interest in LoTR (that first film went on for a week and nothing happened so I tapped out of the series) but the trailer for this showed gameplay that looked fun!

          "nothing happened"


      Apparently it uses code from Assassins Creed II, I still can't wait, love me some Orc killing.

      And many people, including myself, plan to buy the shit out of it.

    So keen for this, too bad it's so far away... Oh well, Dark Souls 2 is on PC soon... that will occupy (read: frustrate) me for a while...

    Keeeeeeeeeeeeeeen. Been ages since I've had a good third-person slasher to play, and this will suit me well before Witcher 3.

      Yep its looks like a nice filler til the Witcher 3

    first decent LOTR game since the Movie tie-in trilogy so long ago, can't wait.

      I know right? I remember playing Return of The King on PS2, frickin' amazing,

        Those games were my life for a couple of summers. Would love an HD remake to play on PS4.

        Unfortunately I think that will be filed under "things which will never happen".

      "Third Age" for PS2 was a pretty decent LOTR RPG that you could play with two players. Player 2 just joined in during combat to control 3 of the 6 playable characters.
      Combat was similar to FFX, ie shoulder buttons to swap characters in and out of combat during battles.
      No shops or towns, all your gear is found in chests or by defeating boss's.
      It also had an 'Evil mode' that let you play out some major battles as the bad guys, that was pretty good for the novelty value.
      Hard to find, even on release, even more-so now, but I think worth a play through if you can get your mitts on it. Maybe 20-30 hours to complete.

      Last edited 03/04/14 2:19 pm

        Although th end boss was the Eye of Mordor itself. What was up with that? I enjoyed it, but it got really sloppy towards the end.

          Yeah I think it was a case of running out of time and money I reckon.
          I have the feeling that 'evil mode' should have been a larger part of it as well, but yeah same reason, hence why can only play evil mode for a few specific battle instances.
          The whole Pelenor fields bit felt ridiculously incomplete as well.
          But overall it was pretty enjoyable I thought, although I still cringe at the thought of a goblin/orc having like 3000-6000 hitpoints

          Last edited 03/04/14 4:28 pm

    looks interesting. i dont know that i would buy it, but id definitely like to sink a few hours into it and see how it goes.

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