The Next McDonald’s Happy Meals Have Pokémon Inside

The Next McDonald’s Happy Meals Have Pokémon Inside

McDonald’s has been kicking child-sized value meal arse as of late. Fresh off of a double team of Skylanders and My Little Pony and now in the midst of an Amazing Spider-Man 2 adventure, the fast food chain’s next choice is Pokémon X and Y.

Not only are we getting a nice little selection of ready-to-display Pocket Monsters and what looks like special cards for the Trading Card Game, each of these toys have what McDonald’s is calling “McPlay Power”, meaning they can be scanned into a mobile app to unlock mini-games and such. The current Spider-Man toys also have this feature.

Speaking of which…

The Next McDonald’s Happy Meals Have Pokémon Inside

It’s not often you see the same Happy Meal theme with separate toys for boys and girls. The pink might make some folks angry, but I dig it.

Unfortunately the “girl” toy for the Pokémon run is American Girl related. Boo.

The Next Happy Meal Toys [McDonald’s via GoNintendo]


    • and kicking. I love playing it with my brother and we only just got into it. hoping to be a enter a local competition for fun.

      • We only used to play flips with pokemon card back in my school. Some kids played for keeps, and then would call their brother to intervene when they lost their charizard/blastoise shiny cards.

      • Wow, that’s pretty amazing. This was played when I was in school. I’m 30 next year!

  • Another article only relevant to the US. While we will likely get these toys here eventually, they are probably several months away.

    • What really bugs me is when they say “stream from Crunchyroll” when there is geo-blocking…

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  • I got a happy meal the other day and it was LEGO movie themed. I was pretty excited, after all what is a better happy meal toy than lego? Actual “toy” was a lego themed plastic cup.
    I literally threw it across the room in fit of man-child anger.

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