The Pokémon Theme As An R&B Slow Jam

The Pokémon theme is an iconic part of many people's childhoods — a perfectly catchy intro to a classic cartoon. But sometimes you gotta slow things down a bit and really jam it out.

From Scott Bradlee (the guy who put together the sad clown version of Royals by Lorde) comes a '90s slow jam cover of the cartoon theme. R&B Pokémon is not a stretch, considering Donna Summer did a song for one of the Pokémon movies.

That said, I'd kill for an Aaliyah-styled cover of the Sailor Moon theme.

[ScottBradleeLovesYa via Digg]


    The ensemble is alright, the vocals is too vanilla though, too close to the original so that it's all I can hear

    I think I've developed a new pet peeve; I hate it when people refer to the anime theme as 'the Pokemon theme.' There is a difference between the anime theme and the real theme!

    Here is the actual Pokemon theme:

    By Arceus, I sound like such a fanboy.

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