The Robot That Lets All Your Video Game Dreams Come True

Halo, Alien, Metal Gear Solid. What do these franchises all have in common? They all feature robots and — more specifically — they all feature characters of scenes with people in 'exo-skeletons', robotics that enable human beings to achieve more, to be stronger, faster, better. This Robo-Suit, designed by engineers in Italy is about to make all your video game dreams come true.

Watch a perfectly regular human being with a beard picks up weights beyond his usual lifting capacity with the help of this exo-skeleton thingy. Pretty awesome.

The tech seems like it's in its infancy for now, but man. Give it 10 years or so? You're going to be buying your kids one of these things for Christmas.

Your clean house will be completely ruined.


    Unless you want to charge it every 30 minutes this will never progress unless batteries are improved, i guess you could hard wire it but you might need a very long cable

      Have inductive charging through the floor or a fast charge station close by and lithium batteries are very light, i think it would be possible unless its extremely power hungry

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