The Sound Of Alien: Isolation Will Scare The Living Crap Out Of You

The best horror games have incredible sound design. Dead Space is the example I'm thinking of right now, but Alien: Isolation, based on what's shown in the above developer diary, looks like it's pushing the boundaries and really attempting to integrate sound into the design in every way possible. Terrifying.

Alien: Isolation looks set to be a survival horror game in the literal sense of the term. You will attempt to survive and you will be horrified. With the focus being on stealth and hiding the the Alien, as opposed to mowing it down with a host of different weapons, sound appears to be a pretty big deal. It makes sense. When you're sitting cowering in the corner, you want to be listening for signs of the Alien so you can continue to hide.

It's just another sign that Creative Assembly are taking Alien: Isolation down a healthily awesome path. Cynicism fading. Slowly. I think I am ready to get excited about an Alien video game again.


    That final snippet - hearing the staccato of her terrified breath - was just awesome.

    I'm now really interested to see how this turns out and it certainly looks like it will be worth playing.

    Doom 3 was first to fully integrate ambient sound into game design/game mechanic. Rather than the ambient sound as an effect, ambient sound was truly built up the atmosphere of the game. Hence in Doom 3, there is no sound track. There are no "set sound pieces" that manipulated the player's feeling. To appreciate it fully, a good headset is required. The sense of dread came from the environment itself - and of course from the monsters going "Boo!" as they jumped out of cupboards and ceiling vents - as dictated by scripted events. It played as a true horror arcade 3d shoot'em up. Doom 3 was underrated as a horror game.

      Doom 3 scared the hell out of me (har har), for the first third at least. Once you get the Plasma Rifle especially it felt like more of an action game - also the jump scares start to become easy to predict. Still, loved it to bits - got some genuine screams out of me.

      Only other games to get me just as scared where Aliens vs Predator (playing as the Marine), F.E.A.R and Amnesia.

      Aliens vs Predator especially was one we'd prank people with by getting them to play it with headphones and then sneak up behind them and give them a big jolt just as the first alien showed up - all of that tension was pretty much based on the little beep noise of the motion tracker. :D

      Doom 3 with headphones, played in the dark.....effing terrifying (goes double if you don't use the flashlight mod).

      Really need to go back and finish that game....

    I'd shit my pants every second in that game.

    I'm the biggest pussy when it comes to horror games. Dead Space was free and i didn't even get it because of that.

    No thank you. *runs away like a little girl*

    This is awesome. But we've all been down that hype road before with Aliens, so this better not be Byron Bullocks...

    If this game is half as good as it looks, I will forcefully shove fists full of dollars down the developers semi-bearded throats.

    They make it rather hard to keep expectations low, as it looks more awesome each time they give more details...Although I wonder how hard it will be to keep hidden from the Alien. It's been a while since I've watched the movies but I thought hiding from them was pretty much impossible.

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      Well in Aliens (film 2) basically the whole film is about how Newt hid from the aliens for weeks, months even. It's not impossible, but it's just shy of that. And who knows, maybe at the end of the game you die, showing your fate was in fact sealed.

        Oh yeah I forgot about how Newt managed to survive so long. Although dying at the end definitely won't happen, since you play as Ripley's daughter who we already know from the movies died when she was 60+.

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