The Story Of The PS1, Summed In Six Minutes

Gather round the digital fire, everyone. It is time for a fascinating and educational PlayStation history lesson. Don't worry, this won't take long.

The folks over at DYKGaming are at it again — only this time, they're here to tell us all about the major beats of the PS1's lifespan. In this video, you'll learn stuff like:

  • How the PlayStation was the result of a deal gone bad between Sony and Nintendo
  • How CDs fared against cartridges
  • How Ken Kutaragi took an interest in game development — and how it almost cost him his job
  • Why Nintendo developed a CD add-on for the Super Nintendo
  • Why Nintendo didn't partner with Sony for hardware development
  • How Sony almost didn't even go into game/hardware development
  • Why the Phillips CD-I was even a thing
  • What features made the PS1 successful at the time
  • What some of the weird prototype controllers for the PS1 looked like
  • What some of the logos Sony considered for the PS1 looked like
  • Why Squaresoft decided to break their exclusivity deal with Nintendo and started making games for Sony
  • What the special programming-centric version of the PS1 was

And more! A pretty good watch if you want to learn something new, or perhaps if you want a refresher on some old-school console history.

Boy. Can you imagine how different everything would be had the Sony-Nintendo deal not gone sour? Funny how things turn out!

You can see more of Normal Boot's work here.

PlayStation - Did You Know Gaming? Feat. Caddicarus [DYKGaming]


    Oh my god, who sounds out every letter of SNES?
    And why does this guy sound like he's putting on a bad accent when he pronounces the Japanese names?

    These things shouldn't annoy me as much as they do. >:(

      Different cultures have different ways of pronouncing brand names, ever heard an American say Nokia? This one is probably a British thing. Similar to how they pronounce Nike with a hard "k" ending and not the long "e".

      I thought everyone pronounced it s-n-e-s?

        What? No, turn it into a one syllable word. Rhymes with less.

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