The Top 100 Games On Steam Are (Probably) These Ones

The Top 100 Games On Steam Are (Probably) These Ones

Yesterday, Ars Technica published an exhaustive look at Steam sales figures. A day later and some slight adjustments have had to be made, thanks to some corrections to their data (it's not a big deal), but something has been added to the report. A list of the top 100 games on Steam.

Like the rest of the report, since it's mined from user data (not released by Valve as official records), there's a margin of error to take into account. Like the rest of the report, though, that margin is small enough for us to all shrug, not really mind and be thankful we've got a mostly accurate report, since that's better than no report at all.

The top 20 is below. As you can see, it's dominated by free-to-play titles, especially Valve's own experiments in that field, though retail heavy-hitters like Skyrim and Civ V are right up there.

You need to check out the full chart though, since there are a few surprises near the end.

The Top 100 Games On Steam Are (Probably) These Ones

The 100 most played games on Steam [Ars Technica]


    I want somebody to track down the 320,000 people who have bought FTL but not actually played it so I can personally slap then in the face and yell "WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU WAITING FOR!?"

      When I purchased FTL, I was given a direct download. Then I got it on Steam as part of a Humble Bundle, so I've played a whole heap of FTL, but it that playtime won't show up on Steam...

      They might have gotten it in a Humble Bundle and not even know it's installed. Really cool game, loving the ipad version!

        I hadn 't played the PC version but the iPad version is amazing. It's a game suited to the touch controls.

      Whenever there is a sale I end up sending copies of FTL to my friends who don't have it. Plus copies of Bastion, Hotline Miami and Terraria. All are great games.

      *shields face* come at me mate!

      Last edited 18/04/14 10:07 am

    Piss off if i'm counted as DOTA 2 player I haven't touched that stinking pile. MOBA's are for jerks

      MOBA's make you a jerk.
      There is just something about playing with 4 strangers that make you want to cut them for making a tiny mistake.

        Playing a MOBA consistently for a long time makes you a jerk. Every time I find myself abusing someone over a game I stop playing for a while as I'v realised I'm no long enjoying it and am ruining it for everyone else. I'll come back about a week later and find I'm no longer an asshole.

          DOTA is probably the only game that makes me like that. But I try my bet to take it out on myself or jokingly with my friends I play with.

          I hope.

    26 million DOTA players, I wonder how that compares to LOL.

      27 million players on LOL

    Love me some DOTA but that 1.1 ratio is lies.

      If you look, pretty much all the top 20 games that are free-to-play have a 1-1 ratio. I would say they mark players as those who have used it at least once.

      This would make sense when you notice games that don't have that ratio are usually paid games so either you've bought something that you don't use all of (ie Play MW2 SP not MW2 MP) or bought one of those sale packs and never launched it (I am guilty of that!)\

      Case in point, look at all the Half-Life games. While HL2 will have good numbers, Day of Defeat and Lost Coast are pretty terrible numbers (because they tend to come in packs)

    no Goat Simulator Love?

    I opened DOTA 2 once...

      Got ragged on for being new, was informed various parties slept with your mother and discovered your sexuality wasn't quite what you thought it was. Sums DOTA 2 up pretty well. :) Very brutal competition, great to watch but I can't bring myself to play it anymore.

        I found out I was gay because of some random also. Quite like this...

        Sums up [insert game played predominantly by adolescent males] pretty well.....

        Played CS recently? [or..... well.... ever?] lol.

        I recently got CS:GO, jumped on, and was instantly reminded what it was like all those years ago playing any sort of competitive shooter.
        It hasn't changed, nor will it ever as long as the main demographic is angsty teen males.

        Last edited 17/04/14 5:26 pm

          Counter strike: source, is also used for a lot of half life mods, which could help to gain its popularity.

        mmmh, not exactly like that. It was more like I opened it, looked at the menu, then closed it.

    Empire Total War is the most popular Total War?

      I agree , rather puzzling. Cautiously, I'll put forth that Shogun 2 is the best in series.

        I've heard it's pretty good but it's pretty much the only one I don't have. Personally, I think Rome 2 is pretty good, even though a lot of people say it's the worst but my favourite in the series would have to be Barbarian Invasion.

    Sry guys. I'm severely frustrated. I just bought TWO 20$ steam cards and have been browsing steam for TWO hours looking for JUST ONE good steam game. Kinda like trying to pick the best kindergarten finger painting. Not that my heart didn't go out to a few 6 yr olds but I'm speachless. Been playing games since PONG was the shit, and still F'ing PONG man. WTF. Looking for Blade runner meets the matrix and Blended into something TRON drinks for breakfast and found...ugh, Yu-gi-oh. Not that I totaly hated one of the first one but come on. RAISE THE BAR FOLKS. Tell 'em it sucked, and to go back to the board and bring something at least as good as zelda before they're like, " Hey, look at my new game. I fixed the rendering." IT STILL SUX RECTUM JACKASS. ... ...... ........ Even more bored now.

    Last edited 10/08/14 3:40 am

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