The World Needs A Game That Mixes Tetris With Scrabble

Ever spent any amount of time on Twitter recently? The written word is dying a slow, cumbersome death and we all know it. YOLO. WTF. LMAOROLF. Spellcheck. Everything has spell check. We're growing a generation of illiterates here people and we need a game like Fiasco! to reverse the trend!

Fiasco! is basically Tetris mixed with Scrabble. Imagine the typical flow of Tetris block traffic. Now imagine that, instead of trying to manage that flow by creating lines, you had to create actual words? Now you're starting to get what Fiasco! is all about.

It's also turn-based and allows you to play with friends, ala Words with Friends, Chess with Friends, and all those other 'with Friends' titles. I see this as something I could totally get into. I've just managed to get an early version of the game and will report back. This game could save our children's children!


    I suspect I would play the crap out of this. Less so because it's "with friends" style though. I hate that kind of thing.

    It's a marriage set up perfectly. Could definitely see this take off on mobile markets.

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