The World's Fastest Ocarina Of Time Player Set Another New Record

Last month, speedrunner Cosmo Wright beat The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time in 18 minutes and 56 seconds. Over the weekend, he hit 18:40.

That's with glitches, but without tools or cheats. He plays on a Chinese version of the game that loads text faster than the others. It's not quite as fun to watch as speedruns that don't use glitches, but hey — still a world record, and still exceptionally impressive.


    It’s not quite as fun to watch as speedruns that don’t use glitches,

    On the contrary, I enjoy watching speed runs that use glitches more. I love seeing how players find ways to sequence break or find glitches to shortcut through huge sections of a the game.

    I mean that glitch to teleport from the forest to Kakariko village, then the glitch to teleport from the Gohma boss fight pretty much directly to Ganandorf - I mean how the hell do you even find those? Let alone think of a way to actually beat Ganon using only a Deku stick...

    "that don’t use glitches"

      Glitches ain't shit but hoes and tricks! (Even though I thoroughly enjoy watching both styles)

    inb4 new kotaku article! Cosmo beats his time for a new world record of 18:32!

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