The Xbox One Dashboard, Beautified

Wouldn't it be cool if we could customise the Xbox One with this much ease? Unfortunately, this video mockup byPrimeGhost Gaming isn't real — it's just a concept. But if the Xbox One does ever implement something like themes, I hope it takes some cues from this.

Being able to dictate the colour of the widgets on my Xbox One isn't enough!

Xbox One Ultimate UI [PrimeGhost Gaming]


    Looks like Windows Phone 8.1.

      Nothing wrong with that. Love WP.

        Oh no, not saying there's anything wrong with it. Just pointing out that he's pretty much designed a feature that Microsoft already designed (I think my Surface Pro could do at least half of this out of the box last year). At this point I'd almost be surprised if this didn't make it to the XBOX One.

          I'll have to try on my surface. I can change the background, but only to their limited selection. Although I haven't tried since the 8.1 update. I guess I'll get the WP8.1 update when Telstra feel like it. Maybe 2020.

            8.1 you can use your desktop background.

    Would make my Xbox One experience much much better for sure. Get to it MS.

    oh wow, can we please get some of those tile effects in Win 8.1 start screen as well?

    That would make it a LOT better.. it just feels unfinished at the moment..

    I was okay with not having a wallpaper on my dashboard - until I saw this. Why on earth did both Microsoft and Sony remove this simple little feature?

    saw this on facebook yesterday... its pretty awesome... and the ideas are solid... but you have to think like microsoft...

    "how can we make money if we did this?"

    essentially you're allowing people to change their "theme" for free... and we all know they liked selling themes on the 360...

    who knows, perhaps they'll take this idea and do something awesome for us xbox owners :) *fingers crossed*

    i've been thinking why have those awesome detailed images for achievement unlocks if we can't use them for anything?

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