There’s A BioShock Infinite Easter Egg In This Week’s My Little Pony

There’s A BioShock Infinite Easter Egg In This Week’s My Little Pony

Do you see them? This is exactly why I watch My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic.

Well, that and the whole friendship and kindness thing makes me happy. And the bright colours. Also the toys. And Rainbow Dash is my best friend. But mostly because the writers of the show know their audience, and know that they will go completely nuts when the twins go walking by with a birdcage.

Such a happy thing. I’m so glad reader Bob pointed it out to me, because I watched the video and missed it. Me, missing a thing. Can you imagine? I mean, even BioShock creator Ken Levine was in on it.

All right, BioShock bronies: today is your day… (h/t alyssa kelly)

— Ken Levine (@IGLevine) April 19, 2014

Did you catch it, or did you miss out? You know, you wouldn’t miss them if you all started watching the show. It’s magic, you know. Tell you what, here’s the whole episode (Hub Network lets fans upload them to YouTube). The magic moment is around…bah, watch the whole thing. You’ll see it.


  • Do you see them? This is exactly why I watch My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic.

    Suuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuure it is 😉

  • Surely grown men who watch a show about brightly coloured ponies have some sort of issue, and now the toys come in anthropomorphised versions that wear skimpy clothes. Yeah that’s normal.

      • The ponies, yes, they are usually a naked.
        The human versions of the ponies from the movie? Those are clothed. Probably better for everyone that way.

  • I think that as a person who obsesses over video games and superheroes, I have no right to criticise bronies. I’ve never seen MLP, I don’t plan on seeing it, but I’m not going to talk shit about people who watch it. Everyone has the right to enjoy what they want to enjoy, and for that reason I support bronies.

    What I don’t like, though, is when a child of a friend of mine (a six-year old girl) goes on the internet to look at My Little Pony, one of her favourite series, she ends up scarred by anthropomorphic horse porn. I don’t like the way male fans of the show talk about how they’re the only ones the show matters for and criticise children (the TARGET AUDIENCE) for not being “real fans”.

    I encourage bronies to enjoy MLP, my only concern is that the pony fanatics aren’t letting children enjoy the show, too.

    • Very much this. I recently, somehow ended up in a real life conversation between two others who decided it wasn’t possible of me to like DC and Marvel equally, as they both liked one above the other and argued frequently which was better. Personally, I don’t care. I find positives in both and enjoy both for various reasons. But the fanaticism that came out of that conversation just ruined it for me, ruined any enjoyment. I can sit there for hours with a fan and wax lyrical about how cool Batman is, or why Hank Pym and his particles rock, or why Reed Richards isn’t as dorky as he’s made out to be, but the moment it turns into “THIS SUCKS! THATS BETTER THAN THAT!” I pack my proverbial bags and the the fudge out of dodge.

      And the people who sexualise childrens cartoons… are sick. Sick beyond belief and should die in a damn fire.

      • The only thing that sucks between DC and Marvel is that DC has been trying to imitate and catch up to Marvel for a long time now when they should be doing their own thing.

        As for sexualising childrens cartoons, I find it better when they change them into adults before doing that. At least it’s not kids they’re perverting.

        • The MLP characters that get the most porn are usually interpreted to be adults in the first place. It isn’t 100% clear, but the “mane 6” all live away from their families except for Applejack (but she might live on that same family farm until her dying day).

          • Yeah, that sounds about right. Since none of that mindframe comes across in a still image, it is porn of young adult… ponies (and that’s probably the creepiest bit to me).

  • There should be more of you on the internet, people with open minds are sadly a dying breed. I fall in your camp of “I don’t personally but I wont judge you for your interests”.
    Can someone please post what the easter egg is though? for someone only loosely invested in the bioshock universe, it strikes me as something that should have found its way into the article for clarity…

    • In the beginning of the gif, right behind the purple one’s head there are two ponies dressed as the twins from bioshock with a floating birdcage right in front of them walking by

  • The “issue” is probably that they don’t feel compelled to limit themselves to stuff that is regarded as “manly.” While I’m not a Brony, I don’t see anything wrong with that. In fact, the fewer guys around who feel compelled to stick to the frequently damaging macho ideal, the better in my book.

    The impact that the marketing and the Brony fan community has on the small children who are also fans of the show… that’s something else again. I’m with nightmarebc666 on that one.

    • Exactly. It’s the other inequality issue that no one ever talks about or makes a big deal of. Men are not allowed to like anything that’s seen as contradictory to society’s image of what a male should like. If you diverge from that image, you are emasculated and shunned and told that you should be watching sports and macho, violent cartoons and playing “manly” video games instead. When females can watch these kinds of things and everybody accepts it but a male watching it is mocked, you know there’s a problem.

      Obsessive fans though… that’s another story and I think that’s where a lot of the problem stems from.

      • Nope. My ex girlfriend watches this stuff and it’s still creepy. Gender has nothing to do with it. It’s the fact that grown adults are glued to a kids TV show.

  • Oh good, it’s more of these comments again.

    While I’m not a “Brony”, I do like the show. And while the aforementioned comments would be totally accurate if we were talking about any of the original series, what everyone isn’t getting is that the new series is quite a different beast from the the old series.

    Saying grown men shouldn’t watch MLP is like saying adults shouldn’t watch Pixar movies. You not only look childish yourself, but it’s clear you’ve never *really* watched any of them. You’re dismissing them based purely on that fact that their core audience is young children.

    However, Pixar films are actually intended to be enjoyed by adults as well as kids and they make the films accordingly, putting in things kids will like and things adults will like. The same is true of the new MLP series. Underneath the colorful talking horses is a surprisingly well-written and quite funny series that the creators have put a lot of love into.

    Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m off to my bunker to dodge the bile that people who have just skimmed my comment will be hurling in this direction!

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