This Alien Isolation Easter Egg Looks Scary (And Delicious)

Easter is coming and so is chocolate. In the form of eggs. But what if that chocolate egg took the shape of a completely rancid looking egg from Alien? Would you still eat it? Of course you would. Chocolate is chocolate and you can't be fussy. Not in this economy!

Created by Choccywoccydoodah in the UK for Creative Assembly, who are currently working on Alien: Isolation, the egg is utterly grotesque, especially when you lean in close and take a proper look. It's all in the totally disgusting details.

Yeah that's pretty gross.

Still there's no doubt in my mind. I would totally eat this. All of it. There's something slightly different about easter egg chocolate. I don't know what it is, it might be the way it's cheaply produced, or the way it's shaped. Who knows, but I'm totally going to smash a seriously criminal amount of Easter eggs over the long weekend.


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