This Is Every Single Gruesome Game Of Thrones Death

As someone who spends an unhealthy amount of time playing video games, you'd think I'd be used to death and carnage on a grand scale, but this video, showing pretty much every death in the TV adaptation of Game of Thrones, had me a bit queasy.

I guess when it's spread out evenly, you just don't get a feel for how incredibly brutal and violent Game of Thrones is for a TV show. There is a lot of throat-slitting/head-choppage/face-stabbing/limp amputation/etc.

Game of Thrones kicks of its fourth season at some point today in the US, and then at 3.30pm on Showcase here in Australia. All aboard the hype train.


    Wasn't this just posted a day or 2 ago?

      It was. But this is the first time I've seen Serrels reposting... The world is truly doomed.

        I am sorry to have let you down!

          Your articles are the reason I come to this site. Slow news week, I pay nothing to access this website, no need to be sorry.

    I prefer the other highlights reel of GoT.

      Yes, but unlike all the blood and guts and violence and murder in this one, that one contains objectionable material that some may find offensive. :P

        This is the topsy turvy world that we live in.

    Not exactly every; I think they missed the one during the battle at blackwater bay where the bloke next to stannis gets his head utterly mashed by a boulder. It's odd to miss that one since the show runners put a lot of effort into the dummy that was used.

      Pretty sure that's it at 1.13 -

      Wow, so brief. Either this is the TV-edited MA version, or they've been watching far too many of those trailerswheretheactioncutsfromsequencetosequencesorapidlythatyoudon'tknowwhat'sgoingon. :P

    Seems like an adverage working week in the corporate world.........only a little less coffee.

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