This Might Be The Most Dramatic Game Of Hearthstone Ever...

"Which one of you motherfuckers challenged me in Hearthstone?"

That's how this video begins. That's how one of the most dramatic games of Hearthstone ever played begins.

I've never really understood card games, so as much as I want to get into Hearthstone — and as much as I've heard that it's the perfect entry point to card games — I've always struggled to get what it is players get out of it. Bizarrely, this video does a great job of capturing the drama that goes into a game like Hearthstone.

That's it. I'm playing it.

Thanks Taylor!


    God damn it I'm loving Hearthstone. Never really got into Magic or other similar card games but this Hearthstone has got it's hooks in me. It's a really good example of a free-to-play you can actually play without needing to spend a cent.

    @markserrels Hearthstone has a bit of a learning curve even when compared to traditional CG's but once you get past your first 4-5 matches against real people and a get a feel for how the cards play together as well as your class you won't be leaving the game anytime soon! I can't emphasize how often I've had matches where I'm one turn away from a crushing defeat just to have the perfect card being drawn the next turn for a complete turnaround.

    P.S. I haven't had to invest anything in the game so far and I've played for about 5-6 hours.

      I had a tight game with a warlock but ended up having him pinned down, 1 health left to my 5, no creatures on his side of the board and an empty hand.

      The fucker top-decked Jaraxxus.

    first game i played online i had him down to 1 health and he hit me with his core hound.
    i lost :(

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