This Morrowind Speed Run Takes Just 3 Minutes And 22 Seconds

I always thought the term "speed run" could have done without the "speed" bit — tautology and all that. Calling yourself a "runner" though just sounds like you're preparing to star in a Paul Michael Glaser film. Anyway, what was I talking about? Oh yes, check out this 3:22 run of Bethesda's Morrowind.

A Twitch user by the username "Fatalis_" is responsible for this blindingly-fast completion time of the developer's expansive RPG. It involves reliving a certain wizard of his scrolls of Icarian Flight, before abusing the heck out of a glitch I believe is called the "Sunder/Keening" bug, which allows one to receive stratospheric attributes and skill levels.

From there it's a matter of beating the turd out of Dagoth Ur, after which, hooray! Not as fun as playing the game for 100 hours and doing it the long-long-long way, but hey, whatever floats your silt strider.

Morrowind any% 3:22 without loads [Twitch]


    Speed runs themselves don't really interest me that much, but man did that music bring back some memories!

      Agreed. Damn the ES series has had some good scoring!

        I never finished Morrowind so I have no idea what I just saw... but that music

    Was that a tool assisted speed run? I think I saw him press scroll up like 34 times in a second, so I'm assuming so, unless he's a tap dancer with his fingers.

      Not too unreasonable if it were bound to the mouse wheel.

      some mice have scroll wheels that go loose. you can scroll ridiculously fast with them

      Mechanical keyboard is another possibility

    I remember watching someone do this years ago and still not knowing what was going on. This one's faster though because of the section where they basically no-clip through all the walls and there are no loading pauses.

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    Makes me want to play Morrowind again... one of the best games ever made.

    I don't agree with speed runs such as this. The fact that people have to exploit bugs to finish in record time just isn't.......proper. Ya know? Doesn't make it any less fun to watch but still, the principle is there.

      There's a segment of speed runners that will argue vehemently that glitches are a legitimate way to speedrun, but they're not. 'Exploiting bugs for gain' is no different to 'exploiting console commands for gain', they're both clearly unintended factors to game completion.

      Sure, there's competition to be had to see who can do the fastest glitch run, but it's like watching a Counterstrike match on a cheat-enabled server. The real skill is in proper competition and proper completions.

        I'm with Zed Jesus on this. This is a sploit run at best, an mechanical/tool assisted sploit run at worst.

        I've never heard anyone who speedruns say that glitches aren't kosher.

        The mentality is to do whatever you can with the tools available within the game. That includes glitches.

        Most games will have different categories for runs. Any% is a free for all where you simply have to get to the end as fast as possible (which is what this run would no doubt count as). There are then 100% runs where you have to meet whatever the game's definition of 100% is (in Dark Souls the equivalent of 100% is generally All Bosses).

        Some runs will have restrictions because the runners find the game boring without them. There is a Zelda game with a "no save and exit" run because save and exit makes things trivial.

        There is a lot of skill in playing with glitches. I still don't understand why people think it invalidates a run. Consistently pulling off a glitch can be more difficult than playing the game "properly".

        All people who speedrun are playing under the same conditions. That makes it proper competition to me.

        To be honest, when I hear people say that they don't count runs that use glitches, I simply think that they don't understand the speed running mentality.

        Playing through a 20 hour game as fast as you can is boring. Taking a 20 hour game and beating it in under 20 minutes? That's pretty rad.

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