This Portable N64 Is A Work Of Art, And There Are More Coming

This Portable N64 Is A Work Of Art, And There Are More Coming

We've seen portable retro consoles before, but this N64 mod is beautiful. Not only that, but it looks like there will be more of them on the way, so you just might be able to get one.

The portable console uses a 3.5-inch screen, internal memory and Rumble Pak, an Expansion Pak, a GameCube analogue stick and four-hour battery life. If you're interested in the process of making it, there's a progress thread here. Just want to see the final product in action? Check out the video below.

Bungle posted this on the Bacman forum for retro console mods, and mentioned that he wants to make more so he can sell them. So start saving up now, because who knows how many he'll be able to make. If you're interested in getting one, you can follow the forum, or subscribe to the YouTube channel.

This Portable N64 Is A Work Of Art, And There Are More Coming

I asked Bungle for some more information on his plans to sell them, and I'll update when he lets me know.

Bacman forum via Reddit


    Where's the second analog stick!?

    Last edited 09/04/14 3:08 pm

      N64 only had one. In the middle section. When you wanted to play an analog stick game you held the middle of three 'prongs'.

    Here's my portable N64.

      The beauty of using the device in the article is that you can actually control a game......

      because everyone knows how much fun d-pads and analog sticks are on a touch screen...

      Every now and again I forget how shit console games are on touch screen, and install an emulator on my phone. I last about 3 minutes before uninstalling.

    Kind of a weird place to put the start button.

    This begs the question actually, if someone were to mass produce this kind of thing on a larger scale, would they start manufacturing game cartridges again? Probably not, but one can dream.

    Last edited 09/04/14 3:26 pm

    I would definately love to play my timeless n64 games on the go. Especially Quest64. Love that game :) With the actual cartridge mind you, needs that little bit of authenticity.

    Last edited 09/04/14 4:17 pm

    man would love this - as if hybrid heaven or body harvest will ever get a remake!

    i'd settle for n64 releases on the virtual console :)

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