Titanfall Expedition Map Pack Coming In May

Titanfall Expedition Map Pack Coming In May

Briefly: At the PAX East Titanfall panel, Respawn Entertainment announced Titanfall Expedition, a paid, campaign-continuing map pack coming to the Xbox and PC shooter.

Expedition will contain three new maps, one of which changes the way the game is played, allowed pilots to wall-run from tree-to-tree. That's "Swampland", pictured above, littered with the ruins of alien technology. There's also the water map, "Runoff", and a simulator-based map called "War Games".


    so.... what the hell did i just pay for with the season pass? more shitty campaign maps.. that will be free(?) for other multiplayer modes because they said they weren't going to fragment the community?

    I hope this doesn't split the community too much. Map packs killed Section 8: Prejudice.

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      Campaign-continuing? So extra MP maps which are added to the campaign with some dialogue? Okay.....

      It's pretty split already. It's impossible to find a game that isn't Attrition or Hardpoint on the Australian server.

        Really? I've never had any issues. Pretty much just jump straight into Variety Pack and play a few modes of each. Really enjoy a round of Titanfall CTF!

        My group we play every Monday and we never have any issues on variety pack. We also online laned the game and it rocked.

    How much are they charging? 5 dollars for three maps sounds like a good price, but I'm expecting it to be 10~15 dollars. Anymore than that and there's no way I'm paying. And $15, if it is that price, would be a little steep.


      And there's two more packs of three maps coming at the same price, bringing it to a $90US game.

    Suckers keep buying them so why stop selling the crap?

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