Titanfall Expedition Map Pack Coming In May

Titanfall Expedition Map Pack Coming In May

Briefly: At the PAX East Titanfall panel, Respawn Entertainment announced Titanfall Expedition, a paid, campaign-continuing map pack coming to the Xbox and PC shooter.

Expedition will contain three new maps, one of which changes the way the game is played, allowed pilots to wall-run from tree-to-tree. That’s “Swampland”, pictured above, littered with the ruins of alien technology. There’s also the water map, “Runoff”, and a simulator-based map called “War Games”.


  • so…. what the hell did i just pay for with the season pass? more shitty campaign maps.. that will be free(?) for other multiplayer modes because they said they weren’t going to fragment the community?

  • I hope this doesn’t split the community too much. Map packs killed Section 8: Prejudice.

    • Campaign-continuing? So extra MP maps which are added to the campaign with some dialogue? Okay…..

    • It’s pretty split already. It’s impossible to find a game that isn’t Attrition or Hardpoint on the Australian server.

      • Really? I’ve never had any issues. Pretty much just jump straight into Variety Pack and play a few modes of each. Really enjoy a round of Titanfall CTF!

      • My group we play every Monday and we never have any issues on variety pack. We also online laned the game and it rocked.

  • How much are they charging? 5 dollars for three maps sounds like a good price, but I’m expecting it to be 10~15 dollars. Anymore than that and there’s no way I’m paying. And $15, if it is that price, would be a little steep.

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