Titanfall On PC Vs Xbox One Vs Xbox 360

Titanfall On PC Vs Xbox One Vs Xbox 360

Not all versions of Titanfall are made equal — at least not when we’re talking about the graphics. If you’re curious about how all the versions of Titanfall hold up visually, then you should watch this graphical comparison video by IGN. Unsurprisingly, the PC version looks the best out of the three.

And in case you’re interested in comparisons stills, then you might want to go here — but to give you a small taste:

Xbox 360

Xbox One




  • PC looks like it has a very slight edge over XBox One and you can truly see the generation gap between Xb360 and others too

    • Not really at all. Xbox one looks just as good if not better than the PC version.

      • The pc is far more detailed, sharper textures and higher resolution with 16xAA. Anyone that can’t see this needs their eyes checked. The brightness is too high on pc though in these shots but that can be easily fixed either ingame, on your monitor or in your GPU control pannel.

    • I dont think any one is really surprised here…..but i do think that PC is for the young because i really dont care that much anymore…a sign im a old gamer :|.

  • That Xbox 360 Pic is incorrect , it should just be the Searching for Matchmaking list , thats all i get when i try to play.

      • i did but now have to figure out how to open ports or something on my Router . i brought a console so i didnt have to muck around with hardware settings.

  • This just proves that consoles are way behind in the tech department, seriously developers should be working on pc first and consoles second. I’m sick of second rate ports of console games that are poorly optimised making it to the pc. What’s the point of buying the latest and greatest tech if we’re only gonna be held back by low power consoles? It’s like buying a Ferrari only to have it tuned down to compare with a hybrid camry.

    • Well, what’s the point in buying the latest and greatest tech if you’re just going to lower the graphics to increase the FPS?

      • If the games were built on pc and optimised for pc hardware we would be able to run these games with Max graphics and 60fps.

      • Fuck that, I have SLI 780’s with a surround setup. I never need to lower the graphics.

  • I got this for xbox 360 and was playing it last night. I have to say it is fun and runs great. It looks just as good as cod4 and is a fun spin on traditional FPS. I locked the frames to 30 and increased my controller sensitivity and did not notice one sceen tear or judder even when we had 8 titans clashing in one game.
    I chose ps4 this time around and was gutted titanfall was only coming out on xb1 and pc so was really pleased that bluepoint games did such a great port. I think the xb1 is slightly nicer to look at but all the gameplay and action is still there so go get it guys.
    This will keep me happy until titanfall 2 comes to ps4!!! Win win.

  • Ok, I will just drop this again shall I? I play it on Xbox One most days since release and can tell you it LOOKS WAY BETTER than this lossy Youtube video. These comparisons unless done on the intended display straight from the console are rubbish and only serve to defame the quality of the real graphical quality. That being said, you can definitely see that the Xbox One is better that 360 in this video. A lot more detail and contrast. The 360 version is more washed out. Also, Titanfall is not really a postcard for graphics. It uses Source engine which is amazingly fluid in its gameplay but a little old. Hopefully for the sequel they will build a better graphics engine without losing the amazing gameplay.

  • So the PC version looks better in every way? I haven’t been this shocked since I found out water was wet.
    In all seriousness, is anyone who isn’t a fanboy surprised? As long as the devs are competent, the PC version will always look better. It’s the nature of the PC. New hardware comes out all the time, and consoles have to stick with what they’ve got for a ‘ten year life cycle.’

  • Maybe someone can point the actual difference out to me because it looks like the 360 version has just had the brightness turned up

    • The 360 version renders at 1040×600 (upscaled to 1920×1080). The Xbone version renders at 1408×792 (also upscaled), or 79% more pixels per frame. The PC version can render at a variety of resolutions, but here is rendering at native 1920×1080, 86% more pixels per frame than the Xbone, and a massive 232% more pixels per frame than the 360 version.

      As a result the PC version is much sharper and clearer than the Xbone version, which in turn is sharper than the 360 version. Both Xbox versions have 2x MSAA which mitigates the problem somewhat, but the PC is still streets ahead.

      The Xbone and PC versions both have enough RAM to hold all their textures in memory, whereas the 360 version not only has lower resolution textures (look at the side of the gun in these screenshots, for example), but has to stream the textures, so in addition to everything looking blurrier, there is some texture pop-in.

      The 360 version can be locked to 30fps, or have an unlocked framerate, typically hitting 45fps or so (most reviews so far are getting similar numbers). The Xbone version typically reaches 60fps or so. The framerate of the PC version depends on your hardware and settings, but most mid-range systems seem to be able to handle 60fps at 1920×1080, and more powerful systems can obviously go higher than that.

      In short, although all three versions play fairly similarly, the 360 version is like playing while wearing someone else’s glasses; everything is blurry. The Xbone version is like playing with your glasses off, and the PC version is 20/20 vision.

  • Mmmm this game wasn’t AT ALL targeted at 360 first during it’s early development. Next gen my butt 😛

  • I can not for the life of me tell the diffrence between the one and PC. I must be insane because the PC and the one look the exact same to me.

  • If you can’t see the difference between the Xbone and PC version you should head to your nearest optometrist because you are well overdue for a checkup.

    That being said, there is an obvious difference in brightness between each of the shots. I can therefore see how it might be a little difficult to tell.

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